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Suddenly, the pillar in my life had gone, gone
to be in that peaceful place. It was like the entire
universe had gone completely black, as if the sun that
had been my light by day was empty...I felt no need to
even see the midnight moon, for it too, now was a
granite rock...

Falling straight from the porthole of my heart was the
most beautiful flower in lifes garden.

You see just as we were beginning to come to the door
of the rainbow...Just as life had heard our sweet small
prayer..Almost, as if the play had finally got to our
scene for the best act to be lived...So, much was to be
given; So, much was to be shared; So, much was to be loved
God, So Much!...

Cut off from ever knowing if the, So Much, was happiness
or pain...For, so long we had been fighting the winds of
disagreement, between each other...But, to come this close
that the smell of the floral bouquet was about
to blow our way.

DAMN! the anger, I feel inside of me haunts my very soul,
the hurt that is bottled up inside me, is it there to stay..
Tears that I now shed, could fill a river, or flood an
ocean but, it will never bring back My Lost...My Arms
ache for the tender, softness of the love,
I so desperately miss!..

My heart weeps for the emptyness that is vacant in my heart.
God, can you hear this song, sung by this bird of love and
happiness...God, can you hear me, then tell me...HOW?...
Where is my ending since my beginning has vanished?...
When will I be allowed to feel warm again?...Please, God!
Help me for I feel my soul sinking deep, deeper into
that pit...

Crumbling down all around me is my whole existance...
I can still see so clearly the strong wings of death,
as the wings of taken, struck...
Sweeping down and stealing, MY HEART,
capturing MY LOVE
and destroying, MY LIFE!!!

(Dedicated To The Memory Of My Dearly,
Beloved, FATHER)
I Miss You So Much!!!
author g. augustus, copyright-1988

Come On In. Yes I've added a few
new things. Hope, you like it....*big smile*


Thanks AngelHeart for all
of your patience and time!

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