New Kingdom Egyptian Maus

Silver Egyptian Mau kittens CFA Grand Champion J's Iris Qetesh of New Kingdom (front) and CFA Grand Champion Sharbees Mihos of New Kingdom (back). Qetesh and Mihos are two of my foundation cats. In September 1998 they made the journey from North Carolina to the United Kingdom to become two of the first Maus in the country. Between them Mihos and Qetesh are now in the pedigrees of most British Egyptian Maus. They are the parents of our first GCCF Grand Premier: Newkingdom Qetesh, owned by Mrs Gillian Eccles! Qetesh junior gained her historic title at the 2007 GCCF Supreme Show. See the kitten page for details.

Welcome! My name is Melissa Bateson and I have been breeding and showing Egyptian Maus since 1996. I own a small cattery devoted to breeding and showing high quality Egyptian Maus; my cattery New Kingdom is named after the period of Egyptian history extending from the 18th to the 20th dynasty (approximately 1570-1080 B.C.). In 1998 I was responsible for introducing the first Egyptian Maus to the UK, and since then I have been working hard to establish the breed with our national cat registry the GCCF. The majority of the Egyptian Maus currently in the UK are descended from my lines. In this site you will find general information about Egyptian Maus and specific information about my cattery and cats. My cats are registered with both CFA and the GCCF. The Egyptian Mau was recently granted Championship Status in the UK by the GCCF with the result that Maus can be shown for GCCF titles from June 1st 2007.

For more information about maus send email to [email protected]
or phone me on +44 191 2331974 (evenings).

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