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Part 1


“I want the truth ‘Geta. I want you to tell me how you really feel, and I don’t want you to cover up anything.”

Vejita looked across at the man before him. The one who had, two weeks ago, mated with him. At the mere thought of it, Vejita tensed, knowing that it wasn’t a life long commitment. How could it be with Chichi in the way? How could it be when the other man knew nothing of bonding other than what he knew instinctively?

It didn’t matter that Vejita wanted the bond. Deep down he wanted a bond that would last forever. He wanted a mate that would share that special mind contact with him. Sure he said that he hated the man...but he didn’t. What Vejita felt for the man was far from hatred.

Vejita looked up at the kind face before him. Into the face of the man that had managed to capture his heart and his soul. It was then that he realized he couldn’t stay on the planet any longer. Not with someone that he shared a half bond with.

Vejita closed his eyes as he remembered the night that it had happed. There had been a light blue moon hanging in the sky. The moon had once again ignited the sense to mate within Vejita. It had happened only a few other times and it only happened on blue moons. Well, for Vejita anyway, it was blue moons. Each Saiya-jin was different and they all reacted to different things. For this reason, there were some that never mated because the desire to never awoke or it was never awoken in them by another Saiya-jin.


Vejita growled slightly remembering the night of that cursed moon, causing the man before him to peer at him startled. Vejita took no notice and continued his thoughts. On the night that it happened, Vejita had come to Kakarott. Kakarott was after all, the only other Saiya-jin alive and Vejita liked him. He had liked him ever since they first fought together. At the time, when Kakarott had beaten him, he had wanted to die. Knowing that he was in love with the other Saiya-jin and that the other would never feel anything for him, he had wanted to end the life he led. For it was common among Saiya-jins to fall in love with someone and never for anyone else again for the rest of their lives.

When the desire to seek out a mate for the third time in his life had come, he had tried to suppress it but the feeling had grown and had gathered strength knowing that there was another Saiya-jin on the planet that was perfect for him. Instincts drove him to search out Kakarott at his house where she was sleeping with his potential mate.

Vejita sneered as he thought about that and then grinned when he remembered what had happened. When his instinct driven mind had found the one that he had chosen in bed with another, he had wanted to kill her and take his chosen for himself. However, some sanity remained and suppressing a snarl, he instead had knocked on the door and requested that Kakarott come with him.


~ Two Weeks Ago ~


“Kakarott,” Vejita snapped as soon as the other Saiya-jin answered the door. “Come and spar with me.”

Goku peered at the Ouji for a moment, blinking and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Vejita, it’s two in the morning. Can’t it wait?”
Vejita growled, his tail lashing behind him in anxiety and lust as he looked at the tall man with wild eyes. “No, it can’t wait Kakarott. Either come and spar with me now or I will have to make you.”

Goku shook his head, “Listen Vejita, I don’t know what has gotten into you but… Hey is that your tail?”
Vejita smirked as he saw Kakarott’s eyes snap over to look at the hypnotizing tail and follow it as it moved with his eyes. “Yes Kakarott. It grew back when the moon rose.” Vejita didn’t think that the other man needed to know the reason that it had come back or he would never come with him. ‘Although the desires are awakened in him even now.’

It was true. Goku could not tear his eyes away from that tail that tempted him with the most delicious smell in the world emanating forth from it. Or was that smell coming from the Saiya-jin himself? Goku didn’t know and he didn’t care. All he knew was the rather sudden urge to feel the tail between his fingers and smell the scent of the other Saiya-jin more closely.

Vejita noticed the way that Kakarott’s eyes were glazing over and the way that he smelled the air around him more deeply and smirked knowingly. “Kakarott, will you spar with me?”

Kakarott turned his eyes toward Vejita’s. Eyes that were now filled with a lustful gleam, and nodded. “Sure Vejita,” he responded, licking his lips. “Let’s go.” With that, Goku leapt off the ground and into the air leaving a ki trail for Vejita to follow. With another predatory smirk, Vejita rose and quickly followed the retreating Saiya-jin.


After they landed in the clearing that they used to spar in, an area of land that was level and there were no more trees and mountains to destroy for a fair distance all around, they faced each other. Through the haze that was settling over Vejita’s mind at the thought of finally mating with the one he wanted, he asked Goku, “Kakarott, why do you insist on only training at this torn up site?”

Kakarott answered with difficulty since his instincts were telling him to jump the one before him. “Because, Vejita, there is nothing more to destroy here and I refuse to put anymore mountains and trees in danger of our fighting.”

Vejita nodded and moved into a fighting stance, his blood flowing with the power of the blue moon and his tail waving tauntingly behind him.
Goku growled and settled into the same position, his sanity gone in the face of his raging instincts that Vejita’s tail, on this night, had awakened. His eyes narrowed and he gazed at the prince with desire.

Vejita shivered as he felt the gaze upon him and asked gruffly, “Kakarott, what do you want?”
Goku narrowed his eyes and without answering launched himself at the smaller Saiya-jin. Vejita, prepared for the sudden move, dodged, his will to fight and his desire surging power through his body.

Vejita threw a kick at Goku’s head, which was blocked and Vejita immediately sent a fist into Goku’s unprotected side. Goku grunted but wasn’t distracted for long as he threw a punch into the prince’s face. Vejita brought a hand up and wiped the blood away that had dribbled down the side of his face and smirked at Goku before sending a round house kick at him which Goku blocked by bringing his knee up. With a back flip, Goku blasted back a few feet and then flew at Vejita quickly, powering his fist with a small amount of ki that he was sure would stun the small man for a brief moment.


As the fist connected, Vejita was sent reeling back from the larger man with little stars before his eyes. He barely had enough time to dodge the next attack that came in the form of a kick to the side of his head. In retaliation, he feinted to Goku’s right side and as soon as Goku had moved into a position to block the move, he dodged, moving to Goku’s unprotected left side and hitting it with a ki filled fist. He then disappeared to reappear directly behind the taller fighter, landing an elbow into the man's back.


Goku went sailing into the ground below and grunted as he pushed himself up from the crater than he had created. 

As he rose, he saw Vejita land near by, his excitement shining in his eyes as the fight continued a moment later when Goku launched himself at the smirking prince.

The fight continued for several minutes with neither of them getting anywhere. Finally though, twenty minutes into the fight, Vejita grew impatient with the delay and rammed headlong into Goku sending him hard into the ground. He didn’t bother to wait for the other Saiya-jin to get up before he landed in the new crater beside the fallen man and smirked at him.

“So, Kakarott, what are you going to do now?”

Goku threw a smirk of his own at the prince, wiping a trail of blood that dripped out of his mouth away with his tongue. “Oh, Vejita, I don’t know. What do you want me to do?” He didn’t wait for the prince to respond before he tackled him to the ground and smelled deeply of the scent that was now radiating off the prone figure beneath him in delicious smelling waves.

“Hmm, Vejita, you smell good,” Goku said with a heavy lidded smile.


~ Present ~


Vejita was brought back to the present by Goku who, at that moment, decided to interrupt the strange silence that had settled between them. “Vejita, what’s wrong? Are you alright?” asked Goku worriedly.

“Yes, baka!” Vejita snapped, “I was thinking, that’s all, and you interrupted me.”

Goku grew slightly irritated at the sound of the prince’s tone, “Vejita, there is no reason to be rude. I was only-”

“Butting into my business? Yes Goku, I am aware of that. What do you want?”
Goku’s eyes widened in surprise as he heard Vejita call him “Goku” for the first time since they had known each other, “Vejita, you… um… called me Goku. Why?”
Vejita smirked at the man before him as he stood, preparing to leave, “Because from the way that you are acting, you don’t deserve the honorific title of “Kakarott” anymore. It is a privilege, not a name. An honor, labeling you as a part of my Saiya-jin race.” Vejita’s face grew hard as he prepared himself for the final statement that he was about to deliver to the man before him, “However, do you really think that you are worthy enough anymore? Farewell, Earthling.”

As Vejita blasted away, he winced when, after the realization of Vejita’s statement hit home, a flood of pain overwhelmed his mind through the faint mental bond that Vejita and Goku still had. Vejita forced himself to fly onward to Capsule Corp, reminding himself again of the pain of rejection that Goku had made him suffer through again and again over the course of the last two weeks. ‘Well, not anymore. I will leave this planet for good and I won’t look back.’

It was then that he blocked off the link for good, never to open it again.




When Vejita entered Capsule Corp, he immediately headed towards his room in an effort to avoid the confrontation with Bulma that he was sure was going to come any minute now.  He was almost to the stairs when the door to the lab opened and Bulma stepped out, brushing her hair away from her face as she closed the door behind her. A moment later she spotted Vejita, who had paused at the landing of the stairs and was looking at her with expectant eyes.

Bulma met those eyes and decided to do what Vejita was expecting her to do and moved across the room to talk to him.


When she reached the doorway, she snapped, “So, mister, where have you been?”

Vejita looked at her with slight disdain, “Do I have to tell you everything woman?!”

Bulma snorted and crossed her arms over her chest, “Yes you do since you live here. Where were you? You were supposed to help me with repairing the roof.”

Vejita growled, “Well, won’t you be glad then to know that I am leaving?”
Bulma looked surprised at the comment and asked, “What do mean by ‘leaving’?”

“Just that. I am packing, and I am never coming back.”

Bulma looked at him skeptically, “You have been saying that for the past 3 years that you have lived on this planet. What has made you suddenly decide to leave?”

Vejita glared at her, “I do not have to explain myself to you. Can’t you just leave it at that?” He began to move up the stairs.


Not willing to let him escape so easily, Bulma stopped him by asking, “It’s because of Goku, isn’t it?”

Vejita stopped his assent and turned to face her furiously, “Why would you think that?”

Bulma smirked when her plan worked, “Because, you have been noticeably mad at him for the past week. Did you two have a fight?”

A look of pain crossed Vejita’s features for a moment and he had to forcefully remind himself not to think of the baka anymore. “No, it is not because of Goku,” he stated with a snarl. “I just need to get off this mud ball. Now, if you don’t mind,” he said sarcastically, “I am going up to pack now.” This time Bulma didn’t try to stop him as he bounded up the stairs.




Ten minutes later, he had gathered all of the stuff that he had accumulated in the few years that he had been on Earth. Thinking back on it, he was surprised that it had only been that long. Goku had recently come back from Planet Yardack, after 3 years of being gone. In all that time, Vejita hadn’t left the planet, being content to wait for Goku’s return so that he could defeat him. However, other things had happened that had prevented this. Such as the threat of the androids and then Cell. Vejita reflected sadly on the moment that he thought he would lose that baka.


~ Four Months Ago ~


Vejita watched with mild interest as Gohan and Cell battled on the arena that Cell created. A moment later Vejita’s attention was all on the fight as he watched Cell grow like a balloon. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw Goku raise his hand to his forehead and start to fade out. At that moment terror seized Vejita’s gut and he knew instinctively that Goku was planning to do something rash and that it wasn’t going to have a good ending. Vejita knew that he had to prevent Goku from going on with it.

Without thinking about what he was doing, only knowing that Goku would die if he didn’t help, he quickly reached out and grabbed onto Goku’s sleeve, being careful as to not attract the other to his presence. A moment later he found himself standing before the green balloon and the flop top, Gohan.

Still holding Goku’s sleeve lightly, he waited as the taller fighter placed his hand on Cell middle and raised his fingers to his forehead. He was about to leave after smiling to his son, when he happened to turn his head and saw Vejita next to him.

Goku’s eyes widened in surprise and he spoke quickly to Vejita knowing that there wasn’t much time. “Vejita, what are you doing?”

Vejita looked at him calmly, “I knew what you were going to do and I couldn’t let you do it. I am coming with you. If you go ahead with your plan, you will kill me to.”
Goku winced as his plan slipped away. Vejita was right, he couldn’t just kill Vejita too. With a sigh he asked him, “So, what do you plan to do Vejita?”

Vejita shrugged, “Take him to an asteroid near here.”

Goku growled impatiently, “One, that has a ki on it, Vejita! We are running out of time here.”

Vejita looked back at him calmly, “Just link to my mind. I’ll take us there.”


Goku was about to protest and then realized that he had no choice but to do it. Time was almost up. Closing his eyes, he reached out for the link that had developed in his mind. The very small physic one that had grown there since he had started to accept the other man as more than just an opponent to fight with. In fact, that was one of the reasons that he had to stay on Planet Yardect for three years when he didn’t need to. He needed to because he knew that if he didn’t come to terms with his feelings, he would get distracted when fighting. Now though, he had his feelings under control and he ignored them with ease. Also, the link had stopped developing, so he could only talk to Vejita sometimes or hear his thoughts when he tried very hard.


Vejita felt that Goku had linked to his mind and fed him the image of the asteroid that was about two miles long and felt his feet leave the ground to land a moment later on the asteroid’s rocky ground. As soon as they got there, he then addressed Goku through the link that they were still connected through. <Bring us back to Earth now.>

Goku nodded when he got the message and focused on Piccolo’s ki. A moment later he lowered his hand and Vejita opened his eyes to see that, yes, he had prevented the termination of the one he cared about. Abruptly he pushed that last thought away and spoke, “Kakarott, I will return to my post now.”

Goku watched as the prince sailed off and wondered just why he had just done that.


~ Back to Present ~


Vejita sighed as he picked up the small knapsack containing the extra black spandex, gloves, food, and other things that he considered sentimental, items he'd received from various people on Earth. Vejita then picked up the four capsules on the bed that Bulma had given him. Putting them in a small pocket on the side of his pack, he took one look around the room that he had lived in ever since Bulma had asked him to stay there, and headed out the door.




He met no resistance as he headed outside. Standing a safe distance away form the building, he threw a capsule containing his spaceship onto the lawn. A moment t later he was sitting in the pilot’s chair when Bulma arrived on the scene, holding Kakarott’s hand.

Vejita gazed out of the highly tinted window at them and frowned. ‘What are they doing here?’


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