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This site is designed to provide you with various information on your favorite New Age Piano Artists.

Philip Aaberg

Tom Barabas - Classical Healing
Tom Barabas - Live
Tom Barabas - Magic in December
Tom Barabas - Journey Back to Sedona
Tom Barabas - Romantic Rhapsodies
Tom Barabas - Journey Back to Sedona
Tom Barabas - Sedona Suite

Brian Becvar - Once in a Life

John Boswell - Love
John Boswell - Trust
John Boswell - Count Me In
John Boswell - Kindred Spirits
John Boswell - The Painter

Jim Brickman - My Romance
Jim Brickman - Destiny
Jim Brickman - Visions of Love
Jim Brickman - Picture This
Jim Brickman - By Heart
Jim Brickman - No Words

Jonathan Cain - For a Lifetime
Jonathan Cain - Body Language
Jonathan Cain - Piano with a View

Janie Campbell - A Gift from Janie

Paul Cardall - The Looking Glass
Paul Cardall - Sign of Affection

Richard Carr - When Soul & Hearts Collide
Richard Carr - An American Quixote
Richard Carr - Fogland
Richard Carr - Through the Mind's Eye

Eric Chapelle - Our Time ericchapelle.com

Jim Chappell - Nightsongs & Lullabies
Jim Chappell - Saturday's Rhapsody
Jim Chappell - Living in the Northern Summer

Suzanne Ciani
Suzanne Ciani - Pianissimo II suzanneciani.com
Suzanne Ciani - Private Music of Suzanne Ciani
Suzanne Ciani - Hotel Luna
Suzanne Ciani - Pianissimo
Suzanne Ciani - History of my Heart
Suzanne Ciani - Neverland

Thomas Cunningham - The Exhiled Heart

Dave Eggar - Serenity

Rick Erlien - Music of Yosemite

Dean Evenson - Back To The Garden

Nick Farr - Farther

Karen Fitzgerald - Heart of the Rain

Michael Gettel - The Journey North
Michael Gettel - Winter
Michael Gettel - San Juan Suite II
Michael Gettel - The Art of Nature
Michael Gettel - The Key
Michael Gettel - Skywatching
Michael Gettel - Places in Time
Michael Gettel - Return
Michael Gettel - San Juan Suite

Wayne Gratz - Island Sanctuary
Wayne Gratz - From Me to You ( Music of Lennon & Mc Cartney )
Wayne Gratz - Music of the Night ( Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber )
Wayne Gratz - A Gift of the Sea
Wayne Gratz - Blue Ridge
Wayne Gratz - Follow Me Home
Wayne Gratz - Panorama
Wayne Gratz - Reminiscence

Michael Allen Harrison - Circle of Influence michaelallenharrison.com

Don Harriss - Hero's Welcome

Steve Haun - Collage
Steve Haun - Inside the Sky

Michael Hoppe - The Unforgetting Heart

Jeff Herge

Mia Jang - Water Circles
Mia Jang - Sweet Dreams

Keith Jarrett - The Melody at Night with You

Michael Jones
Michael Jones - The Living Music ( 2CD's )
Michael Jones - Touch
Michael Jones - Air Born
Michael Jones - Morning in Medonte
Michael Jones - Michael's Music
Michael Jones - Magical Child
Michael Jones - After the Rain
Michael Jones - Sunscapes
Michael Jones - Seascapes
Michael Jones - Pianoscapes

Bradley Joseph - Rapture

Kevin Kern - In My Life
Kevin Kern - Summer Daydreams
Kevin Kern - Beyond the Sundial
Kevin Kern - In the Enchanted Garden

Bernward Koch - Journey to the Heart
Bernward Koch - Still Magic
Bernward Koch - Flowing
Bernward Koch - Laguna de la Vera

Kostia - 10 Pebbles
Kostia - Suite St. Petersburg

David Lanz
David Lanz - East of the Moon www.davidlanz.com
David Lanz - Love Songs
David Lanz & Michael Jones - Solstice
David Lanz - An Evening with David Lanz
David Lanz - Songs from an English Garden
David Lanz - Sacred Road
David Lanz - Beloved : A David Lanz Collection
David Lanz - Return to the Heart
David Lanz - Skyline Firedance ( 2CD's )
David Lanz - Cristofori's Dream
David Lanz - Nightfall
David Lanz - Heartsounds

Mars Lasar - Sapphire Dreams

Laurie Z - Roots

Nadama - Healing Touch

John Nilsen - As Far As Near johnnilsen.com
John Nilsen - Where Rivers Run
John Nilsen - Twelve Shades of Light
John Nilsen - Night Garden

Bob Olshin

Ophelia - Echoes Under the Sun
Ophelia - Native Ground
Ophelia - April Storm

Christopher Peacock - Traveler

Clara Ponty - The Embrace
Clara Ponty - Clara Ponty

Raphael - Intimacy : Music for Love
Raphael - Angels of the Deep
Raphael - Music to Disappear in II
Raphael - Music to Disappear in

Robin Speilberg
Robin Spielberg - Dreaming of Summer
Robin Spielberg - Beautiful Dreamer
Robin Spielberg - In the Arms of the Wind
Robin Spielberg - Songs of the Spirit
Robin Spielberg - Heal of the Hand

Mary Martin Stockdale - Portraits on Piano

Liz Story

Michael Strickland - On the Wind

John Tesh - Avalon
John Tesh - Winter Song

Mark Torgenson - Sundance in Moonlight

William Watson - Burnham Woods
William Watson - Fields

Jim Wilson - Northern Seascapes

George Winston

Danny Wright - Soul Mates
Danny Wright - Black & White
Danny Wright - Black & White Encore
Danny Wright - Black & White II
Danny Wright - Hot Summer Nights
Danny Wright - Phantasys
Danny Wright - Shadows

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