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new puritan
Leigh had been wearing bottomless outfits for a while and decided to make them for the dancers in ´New Puritan´,   which was performed in 1984.  They were made out of stretch rib jersey as Lycra was prohibitively expensive then.  As it was Leigh made hardly any money - he was so determined to make the outfits absolutely perfect  that he ended up putting his own money into the costumes.
The press went crazy about this shocking new dancer who exposed his own and his Company´s bottoms to the audience. 
It was hardly anything really: just a hole cut out of a pair of tights so you could see the bum crack and Leigh couldn´t see the costumes.   All they talked about was the fact that they were bottomless.  They didn´t mention how the cut of the outfits added to the performance.  Despite the outraged  press  coverage about the  bottomless outfits, Michael  was soon being hailed  as the most  exciting  young dancer and choreographer in the world.
The Life And Times Of An Icon - Sue Tilley
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