"Minnie Pearl" and "Casper"

Cat and Dog Photo Gallery

Cats are not always the easiest subjects to photograph. Unlike dogs, they do not obey the "sit!" "stay!" commands! Kittens - yikes! - the only time THEY stay still is when they're sleeping! Nevertheless, I persevere and below you'll find some of my favorite cat and dog friends' photographs. Some I just couldn't help but "play" with and create new backgrounds to replace dull ones or add a touch of fantasy. My apologies to canine fans - I have few dog photos to display right now. I hope to have more in the near future! Check out pages two and three for more of my cat and dog friends. Page 4 is a work in progress - some pictures are already there with more to come!

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Orange Love "Blair and Leo"

"Casper", HCCC Goodwill Ambassador, Ret.

"Champ", One Handsome Samoyed


"Jo", WWII Navy Mascot Jo's Story

"Mr. Lucky" Roars!

"Crash" too!

"Juliet" - not to be outdone...

"Jasmine", at 16!

"Honcho", formerly known as "Puck" and friend

Patriotic "Stache"


"Little Sam", a delightful black Persian

"Kevin O'Grady"
Kevin was featured in my 2006 holiday card design


"Tabitha Sue"


"Girlie", a lovely torti feral About ferals


"Frank and Tux" chasing bugs

Photographs copyrighted Diana O. Hanshaw 2007 - 2009

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