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Warren ("Kateb"), I read every word with interest. 

You have a life story to tell that will inspire

and entertain your audience. the ideas are great!

Dr. Reed

 Gilda Werner Reed, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
University of New Orleans

That's wonderful!  I often write like that when I write creatively because

 I have to keep the thoughts going and get it down on paper as fast as I can. 

You're off to a good start.  What made you decide to start this? 

 I really like the stained glass art you did and I think it's a great title for a book



I do like what you've written.  You have a fresh, interesting way of telling a story and

I've enjoyed reading it so far.  In other words -- good job!  

Sammie Justesen

Warren ("Kateb"): Looks like your off to a good start. I look forward to talking with you.


Dan Silvia

Publishing Services iUniverse


I did read the partial story on your web site.

Families; no matter the size, from 2 people to ten+; are amazingly complicated things, aren't they.

We are molded by them as children, then in rebellion... by breaking the mold, we are still being molded by them.
I'm very interested to see where his story leads.

Thank you,
Inez E. Henson-Smith


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