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Part 4


~ After Leaving King Kai’s Planet ~


Goku searched for a long time after he arrived on the planet, trying to find a source of ki that was different from anything that he had ever felt before, and then, when it started to get dark, he gave up and started searching for a place that he could spend the night. Flying over the land, he was once again able to see the animals in all their glory. This time as he flew, he was able to see the ones that only came out at night, and they all had tails also. It was very strange to be on a planet where all the creatures had tails. It was unlike anything that he had ever seen before in his life. Flying now towards the mountains, he passed over many peaceful villages that didn’t hold any special interest to him, other than the opportunity to see more of the race that he had thought extinct for a long time. When he and Vejita were friends again, he would have to ask him how he knew about this place if it was forgotten by the long ago king.

Finally, he found a cave that would be perfect for him. Landing outside of it, he first checked to make sure that it was vacant before going into the surrounding forest to round up some firewood and a meal to eat. The fire that burned outside the cave that night didn’t attract anything or anyone other than the tall figure that gazed into its depths and thought of the recent events back on Earth.




~ After Leaving Chichi and Bulma ~


After Goku left the women to themselves, Chichi found him later after finishing her conversation with Bulma and told him that she wanted a divorce. It was one of the few things that they had both agreed upon in years. Goku asked her what she would do when the child was born and she glared at him. “What do you think I am going to do?”
Goku smiled softly. “Raise it of course. I just wanted to know if you would need any help.”
Chichi looked at him strangely for a moment and then said quietly, “I am not going to raise it.”

Goku was shocked. “What? Why not?”
“Because, if Gohan were anything to compare this child to, I’d say that the child is going to look too much like you. I don’t want to be reminded of you more than I have to be after we are divorced.”

“What about Gohan?”
“Gohan will go too.”
Goku shook his head. “Where are they going to go?”

Chichi looked away. “You said that you were getting off the planet. I expect you to settle somewhere and raise them like a honorable person. For my part, I am going to try and start my life over.”
Goku was shocked. “But what about Gohan’s school? Where will he study?”

Chichi laughed. “That is your problem. After the baby is born, you have until he is six months old to come back and take him and Gohan away.”

Goku couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Chichi, I don’t believe that you can act this way. This is totally unlike you. There is really no reason to be this extreme about everything.”
Chichi shook her head. “I hate you Goku. I really hate you. I don’t want to look at your sons that will likely look so much like you. I just want a fresh start. Is that so much to ask for?”

Goku sighed. “No, Chichi, I suppose not. I will do as you wish and come back in about six months to take the boys away.”

Chichi nodded. “That’s all I ask.”


Goku was silent for a moment as he studied the ground intently, then he asked her. “What made you change your mind and decide to divorce me?”

Chichi sighed. “Bulma made a very convincing argument. She seems to know something more than she was telling me. She says that you and Vejita should’ve gotten together a while ago. After I said that I would divorce you, I asked her what she meant by that, and she said, ‘Living with Vejita enables one to get to know a lot more about him. After Trunks was born, we had a conversation on feelings and he stated that there was a special thing that his race could do. He said that they were able to bond to others.’ At the time Bulma didn’t know what that was and so he told her that it was a situation in which both

parties were able to read each other's minds and always know what they were feeling.”


Chichi sighed and continued. “Bulma was pretty upset when Vejita announced that he would never be able to create that bond with her, and when she asked why, he stated that he only felt like creating one with a certain person.” Chichi smiled softly at Goku. “Tell me, did Vejita and you ever create that bond with each other?”

Goku felt ashamed and looked off into the distance. “Yes. And I never fully appreciated him.”




~ Present ~


Looking back on it, Goku couldn’t believe that that conversation had taken place. Chichi had divorced him and given him complete custody of their kids. Goku was worried about Chichi, but he knew that she was doing well. If it were otherwise, he’d know sooner or later. As for Gohan, the boy was enjoying himself. Just before Goku left, he told his dad that the next time Goku saw him, he’d be a lot stronger. For an eleven year old, he was already very strong, but he was always trying to become stronger. Goku was very proud of the boy. Then there was his unborn son. In two more weeks, he would have to go back to see the birth. He couldn’t wait to see his newest son.

Looking away from the flames that had captured his gaze, he decided that it was time to get some sleep, and, after putting out the fire, entered the cave for the night.




~ Somewhere on a Lookout Over the Planet ~


“Hmm… He’s persistent; I’ll give him that. What do you think we should do with him? He could ruin everything.”
A man in a red cape looked up from where he was standing, peering into the globe that watched over the planet. He glanced at the woman sharply and spat out a reply, “I don’t know. Kill him, maybe? Don’t you think that would be the best thing? He’s clearly not affected by the memory crystal.” The man sighed and looked back into the globe, revolving it to peer at another section of the planet. “Everything else seems to be going well, however.”


The woman nodded, going over to stand beside her comrade over the globe. “Yes, the people are happier now that they have someone that can govern them.”

The man nodded, his dark pink hair waving slightly over his bent, intent, blue face. Straightening, he glanced over at his partner, taking in the slightly frizzled appearance of her dark purple hair and her tired face, the skin a slightly darker shade of blue under her eyes. “Haven’t gotten enough sleep, eh, Hirsh?”

“No, Wizen, I haven’t.”

“Why not?”

Hirsh sighed and looked into the globe wistfully. “I have fallen for one of the land beings.”

Wizen shook his head in regret. “Why? You know that they aren’t like you. How could you fall for one of them? They are nothing like us. Stop losing sleep over it and try and forget-”


Hirsh broke him off angrily. “I can’t! I have tried, can’t you see? But whenever I go to sleep, all I see is his face and I-” Hirsh realized that she had said too much and quickly shut her mouth. However, it was too late.

“Ah! So, you have fallen for one of the males.” Wizen peered at his comrade sharply; his golden eyes boring holes through Hirsh’s silver ones.


Hirsh pulled her eyes away with difficulty and looked out the window at the clouds. Being so far up in the sky made it hard to see the planet from this room unless she left and walked onto the landing of the lookout and looked down. “Yes, I have. Who else do you think it would be? A female? Haha! I would never fall for someone of my own gender. What a disgrace! Shame on you for even thinking such a thing.”

Wizen shrugged. “It has happened before, you know. There are many that do so. However, it is not the thought of you mating a person of the same gender. I am peeved over your choice in race.”

Hirsh bowed her head in shame. “I can’t help who I love, Wizen.”
Wizen sighed. “Very well. Who is this being that has caught your fancy?”
Hirsh smiled at him, relieved that he wasn’t too mad at her about the situation. “The new comer, Vejita.”

Wizen looked at her in exasperation. “Why? Out of all the beings down there, must you fall for him? You make things more difficult for yourself than they have to be.”

“I don’t know. There’s something about him. He’s strong, loyal to his subjects, brave. What else can I ask for in a companion?”

“He will never accept you,” replied Wizen, trying to dash the look of wonder from her eyes.

Hirsh’s eyes flashed in anger. “He will! I know it! I’m powerful, strong, and brave and I have lots of honor. What is it that I am missing other than a tail? A tail isn’t everything. It’s your manner and actions that are important.”


Wizen shook his head and decided to change the subject for the moment. “What do you think we should do about the persistent male that has arrived?”
Hirsh paced over to the globe once more, remembering the male that she had commented about earlier. Spinning the globe, she was able to find his figure in the depths. Now he was sleeping calmly, but in the morning, she knew that he would go after the king and she didn’t want him to touch what was hers.


With a snarl, she glared at the dark-haired, muscled man for a moment. He didn’t have a tail, but she knew that he was Saiya-jin from the way that he looked and the power level that the globe was picking up from him. The man’s face was peaceful in slumber and his hair was pressed to his face. From the symbols on the orange gi, she was able to read his name: Son Goku.

Turning to her partner, her eyes reflected strangely as she spoke. “If he wants the king, he will have to fight me for him. I will not allow him to take what is mine.”
Wizen rolled his eyes. “He isn’t yours.”

Hirsh smirked. “Not yet.”




~ Vejita no Ou’s Castle ~

“King Vejita, I announce Okubyo-mono.”


Vejita raised an eyebrow in amusement at the name that his herald announced. Peering over at his herald, he took in the man’s appearance. His hair was spiked and it swept to the side of his head. His eyes were a deep brown and the tail that was wrapped around his waist matched the light brown of his hair. The herald met his gaze and nodded, assuring Vejita that the name was correct.


Vejita turned his gaze to the Saiya-jin that had stepped up to the foot of the dais where the king sat. This new Saiya-jin was dressed simply in a light blue tunic and darker blue pants. His hair was ebony black that swept down his back and touched the floor when he bowed low on one knee. Okubyo’s fathomless black eyes looked deep into the king’s once he came out of the bow, and Vejita grew uneasy under his gaze.


Breaking the gaze, as well as the spell that it seemed to put him under, Vejita addressed the man. “What have you come here for?”
Okubyo’s eyes deepened as he answered the question. “I have come to join your elite defense guard.”

Vejita frowned at the man. “Are you a coward?”
Okubyo chuckled. “If you are referring to the meaning of my name, my mother had a weird sense of humor.”

“Your name means coward. Are you one?” asked Vejita again, not satisfied with the previous answer.

Okubyo shook his head and grinned at the king. “I made sure that I wasn’t going to grow into my name and trained very hard.”
“What is your power level?” asked Vejita.

Okubyo frowned. “I don’t know the exact calculation, my lord. The Saiya-jin that tested me never told me.”

“Why didn’t he enlighten you with your power level?”

“He thought that his power level reader had made a mistake and thought that I should come here and discuss it with you because the reader couldn’t be totally inaccurate.”
Vejita no Ou stood and joined the man on the floor. “Very well. I will analysis you myself.”


Vejita may not have remembered the first part of his life, but he did remember his training. Focusing on the one before him, he felt the power of his ki. Based on the power emanating from the aura of the Saiya-jin before him and the distinct feel of his ki, Vejita was able to estimate the man’s power level.


To Vejita, the power level wasn’t that high. Vejita himself outclassed the man by over a million. However, based on all other ki’s on the planet, he knew that this man had a very strong power level. It was the strongest one that Vejita had come across since he arrived on the planet.


In order to make sure that the reading he was getting was correct, Vejita turned to the scientist that was standing next to the throne. “Kilties, obtain a scouter for me.”

Kilties bowed and left the room, returning a moment later with one of the power readers.


Taking it from the red haired man, Vejita turned it on and faced Okubyo. The power level on it read 213,598. In spite of himself, Vejita was impressed and, turning the scouter off, addressed the man. “You have a power level of 213,598. Do you still want to join my defense team?”

Okubyo’s eyes flashed as he bowed slightly. “Of course, my lord.”

Vejita no Ou smirked. “Very well. You are to report to the training room tomorrow. I expect to observe you there.”
Okubyo bowed deeply. “Thank you, my lord. I will not fail you.”

Vejita no Ou frowned. “Be sure that you don’t.”


After the man left, Vejita sat again on his throne and asked the herald the name of the one that was next on the list to see him.

“Goddess Hirsh, my lord.” There was a slight hint of fear in the herald’s voice as he said the name. All of the Saiya-jins on the planet had heard of Hirsh and Wizen and they all knew that if they were wise, they would fear the two overlords.

Vejita no Ou looked at his herald in surprise for a moment, shocked about what he had heard. ‘Why would Hirsh come to visit?’ he wondered sliently, even as the door of the chamber opened and the blue skinned, purple haired, silver-eyed being walked in.


If Vejita could be impressed by a non-Saiya-jin, he was certainly impressed by this one. The woman walking toward him was rather pretty. She was clearly another species. Her hair wasn’t spiked, lying instead down her back in smooth waves. Her eyes were a kind of silver that absorbed the light and held it imprisoned, reflecting none of it back. In addition, her skin was a pale, creamy blue that also added a hue of strength to her features.


Following the example of everyone else in the room, Vejita bowed to the woman coming up to the throne. “My lady, why do you grace us with your presence?”
Hirsh smiled faintly. “I have come to see you, Vejita. Will you care to walk with me?”


Vejita knew better than refuse the offer of one of the overloads and stepped from the dais, offering her his arm.


~ Meanwhile ~


Goku awoke in the afternoon and groaned as he noticed what time it was. What a way to start a rescue mission. If he wanted to get Vejita back and save him from whatever it was that was messing with his memory, he would have to make more of an effort to wake up on time in the morning.


After washing himself in a stream and cooking breakfast, Goku set off for the imperial capital on the planet, in order to talk with Vejita and try to reason with him.


When Goku arrived at the castle, he didn’t bother to talk to the guards. Instead, he used his teleportation technique to arrive at Vejita’s side. What he saw made his breath catch and he had to suppress the urge to growl.


As soon as Vejita felt another in the garden besides himself and Hirsh, he turned to see Goku baring his teeth at them. “What are you doing in here? This is a clandestine garden!” Vejita exclaimed.


Goku just snarled as he approached them. “I can be here because I am trying to help you. Who is it that you are talking to?” he asked, throwing Hirsh the over-protective evil eye.

Vejita snorted and crossed his arms over his chest. “Not that it is any of your business, but this is Hirsh. She’s one of the overlords.”
“Overlords?” asked Goku, raising an eyebrow at them.

“Yes, overlord. Or are you not familiar with who they are?” sneered Vejita in contempt.


Goku glared at Vejita for a moment, letting the comment slide right off himself and turned to the female one more, suppressing yet another growl of dominance. She was all over him! “So, you are the overlord? Of the whole planet?”
Hirsh smiled at him calmly, hooking her arm once more through Vejita’s. “Yes. What of it?”

Goku’s eyes narrowed at the action. “I wish to find the ones responsible for the recent happenings on this planet.”

Hirsh’s eyes sparkled. “I am one of the ones, yes. What is it that you want?”

Goku could tell from her eyes that she already knew. Taking a quick look at Vejita, he noticed that he was looking at them with interest and confusion. Goku whirled back to Hirsh and demanded, “Take me to the others that are behind all of this. We will settle this today.”


Hirsh shook her head and said with false politeness, “I’m sorry, but I am in the middle of something here.”

Goku’s eyes flashed as she tightened her hold on Vejita’s arm and began to lead him away. “I don’t think so,” Goku stated, quickly stepping in her path. “You are not to lay one more hand on him until you defeat me in a battle.”


Hirsh looked at him amused. “You think that you can take me? I am a lot stronger than you.”

“Really? We’ll just seen then, won’t we?” asked Goku, his face hardening into the familiar look it took on whenever he was getting ready to go into battle.

Hirsh was deeply amused. “Fine. I accept your challenge.” She took her arm out of Vejita’s and floated into the air. “And after I defeat you, there will be nothing stopping me from taking what is mine.”

Goku nodded and turned to look at Vejita. With a sad smile, he spoke to him quietly. “Vejita, koi, I will get your memory back for you.”

Before Vejita could say anything, Goku blasted off into the sky, and he and Hirsh were soon lost in the distance.




Vejita was greatly confused. “Koi?” What did that man know about him that he himself knew nothing of? Vejita realized some time ago that he couldn’t remember anything from his childhood, or even arriving here. He knew what his name was and he knew that he had been a prince before arriving here and he knew how to fight. That was the extent of the information he had on himself.


What did that Saiya-jin and the overlord Hirsh have to play in all of this? One thing was certain, if he was going to find out more about all of this, then he would have to follow them.




On the way to the Overlords' lookout, Goku and Hirsh didn’t speak to each other, and were too intent on what was going to happen when they got there that they didn’t notice the masked ki following them.


When they landed on the lookout, Wizen walked towards them, a disapproving look on his face. “Hirsh! What are you doing? Why did you bring him here?”

Hirsh laughed. “He challenged me. I accepted. I figured that a good place to fight would be here.”
Wizen gawked at her and then suddenly laughed, seeing the humor in it. “He thinks he can challenge you and prevail? What a joke!” he cried.


Goku’s eyes narrowed at the figure standing before him. “Who are you?”

“Me? I’m Wizen. Hirsh’s partner in crime. And who are you?”

Goku glowered at him and moved into a fighting stance. “I’m Goku, and I have come to put a stop to the control that you have over all the beings on the planet!”

Hirsh and Wizen looked amused by the proposal and snickered at each other. Hirsh turned to Goku once more. “What makes you think that you can defeat us in order to accomplish such a task?”
“Besides,” continued Hirsh. “I have already claimed him as my own. There is no room left for you in all my plans for the prince.”


Goku’s mind snapped. That was going to far. No one was allowed to have Vejita. No one! Not even people from outer space. Moreover, it didn’t matter if Vejita wanted him back or not after what he did to the man by not fully accepting the relationship. The bottom line was that he wasn’t going to let anyone control his mate in such a dominating and unfair fashion. For it was unfair. Vejita didn’t remember anything and Hirsh was taking advantage of that.


Vejita arrived on the scene and landed quietly nearby just in time to hear Goku’s next statement.

“Hirsh! I came to get Vejita’s memories back, and if I can’t succeed at that, then I can at least get rid of you. If I can’t have Vejita back then neither can you, you conniving witch!”

Hirsh smirked. “That sounds like a challenge. What do you think Wizen?”

“Yep. That sounded like a challenge to me also. What do you think we should do about that?”

“Hmm…. I think we should teach the arrogant man a lesson on politeness and humility.”

Without a further word, the two got into a fighting stance and a moment later, launched themselves at Goku.




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