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I received my first little instamatic camera while in elementary school and have been addicted to photography ever since (we're talking many moons here)! Maybe it's in the genes - my father was a Navy photographer in WWII and while pursuing a different lifetime career, photography remained a favorite hobby of his. I specialize in digital nature, scenic, and pet photography, and have been scanning and restoring old black and white photos my Dad took in WWII, as time permits. Sometimes I just can't help but "play" with a picture, giving it a fantasy look, such as taking a rather ordinary picture of a mountain and turning it into someplace the Starship Enterprise might have visited. Check back soon - those little red X spaces will soon be filled!

Here's some photos NOT of cats and dogs:

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Butterfly on Day Lily

Pastel Stream

Old Rag Mountain, VA -
A Fantasy View

Patapsco Park, MD

Horace, a Toad Friend

Dark Hollow Falls, VA

My First Buck!
(Photo shoot only!)

Friendly Doe

Chesapeake Bay, MD


A Maryland Sunrise

Black Water Falls, WV

A 2004 Blizzard Visitor...

...and a Spring one!

Boston, MA

Restored WWII Photo - Iwo Jima

Near Pretty Boy Reservoir, MD

A Tranquil Maryland Stream

Wooly Bear in the Rain

Morning Stroll

Spider and web

Old farm outbuildings, Ellicott City, MD

"Stained glass" roof rafters - a little PhotoShop magic

A really cool goat!

A MD rescue horse
HorseNet Horse Rescue

Growing wild

Photographs copyrighted Diana O. Hanshaw 2007 - 2009

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