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Chapter 3


~ On Vegeta-sei ~


As soon as Vegeta entered the room, the alien on the throne stood and began to walk towards him. “Hello Vegeta. Long time no see.”


Vegeta looked at the alien, his expressionless face hiding his confusion and surprise to find someone here. “Who are you and how do you know me?”

“I’ve known about you for a long time now. When I heard that your planet had been brought back I knew that you would be here.  I absolutely love your snails here, how could I ever decline the opportunity to taste them again?” The alien brought up a snail, in one of his four hands to his mouth, below where his nose would’ve been and slurped the snail right out of its shell. The alien briefly closed all of the eyes that wrapped around his forehead, and savored the flavor. He looked at the shell and tossed it aside to reside with all the other empty shells and said, “Hmm… They struggle a bit too much though. However, they are delightful just the same.

“Look, whoever you are, I did not give you permission to land on my planet and start eating my snails. I also did not give you rights to enter my thrown room! I demand that you leave right this moment!”


The alien looked at him amused, “Oh, I do not think so, my little prince. You see, I did not come all this way just to leave and I do not think that you can stop me from being here.”

“Little! I am the strongest warrior alive! How dare you defy and provoke me. I will teach you not…”


The alien broke in, “Really Vegeta, even I did not think that you would be so stupid as to threaten me. We both know that I am stronger than you. Especially now that you are helpless and can’t defend yourself.”


“I am far from being defenseless! You’ll pay for…”

“Ah, ah, ah, none of that now. I have a proposition for you.”

“I care not of your little proposition. I want you out and now! You are trespassing in my palace and I will not have it! Be gone you insect!”

“Oh, do excuse me my little prince. My name is Lord Cronos. You will call me nothing but that from now on. Now say it or I will squash you, put you under a rock, and eat you with my bread tomorrow morning!”


Vegeta snorted and crossed his arms over his chest while wrapping his tail tighter around his waist. “You are a loon if you think that I am going to call you that.”

“No Vegeta. I am quite sane and I am serious also. You will call me that because in a few minutes you will be my property.”

Vegeta’s tail bristled and he hissed out, “What makes you think that I am ever going to be a slave to you?”
Lord Cronos smirked and came closer, dwarfing Vegeta by two feet and bent down, “Because your honor and your duty as the prince of your people will make you accept my proposition.

Vegeta backed up discreetly and returned the smirk, “Oh?”


Cronos straightened and looked amusedly at the little prince. “I have a deal to make with you and I think that you will want to take it very seriously if I know you. And I think that I do, oh yes.” His grin was purely evil and filled with so much malicious intent that anyone other than Vegeta would have trembled.

“Fine, out with it, because I have better things to do than listen to you,” growled Vegeta.


Cronos’ eyes flashed as he grinned, reveling three rows of sharp pointed teeth. He got about two inches from Vegeta, drew up his hand and slapped Vegita across the face so hard that he flew against the marble wall, causing it to crack.

Vegeta clutched his stomach protectively with one arm, supporting himself up on the other and looked up at this… demon thing, as Cronos flashed his teeth once more and continued to speak.

“Very well, Vegeta, the first thing that I am going to teach you is to never talk that way to me. I like your spirit and I will let this insolence go for now. Keep in mind that if you are ever impudent to me again, I will have to teach you a lesson ten times harsher than even Frieza could ever come up with.”


Vegeta glowered at him, but didn’t say anything, as he briefly remembered a “lesson” that he had been taught by Frieza when he was fifteen years old.




~ Frieza’s Ship 20 Years Ago ~


“Vegeta what did you just say?” Frieza asked, his eyes narrowed and daring the boy to continue.

Vegeta glared back at the one before him and then spat out, “I said, Frieza, that I refuse to do anymore of your dirty work. I do not like taking orders from you and I refuse to do anything else that you tell me to do. You’ll have to kill me first.”

Frieza shook his head as if pained by Vegeta’s words, “That, my little weakling, can be arranged.” Frieza turned to the guard at his side and gestured toward Vegeta, “Give him the Tail Treatment in Cell Block B, Cell Tor31ture.”

The guards eyes widened, “But Lord Frieza, are you sure that…”

“Of course I am sure!” Frieza hissed dangerously.

The guard nodded meekly and began backing away when Frieza stopped him, “I will be administrating the punishment myself. I expect everything to be ready for me when I get there.”

The guard bowed and then ran from the room and the wrath of the tyrant that he feared to receive.


“Vegeta, when I am through with you, you will never disobey or talk back to me again. As of today, I will crush your spirit.”

Vegeta just looked defiantly at him and followed Frieza out of the room.




The next five hours were very painful for Vegeta. Turns out Frieza knew exactly what he was doing and the punishment that Vegeta went through changed him for the rest of the time that he was on the ship, for fear of it being done again. Not that it really mattered. After the “treatment,” Vegeta wouldn’t have been able to feel it if Frieza repeated the process. So Vegeta behaved for the fear that Frieza would do something else to him that was far worse.

Although, what could be worse than what Frieza did that day was beyond the young boy’s imagination.




When the two of them appeared in the proper cell on the ship, Frieza chained Vegeta to a torture rack on his stomach. As soon as Vegeta was properly pinned, he turned to the tall, mouth less, orange alien that usually dealed with the torture process and ordered, “Take off his clothes and ready him for the treatment.”
The aliens eyes flashed and he nodded, responding telepathically into Frieza’s mind, <Yes, sir. I will have him ready right away.>

While Frieza waited off to the side, the alien used one of his sharp nails to quickly cut Vegeta’s clothes into segments on his body and then proceeded to strip him of the pieces, until he lay naked on the rack.


Frieza licked his lips and eyed Vegeta with satisfaction, “Ah, good. You may go. I wish to administer his punishment myself.”

The alien nodded, <Yes, master.> With a bow, the alien left the room.

As soon as the alien was gone, Frieza looked over at Vegeta and smirked. He went closer to the prone, helpless young man on the rack and hissed in his face, “You know what I am going to do to you? I am going to make you wish that you never pissed me off. You value your pride? Well, after this, you won’t have any. The pride that you do have will just be a guise because you will remember this moment for the rest of your life. This moment will serve to prove to you that you are not as powerful as you think you are and that there will always be others out there stronger than you.”


Vegeta looked at the alien with defiant eyes that hid the fear he was feeling. He knew that this was not a good situation that he was in and he would be lucky to live through it.

Frieza smirked, “Enjoy your last moments of confidence Vegeta.” Frieza gave him a smile that was so evil it rivaled the Demon King and paced over to the shelf on the wall, picked up various tools and walked back to Vegeta.

He then told Vegeta what he was going to do. “You see all of these?” he asked. “I am going to use them on you. Is there anything you want to say before we begin?”
Vegeta’s eyes flashed with anger, “You will never break me!”
Frieza chucked evilly, “We’ll see about that Vegeta.”


Frieza proceeded to put all of the instruments that he was caring on the tray beside the torture rack and picked out a fork. With a sadistic smile directed at Vegeta, he straightened out Vegeta’s tail and then brought the fork down.

Vegeta’s cry could be heard throughout the ship. People all over stopped working for a moment to face the direction the sound was coming from, curious as to what was causing it, while at the same time even the coldest hearts stopped from the fierce pain that they heard in the long scream.


Frieza’s eyes flashed harshly, and he peered down at the figure withering on the rack before him. It was easy to see that Vegeta was in a lot of pain from the way that his eyes watered and the sounds that he made. If Freiza wasn’t so cruel, he might have stopped what he was doing at the sound. As it was, he just smirked and raised the meat cleaver that he had ready beside him.


At the sight of what Frieza had in his hand, Vegeta tried to jerk his tail away, but the immense pain of the fork holding his tail to the rack stopped him as he cried out once more. Then Frieza brought the cleaver down and Vegeta knew no more.




Vegeta was rudely awaked to icy cold water on his face and his hair being pulled. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Freiza, looming over him, bloody cleaver in hand. At the sight of the blood, Vegeta became aware that he could no longer feel anything from his tail other than a very sharp pain that wouldn’t go away.

At the feeling, he cried out once more, but Frieza clapped a hand over his mouth and hissed out, “Silence. No more screams out of you until I actually do something. I didn’t wake you up just to hear you scream before I want you too.”

Vegeta eyes, filled with pain, widened and he clamped his teeth down on Frieza’s fingers. 


Frieza roared with pain and anger, snatching his hand away, and slapping Vegeta hard with the other. “How dare you, you dirty monkey! Just for that, I am going to make your punishment even worse.”

Frieza threw the bloody clever back down on the rack, and then picked up a dull knife. Turning around, he hissed at Vegeta, “This is it. Say goodbye to you precious tail.”


Frieza wasted no time in gripping the crushed, bloody remains of Vegita’s tail in one hand and the knife in the other and then proceeding to cut above the fork, just at the base of the tail. Frieza grinned as Vegeta let out another scream, his back arching off of the torture rack.


After cutting the tail into six strips in such away that the bone was located in one piece, muscle another, sinew and skin a separate, and so on. You could see all of the make-ups of Vegeta’s tail after Frieza’s expert cuts, the blood pooling around the pieces and falling off the torture rack, onto the floor.


Vegeta shut his eyes in relief from the pain, as the nerves were cut and he could no longer feel his tail and the immense pain. Vegeta opened his eyes again when he sensed that Frieza was done, and was met by another sadistic smile.

“I love hearing you scream little prince. Although I think that you might not be able to feel your tail now that I cut all of the nerves. So, we are going to go on to the next part.

With a quick slice, Frieza cut off Vegeta’s tail at the base and removed the fork. Holding the tail up, he allowed Vegeta to see it.


At the sight of his mangled tail, Vegeta grimaced and closed his eyes once more, in hopes of blocking out the sight. It was really terrible what Frieza had done to the appendage, and it hurt knowing that he no longer had a tail.

Frieza nodded in enjoyment and surveyed his handy work. “Okay Vegeta, time for the next part. You are going to love this.”


Vegeta knew full well that he wouldn’t like this at all, but there wasn’t anything that he could do about it as Frieza hoisted him up off the rack and chained him to the wall. Too weak still from the earlier torture, Vegeta’s knees buckled as he almost fell to the floor, only stopped by the chains on his wrists.


As soon as he had Vegeta where he wanted him, Frieza raised the tail, gripping it by the middle where the fork had been, with the mangled part curled in his fist. He positioned himself behind Vegeta and said softly just before proceeding, “We’re going to see just how well Saiya-jin tails are for whipping. Surprised that I didn’t bother to find out before now.”


When Frieza brought the tail down like a whip, Vegeta clenched his mouth tight against the pain of his tail being used against him, as the bone sliced into his back.

Frieza caught on after a few lashes that a tail was not a good tool to use for a whip someone. Everything was too soft, except for the bone that left interesting square looking marks behind. If Frieza wanted to cause a lot of pain and bring out more blood than he was at the moment, he would have to use a real whip.


Sighing with disappointment, Frieza went back over to the torture rack and put the whip down, then walk over to a shelf and picked out a nice cat-o-nine tails whip. Stretching it between his hands, he paced back over to Vegeta and grinned, “Let’s see how long you can stand up to two hundred lashing.” With an evil smile, he brought the whip down, counting off the strokes in his cold voice.


Vegeta lost count at thirty-seven when he could no longer feel the lashes of the whip on his bare back. All he could hear was the slicing of the air and the whip when it connected with a sickening wet ‘smack’. And then Frieza whipped him lower on his back, harder than ever, and with a cry, Vegeta blacked out.




When he awoke, he was floating in a pale green liquid substance. Before him, was a room, filled with technical equipment and he knew that he was in a rejuvenation tank. There were weird looking aliens walking about the room and occasionally one went to check up on other patients in the room. Finally, one came in his direction and checked the machine. When the alien saw that the light was green, he nodded and pushed a button to drain the tank.


Once the liquid was gone, the front of the tank opened and Vegeta wearily steeped out. He looked about him and his eyes finally settled on the alien that had let him out. “What am I doing in here?” he demanded.

The alien had been taking care of Vegeta’s injuries ever since he had first arrived on the ship, ten years ago, and was far too used to Vegeta’s attitude to be intimidated by him. Vegeta may have surpassed him in power three years ago at the age of twelve, but that didn’t mean anything to the doctor.


The alien looked at Vegeta closely with his shining reptilian opaque eyes, “You are in the medical lab. Where else would you be?”
Vegeta sighed as he sat down an the steps leading down to the floor, “I didn’t think that Frieza would put me here.”

The alien shook his head at the comment, “Nonsense Vegeta. Your Frieza’s top fighter. If he let you die, it would do a lot of damage to his army. You know that.”

Vegeta nodded but replied bitterly, “Then why did he almost kill me?”

The alien shook his head, “Vegeta, you need to learn that you can’t disobey Frieza. This is what happens when you do. Although, what you did must have been even worse than before because usually he just hits you. What did you do to make him so angry?”

Vegeta was silent and the alien finally continued, “Just be more careful Vegeta. You know that you can always talk to me if you need to.” He stopped and observed the dejected form before him and in an attempt to cheer him up said, “At least he let you keep your tail. He even let me fix up you back with a cream I made so that you won’t have any scars.”

Vegeta looked up at him sharply and ignoring the commit about his back, jumped to the point. “My tail? What do you mean? Frieza pounded it into a pulp, cut it up, and then cut if off.”

The alien winced, “I know. I saw what it looked like when Frieza’s aid dropped you and your tail off. It was a mess to be sure. I didn’t know how to fix it. Can you feel it?”
Vegeta considered this and finally shook his head, “I can barley feel it. I can move it, but I’ve lost control of where it goes, now that I can’t feel it.”
The alien sighed, “I thought that would be the case. I’m sorry Vegeta. I had to sew it back together, treat it with a formula of mine to heal it and then I sewed it back on to your sump. I hoped that it would heal. I suppose the damage was too great for even the tank to fix. The only thing that I can suggest is to try and get used to it. At least you still have it.”

Vegeta snorted and focused on wrapping his tail about his waist before standing and pacing out of the room.




After that torture incident, Frieza decided that if Vegeta couldn’t stay awake for more than forty-three lashes, then he needed practice. So began the sessions where Frieza would whip Vegeta till he passed out and then have him placed in a tank to heal.

With Dr. Bordure’s cream, Vegeta’s back healed without scars and he was ready for more whipping within two days.


With the treatments, Vegeta’s power level rose greatly from being brought to the brink of death so often. Frieza didn’t realize that the beating were the cause of this rise and continued with the practice until he felt that Vegeta’s tolerance of pain was acceptable.

During the seven months that this went on, Vegeta was only spared from the beatings when he was sent on purge missions. This treatment and the previous torture, contributed to the reason that Vegeta hated Frieza so much and why he was never able to feel his tail anymore. Although he was able to get used to moving it, he never forgave Frieza for ruining it. When it was cut off by Krillin years later it wasn’t much of a loss, although he never forgave him either.




~ Present day on Vegeta-sei ~


Vegeta finally came back to the present and faced Cronos, “I don’t think you can manage that.”

Cronos raised an eyebrow as he watched Vegeta rise from the floor, “Really? Did Frieza really torture you so badly that there is no way I can match it?”
Vegeta snickered, “No. I just don’t think that you can do so.”
Cronos looked at him and smirked, “We’ll see about that Vegeta. I’ll find someway. You’ll see. And now, if you are done resting, I will tell you my proposition now.”


Vegeta wrapped his tail about his waist tighter, briefly for once realizing just how much he appreciated being able to feel his tail again and faced Cronos, crossing his arms over his chest and looking at him indifferently. ‘If he hits me again…’

Cronos nodded, “Anyway Vegeta, the reason that I came was not to put up with your attitude. It was to offer you something that no one else can. For a price of course.”
Vegeta continued to just look at him and Cronos continued after a moment. “This is the deal Vegeta. I’ll bring all of the Saiya-jins back to life, if you become my slave.”

Vegeta dropped his arms to his side and stormed toward the alien, his face enraged. “How dare you mock and lie to me!” he raged.

Cronos was unmoved and bared his teeth at him, “I am serious Vegeta and you are once more testing my patience.”


Vegeta stopped his advance, unsure of what to believe. It was simply too good to be true that his people could be brought back. ‘If this is real, then the cost is my freedom.’ Vegeta didn’t like that at all, but he knew that the alien had been right. He couldn’t allow his pride to get in the way. He had to do this because of his duty as the prince of his people.


Cronos smiled when he saw the change in Vegeta, “So, you are really going to be my slave for the rest of your life? Or are you going to say no?”

Vegeta’s eyes flashed, “What joke are you playing?”
“No joke. I can and will bring them back to life, if I have your word that you will be my slave.”


Vegeta’s pride screamed at him to say no, but no matter what his mind told him, he knew that he had to do the right thing and came to his decision, “I will be your slave, but you have to bring my people back first, and wait for eight years.”

Cronos frowned, “Fine, I will bring your people back. But I will not wait for seven years. I will only wait for six.”

“Seven, and that’s my final offer.”

Cronos growled, “Fine. I bring your people back right now and in seven years, you become my slave for the rest of your life.”

Vegeta, determined not to show how upset he was, nodded, “I only do this for my people.”

“But of course. After all, who in their right mind would want to be a slave for the rest of their life?” Cronos looked around for another snail to eat and didn’t find one. Disappointed, he turned toward the entrance and tossed a, “Come with me,” over his shoulder as he disappeared out of the room.


Defeated, Vegeta followed him out into the courtyard and watched with detached interest as Cronos lifted himself up into the air and raised his hands above his head.





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