Warning: This story contains graphic sex between a seventeen and a twenty-one year old.

Series: Dragonball Z

Pairings: Gohan and Piccolo

Is there a plot in this lemon? Yes, there is. I would never write something that didn’t have a plot.

Summary: Piccolo is dared to go naked into public and Gohan has to rescue him after he is taken captive.

This story was an answer to a challenge that I came across. This is the link to it on ff.net http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=594062 That is, if anyone wants to read the original page.


The Challenge:

1) Use the title, All Tied Up

2) Has to be lemon (yuri/yaoi is just fine! :P)

3) All characters have to be in character as much as possible

4) No cuffs/ropes allowed (be creative)

5) All combinations allowed (preferably no incest, but if you follow the rules carefully you stand an even chance)

6) The ages of the ‘sex-having’ characters must be 16+

7) Use at least one or more of the following things
- peanut butter
- feather duster
- duck tape


All Tied Up

Written by Nevyn Slash: email address [email protected]


"Piccolo, I dare you to go out nude in public. In fact, I bet you that you are too chicken to do it."

Piccolo looked at the bald human as if he had grown a second head. "Go nude in public? What is this nonsense? I thought you said that you weren't going to make me do anything worse than eating peanut butter. In fact, your words were, 'Come on Piccolo. It will be fun! I promise that you won't have to do anything too extreme. Except eat peanut butter. But that shouldn't be a problem, right?' Now, you want me to go out in public nude? I refuse." Piccolo crossed his arms and scowled at him as fiercely as he could. The look was ruined though by the smear of peanut butter on his nose that Gohan put there when Piccolo was dared to eat a jar of the stuff. He hadn't eaten two spoonfuls before Goku snatched away the jar and ate the rest.

Gohan laughed at the way his mentor was acting. "Come on Piccolo. You said that you would play truth or dare with us. It's not our fault that you choose dare both times that the bottle landed on you."

Piccolo turned his glare to include Gohan and the bottle that was still pointing at him from the middle of the group. "The bottle is rigged."

Yamcha grinned. "You’re just a poor sport. Be glad that we aren't using the bottle to play 'spin the bottle.' Then you'd really be in trouble."

Piccolo's green cheeks turned a light shade of purple as he glared at bottle, causing it to blow up with his eyebeams. "There, no more bottle. Game over." Everyone ducked as the pieces of glass flew at them from all directions and embedded themselves in the trees nearby.

Vejita looked aggravated. "Listen Namek. I am upset over this game as well, but I haven’t obliterated anything, yet. If you’re going to have an attitude and be a wuss about it, then you can just leave."

Piccolo glowered at the Saiya-jin prince, who glared right back at him. "I'm not a wuss."

"Could've fooled me," Vejita coolly replied.

Piccolo regarded all of the ones around him briefly. The bald, short human, Krillin, was the one that had issued the challenge to him in the first place. It was Krillin's fault that Piccolo now had to decide on what course of action to take. The one sitting next to Krillin was Yamcha on his right, his long hair framing his amused face. Next to Yamcha was Tien, with all three eyes looking at him. Chou-Su was peering at him from his perch on Tien's shoulder. He was trying hard not to laugh, covering his small white face with his hands. Beside them sat Vejita. He was sitting apart from the group, a scowl on his face. Goku was sitting next to Vejita, smiling reassuringly at Piccolo, and trying to ignore the tail that was crawling up his leg. Finally, there was Gohan sitting next to him, looking at his mentor with trusting and proud eyes.

Piccolo sighed, and prepared himself for the argument he would have to face after he informed the others of his refusal. Just then, Chichi, Juuhachi, and Bulma approached them. They had been drawn by the commotion caused by the bottle breaking; in the clearing, they discovered the other Z warriors sitting around a scowling Namek-jin.

Chichi took in Piccolo's scowling face and all the others trying not to laugh, and brushed her dark hair away from her eyes as she addressed them. "What is going on over here?" she asked.

Bulma smirked. "Isn't it obvious? They want Piccolo to do something that he doesn't want to do."

Piccolo glared at the blue haired woman. "They want me to go out naked in public."

The blonde haired cyborg crossed her arms and looked at him intently. "Please tell me that you aren't afraid of a little public exposure."

"Unless of course, you have something to hide," Chichi put in.

Piccolo's face flushed. "No. I simply refuse to-"

"Nope, can't refuse." Goku laughed. "If you want to refuse, you have to do it at the beginning of the dare or not at all."

Piccolo couldn't believe what he was hearing. They were all against him. With a growl, he began to push himself up, getting ready to leave. Suddenly, the women tackled him to the ground after Bulma issued an unspoken command. Piccolo tried desperately to push them off as Bulma, Chichi and the android started to undress him.

The men looked on in amusement, watching the display that the three women were making. The whole scene looked… weird. Piccolo was beneath it all, struggling, bouncing up and down, with the women on top. All in all, the scene looked very suggestive.

Deciding that this was going nowhere rapidly, all but Vejita decided to help. Vejita sat away from all the commotion, watching the scene with amusement. The men got organized and held down Piccolo's limbs as the women quickly tore the clothes free.

As soon as Piccolo was undressed, they all stepped away from the disgruntled man as he pushed himself to his feet. They all were looking at him in amazement and Piccolo didn't like it. "What? Have none of you ever seen a naked Namek before?" he asked, annoyed.

Chichi smirked. "No. It's not that. I just thought that Nameks were asexual."

Piccolo huffed. "We are. However, that doesn't mean that we can't produce our eggs through other means as well. And now, if you don't mind, I am going to get dressed."

Before the Namek-jin could focus on the technique of making clothes however, a strong hand gripped his arm. Piccolo glared at his capture and asked, "What do you want?"

Goku grinned at him as he gestured to all the others to join hands. "I am taking you into public now."

Piccolo was aghast. "What! You can't do that! I-"

His statement was cut off as Goku used his instant teleportation technique to plop them all right in the middle of Orange City during rush hour. Piccolo could feel his cheeks burn as he noticed all the looks that his nudity was getting.

Yamcha grinned at Piccolo and said, "Now that we are here, you have to stay like this for five minutes and walk around."

Piccolo growled at the spiky haired human. "Now you go too far."

"No he doesn't, Piccolo," Tien cut in. "A dare is a dare and you have to complete it."

"Oh, and you have to hit on someone." Everyone looked at Bulma with amusement. Well, all of them save for Piccolo who looked like he was about to kill her.

"You can't add things!" he complained.

"I didn't," replied Bulma defensively. "If you had ever played this game, you would know that making you do other things in the act of the dare is perfectly reasonable."

Yamcha leaned towards Tien, Chou-Su, and Krillin and asked them in a whisper, "What twisted version is Bulma playing?"

Krillin shrugged. "Don't know, but it sounds a lot more interesting than the original game."

Tien nodded. "Yeah. Who knew that you could add to the dare? Should we add something to it too?"

Yamcha shook his head. "No. Piccolo would blow a fuse."

They turned to look at Piccolo as he spoke. "Whom do you want me to hit on?" he asked in a grumpy voice.

Everyone decided to torture him and began to look at all the people in contemplation. Finally, Juuhachi turned to the others. "Why don't I randomly pick someone in the crowd coming this way. I'll have my eyes closed."

"That's a great idea!" exclaimed Chichi.

"Okay. Let’s see." Juuhachi closed her eyes and spun in a circle as she raised her hand and randomly pointed to someone in the crowd.

Piccolo paled at the choice, feeling even more naked than before. Juuhachi opened her eyes when she heard snickers and looked in the direction she was pointing. With a smirk very similar to Vejita's, she crossed her arms and stepped back to stand with the others.

Piccolo could do nothing but stare at the choice as it slowly moved closer and closer to him. At last, Krillin pushed him forward. "Go on Piccolo. Give him some of your Namek charm."

"What are you afraid of Greenbean?" goaded Vejita.

Piccolo glared at him. "Someday Vejita, you are going to get yours." He turned his glare to include the rest of them. "All of you will."

Yamcha shook his head. "Yeah, yeah. Stop stalling."

"And make sure that it looks believable," called Bulma as Piccolo moved glumly off.

Almost everyone watched intently as Piccolo walked towards the man that Juuhachi had picked. Vejita and Juuhachi just looked bored with the whole situation.

As Piccolo walked, he tried to think of all the things he knew about hitting on people. He knew absolutely nothing about the subject. Never before had he seen anyone do so either. Not even Yamcha. It was pointless to even look to them for help on the matter. Juuhachi was already with Krillin. Vejita with Goku and Yamcha with Bulma. Chichi, Tien and Chou-Su didn't want anyone presently and Gohan was only 17 and wasn’t interested in anyone that Piccolo was aware of.

Cursing his luck at getting picked for this, Piccolo walked up to the old bald guy wearing a purple turtle shell. Putting on his best smile, which resembled a grimace more than anything, Piccolo said, "Umm… Sir. What's a… umm… nice looking guy doing out here all by yourself?"

The old man didn't hear a thing Piccolo said for he was distracted by Piccolo's nude state. Piccolo glared at him and barked, "Answer me old man! I don't have all day!"

"Patience Piccolo. You don't have to yell. I can hear you just fine," Master Roshi said, looking Piccolo up and down.

Piccolo felt uneasy already with all the looks that he was getting from the general public and now this man was checking him out. He strongly wanted to just disappear.

"My, my. Don't you look fine," muttered Master Roshi to himself, but loud enough for Piccolo's sensitive hearing to hear.

"I thought you were only interested in girls?" grumbled Piccolo.

Master Roshi resumed his staring as he answered. "Nah. You all just thought that."

Piccolo raised an eye ridge at that thought. "Then why do you never look at male pictures? Only females? And why do you never drool… over…" Piccolo trailed off as he noticed the trail of drool coming out of Roshi's mouth.

Master Roshi grinned toothy at him. "Well, you don't think I'd let too many people know that, do you?" He quickly looked around and then pulled a roll of duct tape from inside the shell on his back. Faster than Piccolo thought he could move, Roshi approached him and began to wrap the duct tape around him.

Piccolo was too shocked to do anything until his arms were wrapped up. "What are you doing?" he cried.

Master Roshi didn't look up as he continued to wrap Piccolo up in the tough material. "Just wrapping you up so I can take you home with me. I can't wait to see what you've got."

Piccolo smirked as he began to raise his ki level. "These bonds won't hold for long."

Master Roshi finished what he was doing and smirked slyly at the Namek. "Sure they will. I designed them myself for an occasion such as this. Nothing can take that tape off other than a special solution that I discovered. Now, you are coming home with me. In a moment, you will be my new sexy play thing." After saying this, Master Roshi picked up Piccolo with amazing strength and started to high tail it down the street.




Meanwhile the others were watching the exchange between the two and when Roshi started to wrap up Piccolo, they didn't know what to think.

Krillin rubbed his head and asked, "Why doesn't he get out of that?"

Gohan frowned as the others began to laugh at the scene of Roshi running off down the street with a protesting silver and green mummy. "I don't know, but it isn't funny."

"Course it is, brat," stated Vejita with a smirk. "Just look at them."

Gohan growled. “No one is going to take my mentor away - especially him!” Gohan scowled at the prince, and then frowned as Master Roshi turned a corner and disappeared with the tied up Namek-jin. The others couldn't help their barely suppressed amusement and broke out into laughter.

Gohan growled at them and with a snarl, he took off after the old man and swore to himself, “When I catch him, I’ll yank out his white beard.”

The others were laughing too hard and didn't notice Gohan’s departure. As soon as he was off, Gohan wasted no time and immediately started thinking of ways to make the old hentai pay for taking off with his teacher.

Gohan was so deep in thought that he didn't notice the others calming down enough to watch him for a moment before linking hands once again and disappearing with Goku.




Piccolo was thinking of ways to disembowel the others for getting him into this mess, and ways to get free. He really didn't want to think of what was going to happen to him. He growled and tried to break the tape but found that it still resisted the strength of his arms and struggles.

Roshi cackled gleefully. "I'll have so much fun later. Why are you naked like this?" Roshi asked the green man that was held over his shoulder.

The Namek-jin snarled. "It was a damn dare!" he almost roared.

Roshi just laughed. "Well, I have to say that I like the dare," the old man replied as they reached the outskirts of Orange City.




Fed up with the chase, Gohan put on an extra burst of speed and landed in front of Master Roshi and Piccolo on the outskirts of the city. Crossing his arms over his chest, he glared at the old master and said with barely suppressed patience, "Master Roshi, I demand to have my mentor back."

Roshi smirked slyly. "I'm not done with Piccolo yet. Come back in a few days."

Gohan glared and started to advance angrily on the old master. "What are you going to do to stop me from taking Piccolo back?" he snarled. If he had a tail, it would've been puffed up and lashing from side to side in anger.

Roshi put Piccolo carefully on the ground, and pulled a dart gun loaded with a little blue vial, from out of the shell on his back. "You see what this is Gohan? Bulma gave me this fluid when I told her that I had trouble sleeping at night. I took the medicine and loaded the dart gun. Now I can use it to take girls home with me. Of course, if Bulma knew what I was doing with it, she wouldn't keep supplying me with some each month. It might keep Vejita down for a few hours. It can keep a regular human down for a day and a half. Just imagine what it could do to you!"

Gohan glared, then smirked. "What makes you think you can hit me? I was able to dodge Cell's every attack and he was a lot stronger and faster than you are."

Roshi grinned sadistically. "You won't be able to see this." He then pushed the trigger and faster than Gohan could see, the dart embedded itself in his arm.

Instantly, Gohan began to see double and the world swam before his eyes as he fell into darkness.



~Five hours later~


Gohan awoke feeling very groggy. Grasping his spinning head, he sat up slowly to find himself in a jail cell. Looking around he could see five other men in the cell, one of them looking at him with a licentious glint in his eyes.

Gohan shivered under the look and immediately adverted his gaze to the man nearest him. "What am I doing here?" he asked.

The man raised an eyebrow at him, his blue eyes dancing with mirth. "You tell me. I'm not the naked one here."

Gohan eyes widened as he looked at the man in disbelief, and then down at himself. As soon as his saw his naked form, he clasped his hands over himself and his face turned pink. You could've cooked an egg on his forehead.

The others in the cell chuckled with glee at his embarrassment. Gohan's face brightened even more. With a groan, he sunk down onto a cot and tried to figure out what to do.

He could break out of the cell, but being the law-abiding citizen he was, but his morals wouldn't allow him to do such a thing. With a sigh, he decided that the best option for him at this point would be to wait for someone to bail him out.



~Four hours later~


Gohan looked up from the cards that he was playing with the other inmates in the cell with him as the door of the cell opened, and the face of an officer appeared at the bars. "Is there a Son Gohan in here?"

Gohan stood up from the game and approached the door, feeling the eyes of the horny man on his back as he walked. "Yes sir. That would be me. Is there a problem?"

The guard shook his head, looking behind Gohan towards the inmate that was making Gohan nervous. "No, there is not a problem. But there may have been one if you had stayed in here a little longer than you have."

Gohan knew what the guard was talking about and looked back at the man that was still studying him. "I... umm…"

"You don't have to say a word. Your bail has been paid. You are free to go."

Gohan raised an eyebrow in question at that as he walked out of the cell. "Who bailed me out?"

The guard shrugged. "Some lady. I am just here to get the inmates out. Oh, and you may want to put on some clothes as soon as you can."

Gohan's cheeks flushed as he walked down the row of cells, feeling dozens of eyes on him. "Isn't there some clothing that you can let me borrow?"

"Nope. Sorry, sir," the guard replied, shaking his head as he reached the end of the hall and pulled out his keys.

Gohan groaned at the thought of what his mother would say when she found out about this. 'Course, she probably already knew and was no doubt waiting for him in the reception room of the police station. Unlike his dad, Gohan felt self-conscious when he was naked before others. It was the way that he was brought up. Instead of living by himself in the middle of nowhere like Goku had when he was younger, Gohan lived with his mom and that made all the difference.

The guard closed the door after Gohan stepped through it and he was free to walk to the waiting room on his own. As he went, he was once again aware of all the looks he was receiving. Unlike the looks the other criminals gave him however, these looks were those of disapproval.




Gohan finally reached the waiting room, dreading whom he would find within and hoping that it wouldn’t be his mother. There were only three other people in the room. A young man with short brown hair, a tall woman with weary dark eyes and a blue haired attractive woman.

As soon as Gohan entered, the three people in the room all turned to look at him. As soon as they saw that he was naked, their faces turned from expectation at seeing the people they were waiting for, to that of astonishment.

The blue haired lady rushed to him and pulled him after her out of the building and into the car waiting before the station. Once he was inside, he felt a lot better and not so exposed. Once Bulma got in the car she turned it on and demanded, “Gohan, what were you thinking? Going out into public naked! You should feel ashamed of yourself!”

Gohan lowered his head, his hands moving to cover himself once more. “It wasn’t my idea,” he mumbled. “Roshi knocked me out and I woke up in there like this.”

Bulma shook her heard. “Are you implying that Roshi took your clothes?”

Gohan nodded. “Yes. And he still has Mr. Piccolo.”

Bulma laughed. “That is the wildest thing I have ever heard. Why would Roshi knock you out and take your clothes? Sure, taking Piccolo is down right strange, but what you are suggesting is not even plausible.”

Gohan glowered at her. “Fine, don’t believe me. I don’t care. All I want to do is get my teacher back.”

Bulma nodded. “Understandable. You can go over there after you talk to your mom.”

Gohan looked at her, horrified. “What? I can’t see my mom like this!”

Bulma shrugged, “Your problem, not mine. You should not have been running around the city naked.”

“But I wasn’t…” Gohan trailed off, knowing that he wasn’t going to win the fight and looked out the window, missing the grin that flashed across Bulma’s face.




The talk with Chichi wasn’t uplifting at all. After thirty minutes of her ranting about how irresponsible he was, she made him go to his room and get dressed. Bulma wasn’t any help at all, having already finishing what she set out to do.

After Gohan disappeared miserably up the stairs, Chichi turned to Bulma. “Thank you again for bailing him out. After I was told he was in there, I didn’t know what to do.”

Bulma nodded in understanding. “I know. In addition, you were mad. Don’t you worry about paying me back, I was more than happy to help.”

Chichi hugged her friend tightly and smiled. “Great. Oh, and you’re coming to dinner soon. Right?”

Bulma nodded. “Sure. When?”

“Next weekend sound good to you? It will give me enough time to find Goku and Vejita and invite them also.”

Bulma laughed. “Good luck getting Vejita to come.”

Chichi shrugged. “He knows that there will be lots of food. What Saiya-jin could resist that?”

“Especially your food,” Bulma complimented. “You’re a wonderful cook.”

Chichi blushed slightly. “Why thank you, Bulma. See you tomorrow then?”

Bulma nodded. “Sure thing. Later Chichi.” With a final hug, Bulma walked out and waved before stepping into her car and driving off.




Meanwhile, Gohan had finished dressing and was now getting ready to leave in order to get his teacher back. Who knew what he was going through in the hands of that lecher? Armed with money, he flew out the window and headed toward the city.




Gohan walked out of the pink salon shop (a pink salon shop in Japan, are the places that sell pornography and are painted pink) with a bag containing five new comic books, all depicting lots of pictures of naked men and woman within the pages. With a smirk, he flew off in the direction of Kame House.




Gohan landed before the house of the turtle hermit on the small island and could hear the laughter of the old master. With a growl, Gohan pounded on the door and without waiting for a response, opened it and stepped into the room that was brightly lit with the light of the setting sun.

Following the sounds of the laughter, Gohan found his way to the back room. The smell of revulsion and maniacal happiness was seeped into the smell of his mentor and the old master. With another growl, Gohan tried the knob, and finding it locked, simply used his free hand to blast the door down, not in the mood for formality.

The sight of a naked old man sitting atop of Gohan’s equally naked master caused a snarl to arise within him and he stalked over to the pair lying atop the bed and stopped in confused surprise. Piccolo wasn’t wrapped up anymore.

Gohan frowned at the revelation and asked, “Piccolo, why are you still there if you aren’t tied up anymore?”

Piccolo glared at the teen from over Roshi’s shoulder and managed to pry his arms up. “Because of this!”
Gohan’s eyes widened and he whirled on the old man again. “Untie his wrists now. What kind of duct tape is that anyway?”
Roshi smirked. “It is a special kind, as Piccolo here has already discovered. It doesn’t come off easily, but at least it doesn’t hurt if you can get past the initial barrier. Since it is my tape, I know how to get it off. Piccolo however, is at my will until I am ready to let him go. Now, if you would kindly leave, we have some business to take care of here.”

Gohan watched in disbelief as Roshi bent over toward Piccolo again. When he was inches away from his teacher’s struggling body, Gohan held up the bag that he was carrying and said, “Master Roshi, can I make a trade with you?”

Master Roshi looked over at the teen, his bare chest reflecting the light of the setting sun coming in through the window and raised an eyebrow. “An exchange? For what?”
Gohan held out the bag and Roshi took it. Opening one of the books, he immediately started to drool. Gohan’s insides twisted at the sight and he forced himself to look steadily at the old turtle hermit. “I’ll give you all of those books in exchange for my teacher, my clothes and the removal of Piccolo’s bonds.”

Roshi put the book down and his eyes glowed with mischief. “Sounds fair to me.”

Gohan sighed with relief. “Then I can have my teacher back?”

Roshi nodded. “And your clothes. However, in order for Piccolo’s bonds to go, I need four more books.”

Gohan looked at him in surprise. “What? What are you talking about?”

Master Roshi ticked off the items on his fingers. “You asked me to give you Piccolo. That’s one. Your clothes include your tee shirt, boxers, pants, and socks and shoes. That’s four. Piccolo’s bonds include his two wrists and his ankles, making four. Therefore, you see, I need one comic book for each item. It’s only fair.”

Gohan’s eyes widened and then flashed dangerously. “You will give me all I asked for or no books.” After saying this he snatched the bag away.

Roshi’s eyes appeared disappointed for a moment and then he smirked. “Fine, but I won’t give you anything with an attitude like that.”

Gohan glowered and hastily replied before Roshi could turn his attention back to his teacher. “Alright. I’ll just remove the duct tape on my own. How hard can that be?” Master Roshi was really testing his patience.

Roshi nodded and got off of Piccolo, causing Gohan to look away as Master Roshi left the room. As soon as he was gone, Gohan went over to Piccolo’s side and asked, “Are you alright, Piccolo-san?

Piccolo nodded and sat up. “Took you long enough, ” he grumbled.

Gohan sighed. “Yes, well, I was in jail for four hours and then my mom yelled at me for thirty minutes. After that, I had to get the graphic novels. He didn’t do anything to you, did he?”

Piccolo shook his head. “No, I just woke up about thirty minutes ago. He spent the time ‘til you showed up teasing me.”

Gohan looked at him, questionably and Piccolo started to explain. “He knew that I wouldn’t cooperate if he removed the tape, so he decided that the best way to keep me from running off was to knock me out with the same stuff he used on you and then retie only my hands and feet after removing the original tape.”

Gohan grinned. “That was a pretty smart thing to do.”
Piccolo glowered at him. “Don’t you be getting any ideas.”

Gohan suddenly looked confused. “Why didn’t you just fly off?”

Piccolo huffed. “You try fending off someone long enough to get away without the use of your arms and legs.”

Gohan nodded. “Good point.”

Just then, a still naked Roshi walked in holding Gohan’s clothes.”

“There you are,” said Master Roshi, dumping the clothes on the bed. “Like I promised. Now, hand over the comics.”

Gohan handed them over and immediately Roshi dashed out of the room with them. When he was gone, Gohan retrieved his clothes and asked his teacher if he would be able to fly home.

Piccolo nodded. “Yes, Gohan. I can fly just fine.”
“Good, because the sooner I get you home and remove the tape, the better.” So saying, the two opened the window and flew off into the early evening.



On the way to Gohan’s house, Piccolo made himself new clothes. This was rather difficult because his arms were tied and he had to face his hands towards his chest at a rather strange angle. They tried everything they could think of to remove the tape. Now, they were sitting on the bed, Gohan brutally attacking the bonds with scissors, but to no effect. Frustrated, he threw them down on the bed and glared at the tape, sure that it was the spawn of the devil himself.

“It’s no use, Gohan. That tape is powered with Roshi’s ki. Only he can remove it.”

Gohan started in surprised and reached out with his mind, feeling the tape. “You’re right. I didn’t notice it before. So, how do we get it off?”

Piccolo frowned, feeling the tape as well. “It’s bound to wear off sometime. We could wait.”

Gohan smiled. “Charging the tape with his ki was a good idea to make it stronger.”

Piccolo nodded and began to rise. “Yes, it is. I have to go now Gohan.”

Gohan frowned. “I don-” he began and then stopped, embarrassed by what he almost let slip.

Piccolo looked at the boy intently. “What is it, Gohan?”

Gohan sighed and looked away, standing and crossing the room to his desk. “It’s nothing. You should go. Mom would be mad if she caught you here.”

Piccolo frowned, knowing full well that his pupil was hiding something from him. “Does it have anything to do about today, Gohan?” asked Piccolo, floating across the room to stand beside the boy.

Gohan nodded slightly, feeling the blood in his face burn.

Piccolo sounded annoyed as he asked, “Well? What is it, Gohan? Why were you so insistent on rescuing me when no one else was?

Gohan stood and put some distance between them as he decided not to beat around the bush and just say what he needed to say. “Piccolo, you’re probably not going to talk to me ever again. You probably will hate me and never want to see me again, but I have to tell you.”

Piccolo raised an eyebrow at that, amused by the dramatic way that his pupil was acting. He already knew what it was that Gohan was going to say. It was all too clear over the past years that Gohan was feeling different around him. From the way that Gohan acted and looked at him. It all spoke volumes to the passive and seemingly detached Namek. Now, seeing Gohan stutter with embarrassment, he couldn’t help feeling sorry for the teen. Floating across the room once more because he was unable to walk with tied feet, he stopped before Gohan who was still babbling.

“…I know that you probably will never think of me the same way again and I understand if-” Gohan stopped mid-sentence as the smell of a forest after the rain reached his nostrils and he knew right away that it was his teacher. Looking up, he was startled to see a slight smirk on Piccolo’s face as he leaned towards him.

“You don’t have to say anything Gohan. I know.”

Gohan looked at him with slight fear in his eyes. “You know? Oh Kami!” he exclaimed, covering his face with his hands.

Piccolo continued to smirk as he reached out with both hands and as much as he was able to with detained wrists, caught Gohan’s hands in his and removed them from his face. Gohan looked up into the mischievous eyes of his master before his eyes widened as he was pushed onto the bed.

Gohan looked at his mentor in shock. “Piccolo… what are you doing?”

Piccolo smirked. “Well, what are you going to do to make it up to me for having to wait this long for you to tell me how you feel?”

When Gohan didn’t respond and just continued to look at him in shock, he continued. “You could pay extra training time. Get me in better relation with your mom. Tell the others that I am really a very bad guy and that they shouldn’t trust me. Gather the Dragonballs.” He glanced down at his student, still pinned beneath him and his eyes widened slightly with surprise.

“Or,” said Gohan, wielding the feather duster he had placed on his bed that morning in order to dust his room, “I could do this!” With an evil grin, Gohan held the duster up and began to run it slowly atop of his master’s bare head.

Piccolo cursed his luck for not creating a hat when he had the time, and was unable to focus the mind power required to do so because of the torture his sensitive antenna were receiving from the teen.

Gohan flashed a devilish grin when he felt Piccolo’s grip loosen and he swiftly flipped them both over, never once halting the ministrations he was performing on Piccolo’s antenna. For a few more moments, he continued to make Piccolo squirm, fully aware that the feathers were ticking his poor teacher like crazy. Finally, he stopped and laid the feather duster to the side.

As soon as he was able, Piccolo glared at him and growled, “That was not what I meant!”

Gohan raised an eyebrow playfully and said, “What did you mean then?”

Piccolo was about to reply, but the soft pressure on his lips stopped him from being able to say anything. The unfamiliar feeling of soft lips against his startled him so much that he forgot to react to the kiss.

Gohan pulled away for a moment, long enough for Piccolo to better understand what was happening, and then when he moved to kiss Piccolo once more. Piccolo kissed back, making Gohan gasp softly at the feeling.

Inexperienced as he was, Piccolo quickly caught on, unaware that Gohan was just as inexperienced as he was on the arts of kissing another being, much less a male.

After a few moments, the kiss deepened, and Piccolo brought his two hands up to grasp Gohan’s hair tightly. As if on cue, Gohan broke the kiss long enough to straddle his teacher, his knees on either side of the prone body. Then, instead of reinitiating the kiss, he bent over and captured one of Piccolo’s antenna in his mouth.

Piccolo gasped in shock and his back arched slightly as he suddenly felt himself grow hard. Gohan smirked, knowing that he had hit Piccolo dead on in his erogenous zone and doubled his attack. Running his tongue over the thin appendage in his mouth and lightly sucking was making Piccolo moan slightly under him.

Piccolo couldn’t believe what he was feeling. The feeling of Gohan’s mouth on his antenna was something that he had never experienced before. He was now thoroughly hard and he suddenly became determined to make Gohan feel the same way. Thinking for a moment, he could remember that when he cut off Gohan’s tail all those years ago, there had remained a slightly fuzzy spot there. Knowing how sensitive Saiya-jin tails were, he decided to see if the spot would do anything to Gohan when lightly touched.

Gohan was just beginning to move his hands down Piccolo’s chest in an attempt to remove his shirt when he gasped in shocked pleasure, causing him to lose the hold that he had on Piccolo’s antenna. Gohan was unable to fight the feeling that he was experiencing. Piccolo was torturing him by lightly stroking his tail spot. A spot that Gohan had no idea was so sensitive.

However, Gohan’s undoing was not his tail spot. With a lustful grin, Piccolo bought his hands down and rubbed them against Gohan’s swollen crouch. With another gasp, all control left him and he savagely attacked Piccolo’s shirt with his hands, ripping it away from Piccolo’s chest.

After the shirt was gone, Gohan captured Piccolo’s mouth with his once more and just when it was beginning to heat up, moved from his mouth to trail kisses along Piccolo’s jaw until he reached his neck. Once there, he slightly sucked the soft skin, feeling the pulse just beneath the surface. Suddenly an instinct that he didn’t understand took over his mind, and surrendering to it, he bit down on Piccolo’s neck, sucking the blood hungrily.

Piccolo opened his mouth in shock at the sudden pain of getting bitten and had to fight the instinct to fight back that rose strongly in him. After about half a minute, the pain subsided and another wave of pleasure flooded his mind, leaving him a little confused on how a bite could cause pleasure.

As Gohan drank, all conscious thought left him, leaving only his instincts behind telling him what do next. When he was through, he pulled back to look at Piccolo, smirking slightly when he heard the slight groan of disappointment. “Eager now are we?” he asked as he ran his hands down his mentor’s heated flesh.

Piccolo arched, sliding his arms over Gohan’s head, removing the shirt in one smooth tug. Tossing it aside, he contemplated how to accomplish the difficult task of removing Gohan’s pants with his wrists tied. Gohan started to trail heated kisses down his chest as he tried desperately to focus and think of a solution.

With a relieved smirk, he decided to go for the simple solution and raised his ki, effectively dissolving both of their remaining clothing. Gohan raised an eyebrow and scooted back so he could study Piccolo, liking what he saw. Now the real fun could begin.

Gohan teasingly traced his finger down Piccolo's chest and looked at him, licking his lips seductively. Piccolo gulped, not knowing what to think of the way that his normally placid student was acting. "Gohan, what are you planning?" he asked nervously. The situation was completely out of his control now and he knew that Gohan knew this.

"Nothing much," Gohan whispered huskily. "Just what you suggested earlier...and pay back."

Piccolo didn't like the sound of that one bit. He couldn't recognize Gohan at all. Nothing about him was familiar anymore. However the raging warmth of his need couldn't be ignored either and he smirked at the teen. "You think that you can take me? Big talk for someone so young."

"Young? I'm 17." Gohan smirked. "And you are only four years older than me"

Piccolo's eyes widened slightly at the truth from the younger mans lips. Opening his mouth to reply, no sound was able to make it's way out of him as the half-Saiya-jin pushed him down onto the bed, immediately resting his smaller body on his own.

“Speechless?" the demi-Saiya-jin chuckled, looking straight into the eyes of his captive, a look of pure lust upon his face. Gohan gently ran his tongue across Piccolo’s nipples, making the body beneath him moan and shiver with pleasure.

Piccolo gasped as pleasure ripped through him, surprised that his student was inflicting this kind of pleasure on him. With a moan, he bent his knees as much as his tied feet would allow and pinned them to Gohan's sides.

Gohan grunted at the slight distraction but couldn't be swayed from the torture that he was determined to inflict on his teacher. His kisses trailed further along down the body until he reached his destination. His tongue slid across Piccolo’s shaft as if he were a child with a lollipop, trying to savour the moment.

Piccolo growled, his hands tightening in Gohan's hair. Gohan, feeling the pressure, placed his hands on Piccolo's waist, holding his hips down to keep them from bucking. Deep throating Piccolo's erection, Gohan hummed, tightening his grip on his mentor’s hips and making sure the noise reverberated in his throat, causing a small cry to burst from the older man’s mouth.

Pulling away slightly, the half Saiya-jin let his tongue slowly travel up the hypersensitive flesh, stopping when only the head was resting in his mouth, tongue dipping in the slit at the end before plunging his head down again.

Piccolo moaned, attempting to buck his hips as Gohan ran his tongue down his shaft to the base and then up to the head, sliding it under the flesh of skin at the top. Piccolo grasped the blanket tightly in his hands as Gohan's hands and hips prevented future movement.

With a loud moan of deep disappointment, he twisted his head to the side as Gohan’s warm mouth left his member, the air in the room feeling colder than it was. Gohan smirked sadistically at his teacher and bent over to whisper in his ear, "How bad do you want me?" Gohan was having a very hard time keeping control of himself as the smell of freshly fallen rain flooded his nostrils, but he swore that he was not going to be the one to give in first.

Piccolo's eyes narrowed as the teen teased him, testing his endurance. "Gohan," his voice, heavy with desire, growled. "When are you going to stop playing around?"

Gohan smirked and moved his fingers in taunting circles along his mentor's body. "When you make me."

Piccolo growled up at Gohan, who was smirking down at him, thoroughly enjoying himself. With a mighty twist, Piccolo turned them over, his control lost due to the friction caused by the movement. Suppressing a groan as his need was rubbed against Gohan’s; he leaned down and claimed Gohan’s lips fiercely.

Startled by this, Gohan gasped in surprise and Piccolo seized the opportunity to deepen the kiss further. The demi-Saiya-jin lost all his will power and gave in to his mentor, wrapping his arms around Piccolo.

The kiss continued to deepen as Piccolo ran his tongue along Gohan’s bottom lip, requesting entrance. Gohan obliged, opening his mouth further and reaching his tongue out to lightly stroke his partner’s. They both moaned slightly, as they broke apart and suddenly Gohan rolled them over again until he was on top.

“Well, Piccolo, it looks as if I am on top.” Piccolo growled in response and Gohan smirked, asking, “Are you ready?”

Piccolo didn’t say anything as Gohan placed his fingers in his mouth and began to suck on them seductively. Piccolo blinked watching the act and finally growled. “Stop teasing Gohan and get on with it!”

Gohan grinned, removing his fingers from his mouth and moving them in the direction of Piccolo’s entrance. “Impatient aren’t we?”

Piccolo growled and raised his hips slightly, granting room for Gohan’s fingers. “As if you aren’t.”

Gohan just smirked and pushed inside. Piccolo gasped in pain and his eyes widened as Gohan began to add a second finger and stretch him, moving his fingers in a scissoring motion. After a bit the pain subsided and Piccolo relaxed. Suddenly, Gohan brushed something inside him and he cried out in surprise.

Gohan smirked, brushed it once more before removing his fingers, and ignoring his partner’s small utterance of disapproval at the loss, placed Piccolo’s legs on his shoulders. Piccolo raised an eyebrow, asking quietly what Gohan was up too. Gohan just smirked lustfully and buried himself quickly into his inexperienced partner.

Piccolo suppressed the cry of pain that he wanted to voice and forced himself to ignore it. The pain soon passed and Gohan began to move. Piccolo didn’t feel anything at first, other than the uncomfortable movement, but then Gohan’s member touched that place inside him again and he gasped aloud, arching into his partner’s hips.

Gohan was in ecstasy. Piccolo was so warm and tight; it took all of his control to go slowly at first. Then, when Piccolo began to respond, he picked up the pace, pistoning in and out of his partner, his mind clouded over in bliss.

Piccolo moaned again as Gohan angled perfectly to hit that one spot each time and he moved into a rhythm that had him meeting Gohan’s every thrust, their hips meeting each other smoothly each time.

Gohan was panting, moving in and out of Piccolo almost brutally. Pulling about until the head was just in, he would slam back in. Through the fog, he noticed his partner’s need being ignored and reached out, grasping it in a firm hold.

Piccolo moaned again, loudly, as his engorged flesh was grasped, and his eyes rolled back with the pleasure that Gohan’s stroking was causing. Gohan could feel his abdominal muscles tightened and he began to move faster, his hand moving in time with his movements.


Just when they could feel their release coming, there was a knock on the door, unheard above the loud gasps and pants that the two were making as they moved up and down on the bed. Neither of them heard the door open or saw Chichi walk in.

“Gohan,” Chichi said cheerfully. “I was looking for the feather duster and thought that you-”

Chichi stopped dead in the doorway, shocked at what she saw happening on her son’s bed. For a moment, all she could do was stand there, shock freeing her worlds upon her lips. Unable to say anything, she watched as Gohan moved in and out of the green skinned freak, moaning and panting his name repeatedly.

The moans and pants steadily increased in volume as Gohan tightened the hold that he had on Piccolo’s legs, draped over his shoulders, allowing him to move with more force. Piccolo arched his back suddenly as Gohan hit his prostrate again and the pleasure ripped through his body, making him cry out, his power level skyrocketing, overloading the ki strengthened duck tape and incinerating them. His hands and feet free, he flipped them over and straddled Gohan’s waist, pushing up and down on his lover with his powerful legs.

Chichi watched as Gohan’s ki rose to match, his hair flickering to gold as he increased his speed. With an outraged cry, she decided that she had seen enough and stalked into the room just as Piccolo cried out again and bent over, biting down on Gohan’s neck to muffle his next scream.

This was enough to make her gag in shock as she saw Gohan moan with the new pleasure, blood escaping from Piccolo’s mouth and running down Gohan’s neck in a crimson river.

She was knocked out of her daze as they began moving again and she could tell by the look on their faces and the way they were arching into each other that the end was near. She wasn’t going to let them finish. With an outraged voice, she yelled, “Son Gohan! What in Dende’s name are you doing?”

Gohan and Piccolo stopped what they were doing. Gohan looked around Piccolo’s body at her and Piccolo turned peering over his shoulder, seeing what the disruption was.

Chichi glared at them, her arms crossed over her chest. She didn’t like the vacant look in their eyes as they looked at her. ‘Gohan is so grounded,’ she thought.

Gohan didn’t recognize his mom at first. His instincts were still strong in him and all he saw at that moment was a possible threat to his new mate. With a growl and a glare at the woman, he pulled Piccolo closer to his chest, sighing happily at the feeling of security it brought him.

Chichi was pissed at her son’s insubordination and with a screech of anger yelled, “Gohan, I asked you a question!”
Gohan’s hazy eyes blinked, becoming clearer as he was started by the horrible sound. Less than a second later, he recognized where the sound was coming from and his cheeks turned a bright red. “Mom. Umm… What are you doing here?” he asked nervously.

Chichi glared at them both as Piccolo got up from Gohan’s body and sat beside him. Absently, she noticed the way that he didn’t look at all concerned at all. Her eyes focused on Gohan like a hawk and she said dangerously, “Gohan, what do you think you were doing?”
Gohan was very uncomfortable as he glanced at Piccolo out of the corner of his eyes, seeking reassurance. “Mom… I…” Gohan sighed and decided that the truth would be the best option. Sighing, he faced his mother squarely, his face resolved. “Mom, Piccolo and I are mates now. According to some Saiya-jin instinct, when I bit Piccolo, it claimed him as my mate. It is the same as being married like you and dad were.”

Chichi frowned in confusion, forgetting her anger for the moment. “What do you mean, mates? And how do you know that you are mated anyway?” she asked.

Gohan smiled slightly. “Well, I bit Piccolo and when I did, I suddenly had a flash of insight and realized instinctively what it meant.” Gohan shrugged. “Plus, I overheard dad asking Vejita about it shortly after they got together. There are a lot of things that Saiya-jin do instinctively. Like changing into Oozaru and fighting. There isn’t anything you can do, mom.”

Chichi looked at him, her face expressionless, trying to process the information. After a moment, her face twisted in rage and Gohan knew that this was going to be a long night.



~One Week Later~


The whole group was once again sitting in a circle, a green glass bottle in the center. Delicious smells were wafting in their direction from the food that Chichi and Bulma were preparing for the barbeque that Chichi had arranged a week ago. The women were occupied elsewhere, leaving only Yamcha, Tien, Chou-Su, Piccolo, Gohan, Vejita, and Goku alone to do what they wished.

The whole group was listening in rapt attention as Gohan described to them in vivid detail all that happened a week ago when Master Roshi took Piccolo. They were all enjoying the way that his face had turned bright red in embarrassment. It was all part of the game. The bottle landed on him and remembering what happened a week ago, he had decided to go with Truth. 'Truth' was just as bad as 'Dare'.

Every once in a while he turned to look at Piccolo, sitting stoic beside him, and felt a little better. According to the terms of the challenge, he had to tell them everything that happened after he took off to follow Roshi.

When he finally got to the end of the lemon scene, they were all looking at him bug eyed, which immediately turned to disbelief as he told them of Chichi walking in and finding them. Once he was through telling them of the small conversation and what he had told her he continued with the rest of the story, summing up the situation. “She was very pissed and told me I wasn’t allowed to see Piccolo ever again and I told her that she wasn’t my boss, so she grounded me and made Piccolo leave. She then yelled some more and I said that I was going to leave the next day. She got so mad she was unable to talk and left. After she was gone, I took a very, very cold shower and then packed my stuff and left the next morning to live with Piccolo.”

When Gohan was finished, he turned to look at Piccolo and smiled at him. Piccolo smirked back and they meet in a light kiss, Gohan’s embarrassment fading away.

They were brought back by a cough and found the others looking at them pointedly. Gohan blushed and asked, “So, my turn to spin the bottle, right?” The others nodded and Gohan spun the bottle. It landed on Chou-Su and Gohan asked, “Truth or Dare, Chou-Su?”

Chou-Su thought for a moment and then said, “Dare.”

Gohan grinned wickedly as he thought of what he was going to the little guy, making Chou-Su scoot back away from him worriedly.

‘This is not going to be good,’ thought Chou-Su. ‘Not good at all.’


-The End-





Note: I had qualms about the sex scene. After all, whom do I know that would have sex with someone on the same night they told him or her how they feel? No one, that’s who. Therefore, it wasn’t easy to write that Gohan and Piccolo would do so. However, stalling the lemon scene for a year or so would change the feel of the story and I didn’t want to do that. So there you are. :)


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And especially thanks to Anna, for giving me the original idea about a nude Piccolo a long time ago. For without that idea, the story would never have been written. :)


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