PC Locks Up After Installing or Upgrading McAfee VirusScan
Shutdown and restart the computer in Safe ModeClick on the Start button. The Start menu will appear.
Select Shut Down from the menu. The "Shut Down Windows" dialog box will appear.
Select "Shut down" and click the Yes (or OK) button.
Wait until the "It is now safe to turn off the computer" message appears and turn the computer off.

Turn the computer back on.
Wait two or three seconds and start pressing the F8 key, every second, until the Windows Startup menu appears.
Press 3 and then Enter to start the computer in Safe Mode.
Once Windows starts, an information message will appear explaining Safe Mode. Click the OK button to clear this message. The computer is now in Safe Mode.
Edit the Autoexec.bat FileClick start, then run
Type in
sysedit and press OK. This will open a window that displays your system files. The foremost window is your autoexec.bat file. This is the file that you will need to edit.
Look for the line that reads:
Change the very last part from "scan.exe" to "bootscan.exe".
It should look similar to:
Click File at the top of the window, then click Save.
Click File again and then click Exit.
Reboot your computer into Windows normal mode.
To do this click start, then shutdown. The shutdown box appears.
Click Restart, then click ok.
You should now be able to boot up into windows.
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