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A Little Bit About Us...

The New-Free Church is a religion, with our church based in Scotland. We coined the idea in 2017 and founded the main religion as it is known in 2020. Essentially, we are an off-shoot of just about every other religion in the world. When creating this religion, we sat down and looked at the perks of each of the main religions in the world, and picked our favourite parts, you could argue that we're a super religion (like when the Travelling Wilburys were just a group of some of the best music artists etc etc). Unlike some of the other 'super religions' and whatever titles they may hold, we aren't completely mad and uptight. We like to think we do a tad better than the other religions. Most Churches are just focused on everything religion. However, we also offer fun things like games and activities on occasions.

Many other churches and religions have a bible full of drivel that is so soul destroying that it would bore you to tears or leave you wanting to finish yourself off in a brutal fashion. However, we think that the bible should just offer guidance for almost every situation whilst not being the size of your typical Argos catalogue. Therefore, we created a bible that is not ridiculously long winded which is provided upon joining as a new member of the church.

Joining New-Free...

To join the New-Free Church, you need to send us an electronic mail via the new Church 'Hot - Mail' address, here.

Many files we issue are in PDF form. If you don't have Acrobat Reader or similar installed, then it is wise and recommended to procure such software.

Note: The initiation process is mandatory, and for the safety and security of our members. It is not a discriminatory measure.


Within the Church, you'll begin as a member. However, positions within the Parish Council and Ministerial Staff do open, and can be applied for as a member. As a member of the New-Free flock, you can participate in events and services. Opportunities such as these will be delivered through the relevant channels of communication that the Church uses.

Weddings, Christenings, and Funerals...

At the moment, we are able to send out a 'token' minister to be a part of marriage proceedings due to legal ramifications. Therefore, we cannot officiate marriages.

We are able to do christenings should you wish to book a minister for such an event.

We also specialise in funerals... putting the 'fun' in funeral!

Other services may be available on request, please contact us for more details and information.

Legal Malarkey...

The New-Free Church of Scotland and subsidiaries are not responsible for your own idiocy and the actions of our members do not reflect the views held by the New-Free Church of Scotland.

The New-Free Church of Scotland is also not responsible for the actions of partners when handling sensitive data. We make sure to follow the Data Protection Act 1998, the Computer Misuse Act 1990, and other acts applicable under Scottish and European law.

In short, we're not responsible for you effing up, ya moron.

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