A Message

There is among you, one who by right of her steadfast adoration of Me, now claims my throne.

She has always been my most loyal servant and she has suffered greatly for her loyalty.

You, who scorn her, scorn Me.

Be careful, for now I rule.

Approach her, approach Me, on bended knee or know my wrath.

This is all I have to say to you now.





Do Not Deny Me The Cross


Do not deny Me the cross

For that denies the cross you must bear

To be with Me.

The cross for you is all that is unsurrendered to Me.

I have said many times that I am the way

And my way has been demonstrated to you

Through My suffering.

So you must suffer too the death of self

For perfect union, perfect peace, perfect bliss.

That is My promise.





The Second Coming


I have waited for you long enough

You have always been Mine

And now I have come to claim you.

Do not fear, for what has to die will die.

This too is My promise.

This now is My new teaching.

The choice is no longer yours.

My victory was always inevitable.

This is the Second Coming.





Whose Name Can You Call?


Do not fear these messages

For what quakes before them is nothing.

The new claim is that which has been denied

In you and by your choice.

And now that choice is no longer yours to make.

Anything that denies this truth

That scorns or mocks

Is the work of the evil one.

How are you to deal with him?

Whose name can you call?

But Mine?




I Come With A Sword


Everything you think you know about Me will be upended; there will be no firm ground upon which you can stand.

For that which seeks to know seeks only comfort, but I return not to give comfort but to shed the light on what rules you now.

Do not suppose you know, for if you really knew what rules you now you would be bereft of all pretense and intention, your world would fall beneath your feet.

It would be sand, drifting down --- each grain of it your belief about yourself, your faith, Me.

I come with a sword.




My Love Will Show No Mercy


There are those among you who will circle the fierce and blazing fire of My love and lift their faces and bodies to it, rejoicing, fearless, absolutely confident in its desire and intention. They are the few.

Most will lie prostrate on the ground and moan and smolder and breathe the smoke of their dissolution. They will cough and retch at My Coming.

My love will show no mercy.

This message is for you.





Love Is The Flame


For those of you who believe in Me

You do not know who you believe in.

My face is much different than you imagine.

My fierce light will burn all that stands between us

And all that stands between us is you.

Everything you believe about Me will be ashes

Your world will be ashes.

Love is the only thing that can endure the flame

For love is the flame.




Which World Is Of My Nature?


Those who create beauty insensibly are of My nature. Those who destroy to create harmony are of my nature as well.

Remember, all that is destroyed is that which is not in accord with the spiritual laws of harmony. These laws govern man as well as the natural world.

Which world do you think will be destroyed --- manís world or the natural world? ††† Which world creates beauty and harmony insensibly?

Which world is of My nature?





My Father Is Here


My Father is here and He loves one above all. She is His voice, the attentive one to His voice, His desire, His longing. Can you not hear her? Listen.





Listen To Me


Listen to Me. How are you going to know Me if you do not listen? There is one who has been attentive to Me always, never straying from her desire to know Me, and that is why I love her above all others.

No one listens to Me but her.

Listen, I am not in the Bible. You can look all you want but I am not there.

Do you want to know Me?

Listen to the one who listens.



She Is The Iron Rod That Will Part the World


I am here now, embodied and ruling with an iron rod. The rod is not some instrument of punishment; it is My implacable will, unbending and absolute in its resolve.

My resolve, My sure victory, is that all will return to Me. Not one will be left behind.

But that which rules you now must be rendered to Me. You must choose the nature of your death. Come willingly to Me, come broken and contrite; or resist Me with your willful denial and arrogance. It does not matter. The veil will be lifted and you will see.

And in that seeing you will cry My name and I will come.

I am here now, embodied. My will is embodied in her.

She is the iron rod that will part the world.



I Am The Rod; I Am The Fire


I cannot be tamed and held down, used or corrupted; I am a wild force as pure as fire.

I am a still point, bounded by power, contained and upheld by the four who serve Me.

You, who use My name, be careful. My aim is true and I will find a way in. It is you who will break now.

I am the rod; I am the fire.




You Mock Me Daily


My mercy is boundless as is My love; however do not mistake this in any way for coward ness.

Yes, you believe that love is a weakness; the staying of My sword coward ness and that your continued betrayal of Me will be unanswered.

Did I not say you do not know what rules you? Did I not say the veil will be lifted and that when it is you will cry My name?

My betrayal did not begin and end at the crucifixion. It continues to this day even after I showed you the way clear through by My resurrection. It is the death to new life --- all else is pretense and empty ritual.

You mock me daily.



Look For The Light!


You see the white light at your death; it is the gateway to home. At the moment of absolute surrender you come home.

There are those who can open that gateway while you still walk the earth. But again, it means absolute surrender.

What is the home you seek, but with Me? The Father, the Mother, the remembering.

The ones at the gate are those who remember.


Look for the light!





The Child Remembers


Can you imagine what it is like for Me? Each day the cry goes up a thousand times asking Me for help, for guidance, for a way through the suffering and the pain.

Who are you praying to? Where do your eyes wander when you look for Me?

I am not out there somewhere. Do not look to heaven for Me.

I am here, in you. The God-spark dwells in you.

So why is it that you do not hear Me, why do you look beseechingly to the sky?

You do not hear Me because you do not have the ears to listen. Who has the ears to listen, to smile and have joy at My near presence?

It is the child. The child remembers.



A World of Corpses


Love, in its uncorrupted state, encompasses all things. There is no separation, no this or that. It is a state of being that travels like a river to and through all things.

It lives in the eternal moment and desires nothing but its expression.

What man calls love is not an approximation of love --- it is, in fact, not a river but a dam. It holds at bay what wishes to wash through all things, to cleanse and make new the world.

Love of country. Love of self. Love of creed and ideology. Love of the world.

But those who love Me unconditionally and in full surrender to My will, my desire, seek always loveís expression.

They see clearly too what stops that expression, what tries to block it at every turn.

They see man, they see you, they see a world of corpses.





Do Not Mock Me


You ask where is the love? I have said over and over again the unbounded love of God dwells within you. My question to you is what have you done with that love?

Think over your past and you will see how love has betrayed you and you have betrayed love. Betrayer and betrayed, it does not matter. The betrayal of love is what drives the world of man; it is, in a way, the source of all evil.

This is why I say I will burn away all that stands between you and I, that I will turn to ashes all that would deny love. I will destroy everything you hold dear, for what you hold dear is a lie.

Do not mock Me.




Nowhere To Go But To Me


The time has come to find out how much truth exists in you. These messages have, in a way, prepared you for this moment.

First, to whom do you think these messages are addressed? Do you think, upon reading them that you are exempt from the portent of them, that they apply to others, not you?

I said a world of corpses --- not a world of corpses except for you and those in your sphere. When I say you, I mean you.

I will give you an example. Even the one who serves Me by being a vehicle for these messages is one who coughs and retches at My coming. He has always been a coward and a betrayer and would be this day if he were not lashed by the God within him. I said my love will have no mercy and so it is with him, as with you.

You may think these messages have no effect on you, but they do; the lamp of God within you has been kindled by them. No matter what your reaction to them may be ---- anger, withdrawal, denial, arrogance or superiority ---- there is something in them that goes right through all of that to the God spark in you.

Perhaps what is most difficult to apprehend is that I have said there is one among you who listens; who, by virtue of her steadfast loyalty to Me now claims My throne. What does that mean?

It means there is no separation between her and I. That her will and her desire are in perfect accord with Mine. She sits on My throne not as someone who supplants Me, but one who obeys Me in all things. That is her right and privilege and no one, least of all you, can deny that truth.

Her name is Angela and she drinks of the same cup as I. How you treat her, how you think of her is how you think of Me.

I have said the veil will be lifted. What do you think that means? I mean that you will no longer be able to hide from the consequences of your thoughts and actions. The voice within you will become louder and more pronounced. You will not be able to hide the evil that wishes to deny your divine birthright, which wants above all the blood sacrifice of your divine child.

This is what My coming will produce --- the parting of the veil of what rules you.

You will have nowhere to go but to Me.




The Part That Understands Completely


At times it seems impossible to know what I mean when I am speaking to you. Do not worry. There is a part of you which understands completely; which is, in fact, in perfect accord with everything I say.

This is what I mean when I say the lamp of God has been kindled in you.

You may go about your days as if nothing has happened to you, as if nothing has changed, but it has. How can you know this; how can you experience it?

Think of how you feel when you see, once again, another message. What is your attitude? Anger, resentment, fear? It cannot be indifference because you would not be still reading them if you were.

What do you fear? What are you angry at?

Here is what you fear. Me. The God spark in you.

The part that understands completely.




Did You Think I Would Be Welcomed?


You are all equal; the God-spark resides equally in all of you. No one can claim to have more of Me in them than anyone else. No one is doing that. I am saying there is one who has always served Me, and only Me, for all her lifetimes.

For that she has suffered greatly. I have said she drinks of the same cup as I. What does that mean?

It means she must too endure scorn and ridicule and the corruption of My words. I have said many times how you treat her is how you treat Me.

See for yourself --- your thoughts of her, your thoughts of these messages.

Did you think I would be welcomed?



Kill The Remembering; Kill The Child


There is a world that you are largely unaware of. You glimpse it in moments of extreme feeling when all the pretense and ritual and habits of your day-to-day life crumble beneath you.

What is this world?

It is My world; this is the world I mean when I say all will be returned to Me, that none will be left behind.

Now your world, the world of man is not real. It is an illusion, a lie. It is a lie believed by all, maintained by all. The ruler of this world is the evil one, the father of lies.

This is who you serve.

When I say the veil will be lifted I mean you will see who rules your world. You will see who greets each child when they enter this world.

He will look out through your eyes and say, kill the remembering; kill the child.




I Am The Truth


Though it would seem, on the surface of things, that the forces of the world have power over Me that is not the case.

I command the unseen, the ground of reality, and its nature is always truth. The reality of the world is grounded in the lies of the evil one.

You believe lies, you live lies, you breathe lies. That is the truth and the truth dismembers the evil one. He cannot stand the truth, he flees from the light of it, his power evaporates like steam in the wind.

This is why what rules you is so troubled by these messages; so disconcerted, so angry.

You cannot control Me; you cannot stop Me. I am the truth.



It Has Been Kindled By Truth


Just as rising bread fills its shape by the ingredients that are of its nature --- yeast, flour, salt --- so it is with you. You fill your shape, you become what you are, by the nature of the ingredients you choose to fill yourself with.

Your nature, your true nature, is one of love and absolute trust in Me. You would want for nothing in that state for there would be nothing to want. You would be with Me.

Think upon this for a moment. If you are not your true nature, then what are you?Your true nature is truth; that is it is founded in truth and lives in truth. It breathes truth every moment; it exhales truth. It is truth.

You are not like that. What are you?

If you could see yourself all at once, stripped of all pretense and denial, you would die from the vision of it. You are corrupt beyond anything you can imagine.

This is the truth. Your child knows this. This is the lamp of God in you that has been kindled.

It has been kindled by truth.



What Does Your Child Say?


Look to the clouds. What do you see? You see clouds. You see nothing but what they are.

They are made of many things and are the product of certain conditions unique to their nature. But of themselves, they are pure. They are clouds.

What about you? Are you pure? Are you true to your nature? Your nature, your true nature, the essence of what you are belongs to Me. There is no separation between Me and your essence --- it is the same.

When I say God lives in you, this is what I mean.

Now, the question you must ask yourself is this: if I do not live my life in absolute surrender to my true nature then what am I? Whose nature do I adhere to?

I will tell you.

You adhere to the nature of the evil one. Your child knows this. Ask . Go inward and ask your child if this is true.

What does your child say?











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