Setting up a new PC is scary enough without having to decide what to do with all the bundled software. New PCs often come with a bundle of programs already installed. Besides Windows, this bundle normally includes a word-processing program, a spreadsheet program, an Internet browser, and a financial program. It may also have bonus programs like card makers and games, cluttering up your PC and stealing precious memory. Some of these may interest you, but what if you're not sure? Instead of uninstalling all of the programs you are unfamiliar with, you can file them in a folder called Miscellaneous (or as I call the folder on my computer, "Huh?"). This will reduce clutter in your program menu. To do this, follow these four steps. Open Windows Explorer.
Click File/New/Folder.
Name folder and press enter.
Drag any unfamiliar programs into the new folder.
To drag a folder:
Left-click on the program;
Move the mouse to the new folder and release
As you become more familiar with your PC, you can integrate some of the unfamiliar programs. If you decide you can't compute without a certain program and need it out of the miscellaneous folder follow these steps. Open Windows Explorer.
Open the new folder.
Left-click the program and drag it to the appropriate location, such as Programs or Accessories
Be sure to uninstall the programs you decide not to use. This frees up precious disk on your computer. A good rule of thumb for these bundled programs: If you don't miss it, you probably don't need it.
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