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Created in 1787 by some of our nation's finest minds, the Federalist Party was instrumental in forging the new nation.  Where they have left off, a new party has begun.  In a time dominated by partisan politics and money interests the cry for a united government in which the voice of the people will not be drowned out is stronger than it has ever been.  Though incorporating many of the views from both the Republicans and Democrats, the New Federalists are their own party fixed around a strong central government that holds the voice of the people close at heart.

Begun as a small progressive movement in the Eastern United States, it is now gaining significant ground throughout the country, with the number of members growing exponentially.  This is the official website of the New Federalist Party.  We invite you to explore our views in our party platform and read about the old Federalists in the history section.
Alexander Hamilton- founding Federalist Father
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After months of intense research, the New Federalist Party has officially added a new plank to the platform.  Using the online poll, phone surveys, and member feedback, we have determined the will of the people regarding capital punishment.  The New Federalist Party advocates the use of the death penalty in capital crimes.  Support for this decision was affirmed by a large margin (71% of those surveyed support the death penalty in some form).  Please view our new plank and take our latest poll so we can continue to correctly reflect the views of our members.
Following the 2006 elections, on which the nation was clearly divided, the New Federalists are preparing to provide an alternative to the two major parties in 2008.  With the situation in Iraq and challenges at home, the time is right for third party involvement in Washington.  The New Federalists will provide this necessary alternative in the upcoming election.
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