Part 5

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Vejita watched quietly as the other Saiya-jin and the overlords fought. It wasn’t difficult to see who was going to win, but never the less, Vejita still wished for victory for his fellow Saiya-jin. Even if the overlords did win, there wouldn’t be much of a problem because they didn’t interfere in the lives of his people.

Vejita frowned for a moment. No, they did interfere. The other Saiya-jin had said that they were messing with the memories of the people. What had he meant by that? Should Vejita be worried?

He turned his attention back to the fight just as Hirsh hit the Saiya-jin square in the jaw, sending him over the side of the lookout. The overlords were quick to follow the figure over the edge while Vejita followed to peer down at them from a safe height.

The Saiya-jin had righted himself, stopping his fall and was once again fighting with Hirsh and Wizen. As Vejita watched, the Saiya-jin executed a perfect back flip, kicking Hirsh in the chest in the process and then turning and punching Wizen in the face.

There was no doubt that the Saiya-jin was a very good fighter. He spun and twisted with grace and took all of the hits silently without uttering a sound.

Hirsh was getting aggravated, a bad thing to be in a fight, for it interfered with judgment. As Vejita watched, she screamed in rage and launched at the Saiya-jin in fury, her right jab landing hard on the Saiya-jin’s left ear.

The Saiya-jin was flung backwards by the blow and barely stopped his flight path before Wizen appeared beside him and kicked him in the stomach. The Saiya-jin couldn’t block the attack but didn’t let the pain stop him from blocking the next one aimed at his head.

While the Saiya-jin was distracted with fighting off all the attacks that Wizen was throwing at him with unbelievable speed, Hirsh appeared beside him and laced her fingers together, ramming them into the back of his head. Vejita watched emphatically as the Siaya-jin was stunned slightly from the blow to the head and fell the remaining distance to the ground, creating a minor crater upon impact. As Vejita watched from his vantage point in the air, a sudden glow enveloped the form below and his dark hair flickered then turned gold. When he looked up, his eyes were no longer dark, instead becoming a bright teal color.

Vejita gasped, the sight trying to make him remember something, but he couldn’t grasp what exactly. His hands clenched beside him in frustration.


“What have we here? A Super Saiya-jin? Impressive.” Hirsh drawled.

The Saiya-jin glared at Hirsh and Wizen as he slowly rose, his arms crossed over his chest as he slowly spun a circle about the pair. “Yes. And unfortunately for you, I just happen to now be your worst nightmare.”

Hirsh rolled her eyes. “Your begening to sound to cocky. What a role reversal this is.”

The man’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “Tell me. Why? Why did you come here and mess with the minds of all the Saiya-jins here? Making them forget about everything in their past. And then tell me why I am not affected.”

Wizen smirked. “So, you are a Saiya-jin. Well, where is your tail, monkey?”

“I lost it a long time ago. Why do you want to know? Sorry that you can’t use it against me in battle?”

“Ha! Hardly. I don’t need a cheap tactic like that to defeat a weak and pathetic monkey like you.”

“Fine then. Tell me why I am not affected.”

Wizen’s eyes narrowed. “You seem to not be affected because unlike the rest of the primates on this planet, you seem to not want to forget about your past.”

“Why would the rest of the Siaya-jins on this planet want to forget about their past? Why would Vejita?”

Wizen smiled humorlessly. “Why do people ever want to forget things? You primates are like that entire race of humans. Things too painful in your past are things you don’t want to remember. The Saiya-jins here more than likely didn’t all want to forget at first. Only some of them. They forgot. Just like the prince did. However, being under the influence of the crystal for extended periods of time works it’s own magic and it doesn’t matter if you want to forget or not. It’ll happen. Does this answer your question now?”

Goku’s eyes flashed and he nodded. “Yes. It does. And it really doesn’t matter. I’ll defeat you and put a stop to your evil.”

Hirsh spook up. “Be our guest. We’re more than ready to take you on once more.”


The three powers clashed once again but Vejita wasn’t focusing completely on the battle, thinking instead on what the aliens had said. ‘I forgot…? Why can’t I remember? And why would I want to forget anyway?’


Goku barely had time to dodge the next blow from his adversary. The battle had been going on for some time. He was losing, he knew, but there were just too many things hanging in the balance for him to lose. He wasn’t going to!

Yet, even as his attacks increased, so did his opponents’.

His momentum from a mighty kick delivered by Hirsh, was halted by the pedestal in the center of the room. His force against it caused the crystal resting on it to fall to the ground and shatter into tiny, sparkling shards.

Wizen and Hirsh stopped their assault on Goku, horror crossing their faces at the site. “No,” whispered Hirsh. “NO!”

Wizen followed her closely behind as she landed upon the platform, rushing to the crystal shards, completing ignoring Goku, who was climbing to his feet nearby.

“Wizen, tell me there is a way to fix it!”

Wizen just stood there, feeling numb. The crystal was important. More than important. If their commanders were ever to find out… The images that came to mind were simply too horrific to imagine. “Hirsh, I don’t think there is anything we can do.”

Hirsh shook her head and then noticed Goku off to the side for the first time. Her eyes narrowed as her face darkened dangerously. “You. You did this! Do you have any idea of the damage you have caused?”


Goku was still caught in the adrenaline rush of battle and so his mind, which usually never intentionally showed much intelligence otherwise, was spinning in overdrive, full of strategic positions and moves that could help tip the losing battle in his direction. The fact that most of his family considered him to be a bit slow really wasn’t true. He was actually very smart. He just didn’t generally didn’t let on as to how much he knew. However, even now, he was unable to figure out why the crystal was so important.

“What do you mean,” he asked, his eyes watching her coldly.

Hirsh growled softly. “Never you mind. However, you never should’ve broken it. If you thought you were in trouble before, you had no idea the world of pain you are about to be in now.” So saying, she collected the shards together into a pile and gave half of them to Wizen. Goku watched, confused, as Wizen’s eyes sparked in resignation and he took them from his partner.

Hirsh gathered up the rest of the pile and as Goku watched, began to eat them. The sounds of glass being crushed floated up to where Vejita was. In the confusion, no one even noticed he was there.


Vejita’s eyes were clear as he looked down below, but the thoughts that occupied his mind had nothing to do with the fight, the two aliens or even the Saiya-jin down below. For the first time since he got here, he could feel the barely noticeable clouds in his mind clearing and drifting slowly away. For the first time since he landed on the planet he could remember who exactly he was, his past and what he was doing here. Then he noticed Kakarotto and his eyes flashed in anger. ‘Kakarotto? He’s here? What is that brain dead moron up to? Why is he here? Where do I have to go, what do I have to do, to insure peace away from him?’


Goku’s calm and curious gaze turned to one of trepidation as he watched the crystal-induced transformation. Hirsh’s pale blue skin darkened and she grew taller, her dark purple hair changing to green as it was swept back by viscous winds created by the rise of her power level. Her silver eyes flashed with glee as she held out her hands, looking down as she flexed them, testing her power. Wizen’s change was similar, his dark pink hair turning mahogany and like Hirsh, the nails on his fingers grew until they were long and finely sharpened to cut through almost anything. The finest of transformations could only be completed when one has failed. To break a crystal was to get desperate, and should they manage to kill the Siaya-jin perhaps they could regain some of their lost honor, if not their lives when their superiors found out about it.

Hirsh flexed her neck, inducing a serious of crackles and pops. Her eyes finally rested on Goku and glinted with malice. This time she didn’t waste words on talking to him, she simply attacked and Goku barely got out of her way in time. He didn’t expect her to move so fast.

Hirsh followed Goku’s slight retreat, her hands moving faster than normal sight could follow, but Goku was able to follow the movements with ease, even if he was unable to move fast enough to avoid them.

Wincing at a particular painful set of cuts her nails inflicted upon him, he ducked around in order to get in the right position for an attack, when he felt pain shoot through his back. Wizen smirked as he silently removed his fingers from Goku’s back and plunged them in again, this time rotating his hand to cut through Goku’s back before removing them.


Goku winced and quickly moved so that he had both of them in his vision, cursing himself for getting so wrapped up in Hirsh that he had forgotten all about her partner. He prepared himself for the next attack as the two moved forward to engage him in battle again and this time they didn’t catch him unawares. His mind was focusing into a fine point and he eyes followed their movements with precision. However, even he was unable to see some of the faster movements, which resulted in his getting some terrible cuts. Finally, his ki sparked and with a roar, he called upon his kaiokin times four. Being already in Super Saiya-jin form, he was thus able to increase his movements, becomeing faster as he was finally able to inflict some damage of his own.

Hirsh and Wizen never spoke, but they both smiled calmly and with a deadly air, increased their power too.

Goku’s eyes widened in surprise that he quickly had to overcome in order to increase the speed of his movements and attacks. He knew now that Hirsh and Wizen hadn’t been fighting at their strongest. Were they at their strongest even now? When he had no more cards to play? Wizen and Hirsh’s attacks doubled in ferocity, coming at him faster so that it was all he was able to do to block all of their attacks.


Goku’s ki began to rise slightly in need and with another roar, he moved into kaiokin times ten. His aura glowed a bright red, his speed increased, and his kaiokin ki shield now absorbed many of the ki attacks from his opponents. He was in a better position than he had been before and he hoped he would be able to last for a little while longer this time.


Vejita was not impressed as he watched what was happening. His mate was getting pummeled. Sure it wasn’t that noticeable at the moment, but he was sporting several major wounds, blood flying away from him as he moved quickly through the air, battling two forces that were more power than even Cell had been. Kakarotto had been unable to defeat that monster, his brat having to finally steep in and win the day. How could he win this one?

His irritation grew as the battle and he watched as Kakarotto take another viscous blow to his side, Hirsh’s nails ripping through him like butter. Then something seemed to happen and as he watched, Kakarotto seemed to get even more power, charging his kaiokin even further than before, moving with a new, ungodly speed.


Hirsh and Wizen were amused. This Saiya-jin was managing to do better than they thought he would. He was blocking most of their attacks and even managing to find some time to fire off some of his ki attacks when they was throwing punches and kicks at him. However, even this new, stronger energy they could feel around him didn’t bother them. They both threw punches at the Saiya-jin at the same time, which were blocked and returned. Hirsh and Wizen smiled calmly. It wouldn’t matter in the end. Their wining was inevitable. They would win, and when they did, they could escape to some place where even the Empire couldn’t find them. For even though they were powerful now, the transformation would wear off after awhile and the Empire had lots of crystals in their command. It would be an easy matter for the Empire to get together a small force powerful enough to destroy whole galaxies. Hirsh and Wizen wouldn’t stand a chance when the empire caught them.


Goku grunted as he took another viscous blow to the stomach and was sent speeding down to the ground below by a blow to the back. He barely managed to get control of his ki enough to stop his downward plunge before he impacted with the ground. Quickly turning around, he stopped the ki attack that had been flying at him, pushing it away with slight difficulty to where it could blow up in the atmosphere without hurting the planet. Bringing his hands to his side, he put them together and started to form his famous kamehameha attack, the ki building up between his hands, letting off warmth. When it was ready, he fired it at his enemies who had been flying down to meet him.

Hirsh and Wizen smirked then, and Goku watched with slight horror as they floated side by side and stopped the attack, not just sending it back at him, or throwing it off to the side, but absorbing the power into themselves. This had an effect that he had never thought would happen. They both started to glow and as he watched, they slowly increased their glow until it was all he could see as they began to melt into one another, becoming one.


Vejita’s eyes widened in shock. When the glow cleared, he was able to see what the complete transformation looked like and he grew worried. He may have been angry with Kakarotto, but he would not wish him dead and if two separate aliens were too much for him, would he be able to manage the two of them combined into one? Vejita’s brow furrowed and he tried to think rationally. Kakarotto had said that Vejita had lost his memory and that it was the two aliens fault. Well, he had it back and needless to say he did not like it. It had been nice not remembering how the brain-dead baka had rejected him, choosing the hellcat(1) over him and the bond they had begun to create.


Hirsh and Wizen flexed their combined hands, stretching their fluid body in anticipation. They knew what they looked like now. They had had the privileged of seeing the transformation once before on their home planet. They were the color of wispy smoke, their eyes a blazing green and their hair the color of fire. They looked like any humanoid now in form, their fingernails back to normal, but they were unmatched in power. The Saiya-jin didn’t have a chance in HFIL(2) of defeating them now.


Not to be daunted by their new form, Goku took a new stance and faced them head on. When the new Hirsh and Wizen combo attacked without warning, he was ready and able to block the first and second attack but any attempt at fighting back was soon apparently impossible.

The Hirsh-Wizen combo laughed at his attempts while throwing a punch to his head that was nonetheless blocked. “You think that you have the power to defeat us? We are invincible! Our power is beyond your meager understanding. Surrender now and perhaps you will not have to face the full wraith of Hirzen. Though you will still die. We can’t make exceptions. But your death will be swifter.”

Goku simply glared at them, his aqua eyes blazing with defiance. He didn’t grace them with a response, simply started to power up another kamehameha attack.

“Oh, no, none of that now,” Hirzen said with a wicked smile. Extending one hand, he held it out towards the Saiya-jin before him and grinned. A pale light formed around his hand and then Hirzen’s face contorted to a horrible grin as the pale light flowed from the hand and surrounded Goku’s body.

Goku’s eyes widened as he felt all the ki in his body being sucked out, absorbed by the ball of light which was floating around him and steadily getting bigger and bigger. When at last the ball of light left him and flew back to Hirzen’s hand where it was then absorbed, he hunched forward, drained of all energy.

“Hahaa! And this is the one that was going to defeat us? Without his ki to aid him, he is nothing but a pathetic weakling.” As if to prove this point, Hirzen lunged forward and caught Goku in a sharp uppercut to the chin that sent him flying upwards. Hirzen let him rise for a moment and then winked out and appeared above the rising Saiya-jin and brought his elbow down with crushing force upon the back of his neck. As Goku fell to the ground at alarming speed, Hirzen let him fall, not bothering to attack, simply laughing with glee.


Vejita watched impassively as Kakarotto fell to the ground, not even forming a crater upon impact. Having no ki to cushion the fall, he fell with alarming force, but uttered no sound upon landing. When he didn’t immediately rise, Vejita got a little twitch of worry, which he quickly stamped out and put aside. Kami would burn in HFIL before he felt worried or sorry for that bastard.

Crossing his arms, he gave Kakarotto a look of contempt and strode over until he was standing right above him. Kicking him in the side briefly, he said, “Are you just going to lie there all day, Kakarotto? Well, don’t just wimp out now. Get up.”


Goku twitched and with a slight groan pushed himself up onto his hands. Spitting out blood, he turned his head and looked up at Vejita for a second before pushing himself up from the ground and standing on unsteady feet.

“Thanks Vejita.”

“For what, baka?!”

Goku just smiled secretly and turned to his enemy who was already drifting down from the sky to float before him.

“Ah, I see that you were able to get up. How unfortunate.”

Goku sneered and gathered his slowly returning ki together in order to rise into the air and evenly face his enemy. “Let’s just get on with it.”

“Certainly. By all means, if you feel the need to quicken your demise, let’s not let something as trivial as conversation stand in the way.” And then, without warning, Hirzen lunged.


Vejita watched from the sidelines as Kakarotto dodged and then was frozen with a blast of artic wind that sprayed from his enemy’s hands. As Kakarotto turned to a block of ice and fell to the ground with a hard thump, causing cracks to form in the ice shell, Vejita couldn’t help but start to feel a slight lump of worry begin to grow in his chest for his past koibito and enemy.


Hirzen laughed and formed a large ki blast that he sent down upon his unsuspecting enemy, causing the ice to shatter and fly in every direction.


Goku rose unsteadily to his feet, hunched over and swaying slightly, one hand on his waist and the other almost touching the ground. His chest audibly rising and falling with heavy breathes. He straitened in time to block the next ki attack, which sent him back several feet.


“If this is all you have then we have to say that we extremely disappointed in you. We were expecting a better battle. Not this puny exercise of block and dodge.” Hirzen sneered with contempt. “Pathetic! You’re not even worth our time.” With long strides he approached Goku, and before he could block, rammed a fist into his stomach and then as Goku fell forward, Hirzen grabbed him by the throat, spun him around and threw him into a cliff wall nearby.


When Goku didn’t immediately get up, Hirzen flew over and gave him a vicious kick in the side. “Hmf. And Saiya-jins are supposed to be world-renowned fighters. You’re a disgrace to your people.”

Raising his hand, he was about to deliver the finishing ki blast when Goku moved and pushed himself up. Hirzen lowered his hand and smirked slightly as Goku swayed on his feet for a moment and then faced him.

“Hmm… Your resilience is admirable, really. But you still are no match for us. You know this and yet you continue this pathetic game. Why?”

Goku didn’t respond right away, nor did he drop his gaze. Finally, he simply said, “To protect those I care about.”

“Even if they do not share your sentiments?”

“Yes. It is no matter to me. I do what I fell is right and must be done.”

“Hmm…. Well, that is your decision. And in the end, it is this nobleness,” he said the last word with a sneer, “that will get you killed today.”


It was a one sided battle. Things had looked bad before, but now they were down right pointless. There was no way that Kakarotto stood a chance of winning. Vejita stood to the side, just watching Hirzen knock the other Saiya-jin around like a rag doll, taunting him while doing so. It seemed that Hirzen was overly fond of talking excessively. Vejita couldn’t help but wince slightly as Kakarotto received a particularly hard blow to the head and flew twenty-three feet into another of the many mountains in the area.

Drifting over in that direction, Vejita gazed toward the mountain and caught a glimpse of Kakarotto pulling himself together and getting to his feet before Hirzen came and down and blocked his view.


“Now that I think about it, I think that I have heard about you before. The one that beat the invincible Legendary Super Saiya-jin, as well as the one who handed defeat to Frieza and many other powerful nemesis. Though you were not the one to defeat Cell of Frieza completely, you are still powerful enough that tales of your exploits have traveled across the universe. I had thought that meeting you would be more of a challenge.”

Hirzen drifted closer to the hole in the rock that Goku rested within, smirking as he raised a hand and powered up a bright ball of ki within it. “What are you going to say before I kill you? You’re allowed one last word.”


Goku winced as he tried to gather the strength to get up and continue fighting. The planet was counting on him. There was no such thing as quitting. He often told others that he had never learned to do such a thing, and he was not about to start now. But he just felt so empty of energy… He knew at that moment that he had lost Super Saiya-jin mode during the last fall. Wincing again he pushed himself to his feet and faced the enemy squarely. “I refuse to give up.”


“Is that so? I don’t think that you have much of a choice. You aren’t in a position to be picky.”


Goku looked up at the being floating above him and then his eyes caught a glimpse of something moving behind the alien. He stared in confusion for a moment before his eyes widened with the realization of who it was. “Vejita,” he whispered.

Goku turned his attention back to his enemy and his eyes narrowed as he stood as straight as possible, ignoring the pain throbbing throughout his body. “I’ll fight to my last strength if need be. Too much is hanging upon my success.”

‘I have to fight.’ He thought to himself. ‘For the planet, for the people, but more importantly, for Vejita-kun.’






2 – Hellcat: as far as I can tell, Vegeta calls Chichi this sometimes in the series.

1 – HFIL: Home for Infinite Losers. This is the place where all the bad souls go. Otherwise known by the Christian’s as Hell.



*evil grin* I should create a lover for Vejita in the next chapter. Poor Kakarotto is going to have some competition if I do that. I’m really thinking about it, but it’s such an evil thing to do…




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