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Update   5/01/01

OMG... I can't believe it.. an actual, honest to goodness, update... keep your eyes on this page.. I'm going to give it a full rehaul in the coming days, weeks, years.. well let's now get too excitied
*sarcasm* I've moved all previous updates to the "Archives" section, located at the bottom of the page. Also for some odd reason, My flash logo isnt working anymore. Ill fix it asap

Some thing I want to implement:
- A fully updated list of all my movies, as well as the ability to purchase copies from me
- New and improved sections, and reviews, Including Trailer reviews, and download links.
-Hopefully when I get the equipment, I will offer for you HK movie fans, Classic 80's era hk movies in divx format for free to d/l online.
- Also plan to upload my ONLINE movies to some sort of free space type program.. or maybe possibly an ftp.
-Last but certainly not least.. I plan to delete and reform all of the less popular sections.. (IE music, Games, and all reviews by former members)

One final thing, Anyone intrested in helping out the site, and getting it on its feet, in this brand new direction, please, don't hesitate to ICQ me @ 48830914  thx

                                                                                                  ][_upin - ][][][
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