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Chapter 4


When Cronos was ready, his hands started to glow and the light gradually increased to cover his entire body. On the ground, Vegeta suddenly lost sight of the four armed, nose less alien as the area around him flashed a brilliant white. The light increased, till Vegeta had to close his eyes from the intense light as it covered him also.

Then there was a soft sound on the ground and Vegeta cautiously opened his eyes to look at the form of Cronos before him as he landed. “Well? What was all that?” asked Vegeta gruffly.

“That, was me bringing everyone back to life.” He smirked at Vegeta and continued before the prince could say anything. “Everyone is the proper age that they would have been if they were never blown up when Frieza killed them all. They will start arriving now and should all be here in about thirty minutes. I suspect that they are wondering at this moment what just happened, so I will leave you now to deal with the new comers and wait for the others. Remember that you have exactly seven years starting tomorrow, just to be fair. If I have to search for you, then there will be hell to pay. Be back here, at this spot, when it is time. And now, my new slave, I am off.”
Cronos launched himself into the air once more, but paused when Vegeta asked, “Just how did you bring everyone back? Are you some sort of wizard?”

Cronos laughed a bone chilling laugh and replied, “A wizard never would have been powerful enough to do what I just did.” Cronos landed on the ground and crossed all of his arms together and looked at Vegeta amused, “I am Lord Cronos, and I a mortal with the powers of a god.” He smirked at Vegeta’s shocked and skeptical face, “Yes, that is right. I can bring people back to life because of this, and I am more powerful than even you can imagine.” He rose into the air once more, “I will be back in seven years Vegeta. Don’t try to hide because I will find you.” That said he then blasted off out of sight.




Vegeta looked after the disappearing ki trail with dread, not looking forward to the end of the seven years at all. With a scowl, he turned back to the palace and began to walk through the courtyard exit, when he nearly bumped into a person.

Startled, Vegeta stopped in his tracks and stared at the person in disbelief, not expecting to run into anyone so soon. Slowly, he surveyed the person and came to the conclusion that he was weaker than a third class based on his power level and from his tail, he appeared to be a Saiya-jin. The man had light brown hair, with a mustache and his tail was wrapped protectively around his waist. He was also taller than Vegeta, something that was not uncommon at all.

“Who are you and where did you come from?” Vegeta asked irritably.

The Saiya-jin looked down at him, cocking his head to the side as he studied him. He noticed that the one standing before him, his tail curled about his middle, looked a lot like the king. The man was shorter than the average Saiya-jin, and looked almost like a female that he had seen once. Females were very rare, making up about five percent of the population, and had slighter frames than males. The figure also had a very tiny, almost non-existent ki level. ‘Humph. He’s too weak for me to waste my time with. Might as well be a female,’ the male thought in dismay.


The Saiya-jin looked Vegeta up and down for a moment then said in disgust, “I don’t have to waste my time with you. Move along you pathetic earthworm. Go back to the slugs you reside with and for Kami’s sake take a bath.”

Turning to the Saiya-jin male that had just come out from behind him, he said, “Come, we have no time to waste on people with such a low ki level that they would not even fit into a fifth class warrior level if such a thing existed.” He turned once more to Vegita and yelled, “Did you not hear me? I said move! You are in the presence of a first class noble warrior and his mate! Move, or I shall blast you into oblivion!”

He paused, staring at Vegeta for a moment, noticing that he was not moving and raised his hand before him. “I command you to move this moment you pathetic little third class warrior!” he slashed his hand down with such speed that it almost could not be seen. To his surprise, Vegeta moved his head to the side, avoiding the attack. Most of the time that move would have taken out any first class.


Vegeta was seething inside. This was the grandest of insults he had… No, that was wrong. It wasn’t the worse insult that he had ever faced, but it was tremendous. Made worse knowing that it was coming from a person that should’ve known who it was he was addressing. And to top it all off, he had tried to hit Vegeta across the face. ‘All I have to do is tell him that I am the Prince and he will leave me alone. It would be unwise to pick a fight. Or I could act humble and apologize, get out of his way and ask around for information.’ He disliked the last idea very much; he couldn’t even begin to imagine himself doing it.


With a growl, Vegeta straightened to his full height of five foot seven and bared his teeth at the fool before him, “Have you no idea who you are addressing in such a disrespectful manner?”

The Saiya-jin smirked, “No. It is of no matter to me. One of my station doesn’t affiliate with the likes of low class beings such as yourself.” He paused for a moment to consider Vegeta once more and continued, “However, since you feel that it is important for me to know your name, please humor me by telling it to me.”

Vegeta frowned, realizing that to tell the fool his name would be losing the battle and he wasn’t about to do that so easily. Also, it would damage his pride, letting the man bait him in such a manner. With a snarl Vegeta replied, “You think that it means that much to me! You’ll pay for your insubordination as soon as my father hears of this!”


The man snickered, “Who do you think you are? The Prince? I don’t think so. But, just to humor you, I will tell you my name. You are fortunate enough to bask in the presence of the Great Noble Hero to the Ou himself, the supreme warrior,” at this he stuck out his chest and proudly proclaimed, “Yucano!”

Vegeta scoffed at him, “You sure do have a high opinion of yourself. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have much more pressing matters to attend to.” With that, Vegeta moved forward to brush past Yucano, but his way became blocked by the slightly smaller form of Yucano’s mate, though he was still larger than Vegeta.

“What are you doing?” Vegeta barked. “Out of my way.”

The other man shook his head, “I am sorry, but it is rude to leave a conversation without proper leave. You will have to wait until Yucano says that you can go.”

Vegeta couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “This is high treason! I demand that you let me go at once.”

Yucano smirked, “I didn’t think that I was doing anything that could be classified as treason. What do you think Larrese, should we let him go?”


Larrese, studied Vegeta for a moment and gave him a brief warm smile, “I don’t think that he’ll be a bother to you anymore, Yucano. I say that we let him go. Besides, I’m sure that he wants to go and find his family, now that he is back alive again.”

“Hmm… I suppose that you are right. Though, why he wouldn’t know where they are already is the question.” He peered at Vegeta keenly and hissed, poking a finger at his chest, “If you ever bump into me again, I will make you wish that you had never been brought back to life.” Yucano then took Larrese’s hand and pushed Vegeta out of the way, as he left the doorway and continued across the courtyard.


Vegeta watched the two men leave, his hands clinched at his sides, hating his lack of ki more at that moment than he ever had. ‘As soon as I can make that guy pay without endangering it or myself, I will,’ he promised himself as he walked back to the thrown room.


~ What Happened After Cronos’ Big Flash of Light ~


A pale yellow alien, blue slip of paper in hand, ran from King Yemma’s desk all the way to the private plane that had been ordered to take him to the Grand Kai’s planet. Ignoring all of the protests directed at him as he bumped into many of the two horned supervisors and stepped on many of little blue bouncing souls, he quickly reached the plane, knocking over a guard as he threw open the door.

Once inside, he quickly buckled the seatbelt, a strange strap of material, supposed to protect him if the plan crashed, and turned to the pilot. “Well, what are you waiting for? We need to go now!” he said annoyed.

The driver, a blue skinned alien with green spots, rolled his eyes, “I have to wait for the clearance. What’s the emergency anyway?”
The yellow alien looked at the pilot in disbelief, “They didn’t tell you?”
The pilot looked at the little numbers covering the gadgets on the dashboard and responded absent mindedly, “…No…”
The alien gave a frustrated sigh, ‘Well, what did I expect? For the administrators to tell him what was happening? How stupid can I get.’ He turned to look out the window and wondered if it was possible for him to fly to the planet before the plane left the ground.

Just then, a loud crackling filled the small cockpit and the pilot picked up the radio.

“Pilot 36b here. How may I help you? Over.”

“Pilot 36b, this is air control. You are free to take off. Over.”

“Roger that. Over and out.” The pilot turned the mike off and addressed him as he put the plane into motion. “There. We’re off. Are you happy?”

The alien sighed, “Good. Now hurry. I am caring a code blue message!”

The pilot started, his hands gripping the wheel hard, “Why didn’t you say so!” The pilot pushed the plane to its limits as he tried to get off the planet going as fast as he could.

‘Now that’s more like it,’ the yellow alien grumbled as he stared out the window, watching, as the planet in the distance grew larger.




As soon as the plane landed, the pale yellow alien leaped out and started to run as fast as he could to the Grand Kai’s house. On the way there, he passed many different aliens, including one with dark spiked hair and an orange gi, working on one fingered, handstand pushups.

As the alien passed him, Goku looked up briefly, wondering why the being was in such a hurry. This was after all, a place of never ending time. Everyone had all the time in the world here. Frowning, he tuned his attention back to his counting and discovered that he had lost count again for the third time. With a patient sigh, Goku switched hands and started again at one, determined not to quit until he reached a million. Even though his stomach had other ideas. This was definitely the ultimate test of will power.


The yellow being stopped before the house and jumped about frantically, trying to decide whether to just barge in or not. Finally, the choice was made for him as the Grand Kai himself walked out the door.

As soon as the Grand Kai saw him, the yellow alien dashed forward, thrusting the blue note at him. “Grand Kai, I have a urgent blue note from King Yemma.”

Startled, the Grand Kai took the note and quickly read it. His eyes widened and he turned to the alien, “What is your name?”
“Kaisei, sir.”

“Well, Kaisei, thank you for getting here as fast as you could. Run back and tell King Yemma, that there is nothing I, or anyone else can do to prevent this from happening. Rather, I will start the preparations so that there are no mistakes.” With an unhappy shake of his head, the Grand Kai turned and went back inside.


When the Kai was gone, Kaisei sighed and started to run back towards the plane that would take him back to King Yemma’s place. He almost passed Goku before the warrior looked up again and immediately lost count once more. With a heavy sigh, Goku straightened up and moved with blinding speed to cut Kaisei off.

With a started yelp, Kaisei ground to a stop and asked politely, “Can you please move, so that I can continue on my assignment?”

Goku brought his hand up and rubbed the back of his head, “What do you have to do that is so urgent.”

Kaisei looked at him in disbelief, “I am King Yemma’s personal messenger and I have a urgent message that I need to deliver. Please move out of my way.”

Goku grinned, “Here, let me get you there. I can’t concentrate on pushups at the moment anyway.”

Kaisei didn’t have anytime to argue before the tall warrior placed a hand on his shoulder and everything disappeared.




The next thing Kaisei saw was the very tall desk that King Yemma was sitting behind. King Yemma looked down at them and smiled, “Ah, Goku, I see that you’ve meet Kaisei, my messenger.

Goku laughed, “Well, it was a little hard to miss him. I lost count both times he raced past me, so I decided to take him here.”

King Yemma chuckled, “Thank you Goku for doing that. Now, don’t you have to get back to your training?”

Goku sighed, “It’s no fun training without…”


King Yemma looked at him sympathetically, “I know that Goku. But you made the decision and now you are going to have to live with it.”
Goku sighed and nodded in understanding, then raised two fingers to his temple and disappeared.


Kaisei blinked once more in astonishment before he turned to King Yemma, deciding that he could find out more about that fighter later. “King Yemma, the Grand Kai asked for me to tell you this: ‘there is nothing I, or anyone else can do to prevent this from happening. Rather, I will start the preparations so that there are no mistakes.’”

King Yemma rested his head in his hand, “That’s what I thought. Great. Just great.” King Yemma rose from his chair and addressed Kaisei briefly, “Take a break. I have pressing matters to attend to.”


After King Yemma disappeared though the door beside the desk, Kaisei sunk into a small chair nearby with a satisfied sigh and prepared to make the most of his long awaited break.




King Yemma arrived at his destination using a teleportation portal, to find that all the Kai’s were already gathered. Taking a seat in one of the seven chairs at the round table, he looked around at the plain, white walled room briefly, before facing the others.

“I suppose that you all have heard about what has happened?”

West Kai snorted, “Of course! The Grand Kai told us as soon as he heard about it. How exactly did this happen?”

King Yemma sighed, “I can only tell you what I know. Somehow, someone was able to bring all of the Saiya-jin back to life and if we don’t do something quick, all of the Saiya-jins will be brought back without any souls. For as you know, it has been over thirty years since they were destroyed and quite a few of the souls have already moved on. The ones that haven’t are getting cleaned and prepared for their next lives. This is a terrible problem that we have never had to face before and all you need to help.”


The Supreme Kai shook his pastel purple head sadly, his white hair moving from side to side, “Then what are we waiting here for? We need to get all the messengers out.”

“He’s right,” voiced South Kai. “We all need to dispatch them to round up all the Saiya-jin souls that are floating about in heaven.”

“And,” the East Kai continued, “we need to pull all the souls out of the cleaner, reverse the process and replace all of the of the souls that have been reborn with others that are ready.”

North Kai frowned, his halo tipping to the side as he puzzled this over. “How many souls are we talking about? And does it include those killed later on?”

King Yemma shook his head, “No, it only includes the people that blew up with the planet and the ones that were killed on board Frieza’s ship right before that time.”

“Well, that means that Goku stays,” concluded the Grand Kai.

“It also means that he is going to continually get more and more depressed as he is stuck here forever.” North Kai muttered darkly.

“What do you mean?” asked South Kai.

North Kai waved the question away, “Nothing, other than the fact that he wants to go back to Earth and see certain warriors.”


King Yemma nodded, knowing all about what was going on. It was written in the deed book after all. In fact, the circumstances insured that Vegeta would come here when he died instead of to the Home For Infinite Losers, or the HFIL.

“Anyway,” North Kai went on, “ Turles, Nappa and Raditz can’t come back either and try to destroy Earth again.”

“Yes, well, that is always a good thing,” laughed King Yemma.

“Are we going to do this or not?” asked the East Kai in annoyance.

“Or course we are! We have twenty minutes remaining. Come on let’s go.” King Yemma stood and they all followed him out of the room to start the major task of preventing the situation from getting out of control.




By some miracle, all of the reborn Saiya-jin souls had been recalled and replaced. All of the remaining ones had been gathered and pulled out of the cleaning chamber with five minutes left to spare. Spread out before King Yemma and the six Kai’s were about one and a half billion Saiya-jins in light blue spirit form. They were all hopping around like little children, their voices high pitched and hyper. Even the ones that had been in hell were there. King Yemma had had to politely ask for all of the souls there to come up here. It was easy to see which ones those were for they were red and not light blue. Now all the leaders had to do was send them all back to Vegeta-sei, even as some of them disappeared on their own.


King Yemma frowned as yet another soul blinked out, knowing that he and the others had to take charge to make sure that everything worked out the way it should. “Okay everyone. Are you all ready?”
“Of course,” replied South Kai. “We’ve been ready.”

“Good, everyone take their places at the portal and make sure that everyone gets through.”


After everyone was in place, King Yemma turned to all the souls and explained the situation to them. “It seems that someone has made it possible for you all to come back to life and live again as Saiya-jins within thirty minutes.”

All of the blue souls became even more hyper, if that was possible and started jumping around even more. King Yemma sighed and continued, “Now, all of you will enter bodies that aged during this time and some of you may die if you are too old. Planet Vegeta-sei was brought back so everything looks the same as it did the day that you died. Except that it was enhanced with more vegetation and animals. Now, if you all would calmly pass through the portal, it will take you to Planet Vegeta-sei.”


Five minutes later all of the souls that hadn’t already disappeared, passed through the portal. As soon as the souls were all gone, King Yemma faced the others and thanked them, telling them all that he would watch over circumstances until he was sure everything was working out like it was supposed to or he needed help.

North Kai sighed, “Unfortunately, now I have more people to look after. Beings that are very powerful warriors and like blowing things up. Who was it that was powerful enough to do this anyway?”

King Yemma sighed and the Grand Kai frowned, “Whoever it was they had enough power to bring the people back with their original bodies, ageing like they had never died in the first place And you all know it is impossible to bring back a body that was incinerated more than thirty years ago. Much less the original one.”


“This may mean,” King Yemma supplied, “that the universe could be faced with a terror that it had never seen the likes of before. I fear that if this is true, there is no one powerful enough to stop him.”

All of the Kai’s looked grim as they separated, going back to their planets and warriors in order to think things over and try to make plan against the impending doom.

Before they left hearing range however, King Yemma and the Supreme Kai heard the West Kai say to the North Kai, “I bet that Pikehan could beat the guy.”

North Kai laughed, “Ha! No way, Goku will!”

“Goku’s dead.”
“So’s Pikehan.”

“Pikehan would’ve beaten him so bad, he woul…”


As they moved out of hearing range, King Yemma said to the Supreme and Grand Kai, “It might not be such a bad idea to bring them back to life as soon as we discover if there is a threat or not. It’s too bad that we can’t.”
Supreme Kai nodded, “You’re probably right. It is too bad”








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