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Link me?

I only have a few buttons right now, but if you want to donate some, feel free. ^^


Layout made by me for me. If you like it, I'm glad, but don't steal it. I actually took time on it, and like it. So I'd appreciate it were you not to steal it. If you want a premade layout for your trading post, got to Oblivion Cards and get one. ^^

Welcome to my trading post menu.

This is the main menu for my trading posts. Since I'm a layout making junkie, I have one for each TCG I play at. XD This will link you to them all. Remember that if you join one of them, put Ryleigh as your referral.

If you are coming from Neopets via New Hogwarts, that guild has closed. No one rejoined, so I lost interest. Maybe you'll become addicted in these, like everyone else.


Alright, now to the good stuff. Below you will find a bunch of buttons. Those buttons will lead you to my respective Trading Posts. From there, you can actually get to the TCG's, if that's what you are looking for.

The first one is linked to the TCG I created.

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