Pandora's Box

Chapter 7

Upon arriving, Goku noticed that most of the other fighters were already present. Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chauzu (or however the hell you spell his name, haha), and Gohan were all standing around in a semi-circle formation. They spent the next few seconds greeting each other before Kami cleared his throat, gaining everyone's attention. "As you know I have called you all here today over a very serious matter," the old Namek began, everyone's gaze attentive, "There has been something troubling me over the past couple years. As Guardian of Earth I have decided that now is the time to act upon it." Goku tipped his head to the side, " what exactly is it that's been troubling you?" Kami closed his eyes briefly, deciding on how he wanted to word it, "I'm not too sure myself. It is a creature that has been devouring the people and animals of the Earth." Trunks was confused as well as shocked, "Devouring the people and animals of the Earth?" Kami gave a grave nod, "Yes. This strange monster is somehow able to absorb living creatures, and I fear it will soon be powerful enough to take action to complete it's goals." Krillin scratched the top of his head, his voice a bit low as he spoke, "Okay...So what exactly are it's goals?" Kami shook his head slightly, looking frustrated, "I do not know that either. But if we do not act soon, this thing will." Piccolo growled a bit, shifting his stance, "That's all and good except what exactly are we supposed to do?" Gohan gave his suggestion after carefully overlooking the situation, "Someone should approach this creature and find out how powerful it really is." Yamcha was stunned, "That could be really dangerous." Gohan looked over his shoulder at him, "What else are we supposed to do? Wait for this to develop even more?" Goku sighed, putting his hand to his chin in thought, "I think that's all we can do for now." Everyone turned and looked at him in shock, a chorus of "WHAT!?" filling the air.

"Well, for the most part I agree with Gohan," Goku admitted, folding his arms, "But then we lose the element of surprise. Other than that, we just aren't sure how powerful that thing is. If we wait just a bit longer it may be to our advantage." Kami, though slightly flustered, spoke calmly, "I will have to agree. Though I will not wait much longer to pursuit a more suitable course of action. I give this two more days to develop, and then, I will act myself." Goku gave a nod, his determined look returning, "No problem, Kami." Chit-chat arose as it seemed the meeting was over. The full-blooded Saijin sighed deeply, stepping away from the crowd. He stared over the edge of the lookout, taking in the Earth's appearances from high above. A tiny movement caught his eye and he turned to it in an instant. Quite a distance away Vegeta stood leaning against one of the stone pillars, his tail doing an agitated twitch. Goku waved to him, beckoning him to come join him. The prince stared a moment before slowly walking towards the younger man, his arms still folded. "I'm glad you came," Goku said with a warm, reassuring smile. Vegeta kept a good six feet in between them - he said nothing, only glancing to overlook the Earth. "Hey Goku!" Krillin shouted out, "C'mon, we're going to have lunch!" Goku called back, "I'll be there in just a sec!" He focused his attention on the brunette before him, "Hey, let's go get something to eat, ok?" Vegeta looked up into his eyes for a moment, his expression blank and void of emotion. Goku felt his stomach knot as the deep black eyes met his own, something completely wrong with the look. Like a sensation of bad memories or the haunting of a nightmare. Vegeta broke the gaze and walked swiftly towards the others.

Goku swallowed, watching the other man walk off, 'He isn't as calm as he thinks he feels.' A bit shaken, the taller Saijin followed after the prince, trying to shake the bad vibes he had received. A large table had been set outside the main hall in the shade, plates and food adorning it. Conversation stopped when Vegeta sat down, silently and emotionlessly setting up and eating his free meal. "Oh no," Zarbon sighed deeply in agitation, "What are you doing here?" Goku took the seat across from the brunette, keeping a worried eye upon him. Vegeta said nothing, merely taking a few gulps of his drink before he continued eating. After getting no response after a considerable amount of time Zarbon sighed again, "Please Vegeta, don't do this no talking shit again. It's going to get tiresome after awhile." Vegeta said nothing. Goku's interest was sparked a bit, "What do you mean again?" Zarbon rolled his eyes and took a bite of his food, "Oh, he did this once before when he was a kid. Didn't talk for years." Most of the Z fighters were quite surprised at the information, though they didn't want any part of the discussion. "For years!? What happened??" Goku asked, so concerned he didn't quite care that he was gaining this knowledge through Zarbon. "Yeah, he refused to speak so after awhile Frieza made him learn sign language just so he would communicate," the green-skinned alien informed, rather irritated or bored about the whole subject. "Vegeta, you know sign language??" Goku asked the prince, highly impressed if it was true. Vegeta looked up from his meal, paused, and gestured a "Yes" to Goku. Zarbon rolled his eyes, "He said yes if you didn't know. Too bad you can't talk Vegeta, then you could tell them why you stopped speaking all those years ago. Or even better, why you started again." Zarbon smirked before dropping the subject. In all honesty, however, Zarbon had no idea what he was talking about...


The Prince of Saijins walked through the bowels of Freiza's ship, a heavy weight upon his mind. He just been informed that his planet had been destroyed. The sole survivors were that of Nappa, an elite soldier, and Radditz, a third class nobody. His hands were clenched in frustration and he was unable to sit still. It was hard to fathom that everyone and everything that he knew was gone - but he knew it. He'd never see his home again. From this day forward - he had no home. He hadn't been able to stomach anything in the last three days, since he had been informed, and he hadn't uttered a syllable either. At night he couldn't sleep well either, merely feeling a bitter emptiness as he stared at the ceiling. Frieza threatened him in an attempt to make the prince speak, but had no effect, the boy simply kept his mouth shut.

The white changeling thought it would change soon enough, but he was unpleasantly surprised when still, a week later, Vegeta refused to speak. The tyrant made a pastime of trying to beat the boy into speaking, but that had no effect as well. After one particularly bloody session Frieza finally got fed up, "Damn you, you stupid Saijin brat! If you will not speak then you must learn to talk otherwise!" Vegeta was relieved from purging planets for a brief time to learn sign language, adapting perfectly to life without spoken words. One evening, however, changed it all.

Vegeta had just returned from purging a planet and he made his way to report to Frieza about the success. Not watching where he was walking he bumped into a figure. The child grunted, his lips curling as he released a snarl. "Hey, that's not polite," the man said, his face contorted with a taunting smile. Vegeta flipped him the finger, sneering to show he didn't care. "Don't mind if I do," the man said, grabbing the prince's wrist. Surprised, the brunette tried to rip himself free of the other man but he was too weak to do so. The man dragged the silent, though fuming prince, down a set of corridors and into a room. "Look what the cat dragged in!" the man announced to the others gathered. The men overlooked the Saijin in a manner that made him feel very uncomfortable. The look was that of a predator about to pounce upon it's prey. He twisted sharply to try to dash for the door but the man's grip was too strong. "Where do you think you're going, little prince?" the man taunted, throwing him to the floor. He began to get up when the other men finally did pounce, each holding down an appendage - arms and legs. Vegeta wasn't exactly sure why, but the oddity of the situation scared him in a way he had never felt before. His instincts told him that these men were going to try to take something away from him, though he was too young to fully comprehend. The leader knelt down and overlooked him, gazing lustfully. A hand reached out and Vegeta jolted, not wanting the man near him. But the hand caressed his cheek, Vegeta lashing out and trying to bite it. The man moved too quick, however, and the prince missed. The hand rubbed down his chest and stomach till it came to his crotch. Vegeta felt adrenaline rush through him because of the pure fear that consumed him. His entire entity screamed "GET OUT. NOW.". He struggled vainly, wildly, as he felt his clothes starting to get torn from his body. Vegeta panicked, his mind complete chaos. Hand were tugging at his pants, others were tearing at his shirt.

The next moment the men were completely dazed as the prince released a shrill screech strong enough to break glass. In one moment Vegeta forgot his pride, and in that moment he screamed, "HELP!!" The leader shook his head, "Shut that kid up!" A hand went over his mouth, covering his nose as well. Vegeta grasped at the forearm, clawing at it, his eyes wide as he couldn't breathe. "Hey kid!" a red-head seethed with anger, "Shut up and I'll let go. Deal?" The prince's lungs begged for air and he feverishly nodded. The hand retreated and he gasped for air. The leader approached the brunette again, leering with confidence. As he was about to kneel, however, the door opened. Vegeta turned to see Frieza and Dodoria standing there. "What's this?" Frieza questioned, sounding rather disappointed. Vegeta wrestled out of the grips he was held in and made a dash for the door. Dodoria grasped his arm, "Vegeta, wait!" Frieza turned to the child, "My little prince, were they trying to rape you?" Vegeta's eyes looked around at everyone in the room, an expression of confusion and terror on his face. "Did they try to touch you in a way they shouldn't?" Frieza reiterated, glancing angrily at the group of men. Dodoria shook the small Saijin, "Answer Lord Frieza or he will have no choice but to let them go!" Vegeta instantly choked out, "Yes!" Frieza gave Dodoria a nod and the large pink man released him. Frieza idly watched as the prince dashed down the hall, tripping slightly in his haste. The tyrant turned to the group of men, "Well, well...I think it's interesting how some of my best men would try to steal my favorite acquirement. This is very disappointing." Before they could protest, Frieza let out a blast of energy, instantly killing them. "Good help is so hard to find these days," Frieza muttered, "Come Dodoria, let's leave this place, it bores me."

The prince skidded into his room, locking the door and retreating to the corner. That night he dared not sleep, his eyes not moving from the door. The slightest sound made him jump and nothing was more terrifying than hearing approaching footsteps. The prince wouldn't realize until many years later how lucky he was to escape that situation in the condition he did. But for the meantime, he began to speak again.


"You say it like it's a shame he started talking again," Goku said with a slight tone of hostility. Zarbon seemed to think that over, "I guess for Vegeta, it is." Goku turned to say something to Vegeta but the prince was staring at him already. The look of anger in the prince's gaze nearly caused him to gasp. 'Tell me what business of yours this is, Kakkarot,' Vegeta demanded of him, his eyes unblinking. "Vegeta, I-" Goku began, but the prince was standing in an instant. 'You dare pry into my life?' Vegeta seethed, his fists clenched, 'You dare question Zarbon of all people about me??' Goku slowly stood as well, "Vegeta, that's not-" The prince's mental onslaught cut him off, 'You have no courage to ask me yourself! How dare you! Taking information from that bastard when he doesn't even know what he's talking about! Any story he's heard had been demented and twisted so out proportion it isn't possible to tell what the original case of the matter was! You have the nerve to listen to him spew this shit about me when I am sitting right here!' Goku sighed, gesturing for the prince to calm down, "Look, Vegeta-" Vegeta cut him off again, 'Traitor.' Goku's eyebrows knit together, "Vegeta.." The brunette narrowed his eyes, 'Liar. Faker. Traitor.' Goku's face hardened slightly, "I think you better calm down." Vegeta stepped up onto the table knocking dishes everywhere, 'How can I when the very last of my kind will betray me?' Goku took a step back, "I will not betray you." Vegeta growled, flashing his teeth, 'Am I just to take your word for it? You will desert me like everyone else, you traitor. For one such as you, your crimes are punishable by death.' The taller Saijin sighed silently, "You and I both know I am stronger than you, Vegeta. I'm a Super Saijin." The prince merely smirked, 'Is that what you believe?'

He outstretched his arm, his palm in a reaching position towards Goku, 'I want to show you something, third class - something not many people have seen before. And those that did, died.' Goku stared up into Vegeta's eyes, trying to express his wishes though the prince seemed to ignore any of Goku's personal feelings about the matter. Vegeta's ki skyrocketed for a moment before diving back down to normal. He closed his eyes briefly before opening them to taunt Goku. Small balls of ki appeared within a seven foot diameter, the smirk never once leaving Vegeta's face. Goku glanced around, his eyebrows quirked in confusion and curiosity. The balls moved together, joining as one in front of Vegeta's palm. The prince clenched his fist, though not entirely, the energy crackled, and reformed into a long, thin shape, and then, it's form gathered details and glowed radiantly. The gathered Z Senshi looked on in awe. 'Beautiful, isn't it?' Vegeta questioned the younger Saijin, 'It's the sword of the Royal House of Saijins.' Goku cautiously took a few steps back, agreeing, 'It looks wonderful, Vegeta.' The taller Saijin tried not to look too stunned, 'It's a ki sword, isn't it? I can't feel it's power though. What is it?' The prince's smirk grew a bit wider, if not a bit darker, 'Good. Because it will be your undoing, traitor. Though one is only allowed to use the royal sword after being crowned king..I think this will be a rather nice exception to the rule.' There was a moment of silence before Vegeta lunged into the air. "Goku! Catch!" Trunks screamed, tossing his sword to Goku. Catching it, Goku barely blocked the attack, 'Vegeta's sword has so much power, it's unreal! Where does it come from??' Vegeta snarled, lunging at the man but missing and Goku jumped back. With one hand behind the prince's back the took small, swift steps toward the other Saijin. Trunks looked on with mute fascination, 'His skills..they're incredible! Is this partially why I'm so good with a sword? He's like an expert fencer!'

Vegeta was extremely agile, and Goku at a big of disadvantage with no knowledge of how to use a sword. The best the younger Saijin could do was block the attacks that Vegeta was quick to carry out. 'Damn, he's good!' Goku thought as the tip of Vegeta's blade cut the front of his shirt. Back flipping into the air, Goku paused momentarily to transform into a Super Saijin, but Vegeta was in hot pursuit and the younger man had to lean backwards as to not get sliced. He immediately dived, as to keep the battle out of the skies. Even with Goku's increased strength and speed he seemed to be unable to get the best of Vegeta. The taller Saijin heard the brunette's laughter ripple across his mind. 'You're clueless as to why this sword is so powerful,' Vegeta stated, not questioned, 'The legend says that every the first King of Saijins made this sword with his very own will. He wished it into existence by using his heart and soul.' Goku tried to pay attention to the story and fight at the same time, a very distracting mix. 'It was said that when he died, all his power went into the sword. The next king that inherited the sword used it well and respected it. After he too died, the power of the sword increased. The power of the kings has been passed down from generation to generation. It hasn't been used in over two thousand years. It became a rumor, a legend,' Vegeta continued, keeping Goku on his toes all the while, 'And you know how it is about legends, Kakkarot. You see, the only reason that I'm able to use this sword is because I willed myself to. The power of the kings flow through me as well, that is why I know how to use it. That is why even a Super Saijin will be unable to defeat this sword.' At that moment Vegeta gave a powerful swing, knocking Trunks' sword out of Goku's hands. 'Defeat the sword? Never,' Goku agreed, his face suddenly becoming calm. Vegeta lunged, though Goku was faster. 'Defeat the swordsman? Out of necessity,' the younger Saijin said with a twinge of guilt. Vegeta fell forward onto Goku, looking up at him with surprised eyes of black liquid. The sword flickered and faded out of existance, merely leaving the brunette once he didn't have the strength to hold it. The prince attempted to breathe, sporadic gasps filling the air. 'I lost...again....I lost...' Vegeta unknowingly shared his thoughts before his eyes rolled back and he slumped unconscious. Goku caught him, sighing deeply with guilt as he released the prince's tail.

At the last part of their fight, when Vegeta had knocked the sword out of his hand, he noticed something he hadn't before: Vegeta didn't have his tail wrapped around his waist, and it swung out, as he assumed, mostly for balance. Though knowing that the sword was more than capable of finishing him off, the dirty move had been his only hope, and so, as Vegeta lunged, Goku turned sideways and leaned over, grabbing his tail in a tight grasp. He set the prince down feeling extremely awful. He knew how bad it hurt when someone grabbed his tail and he had just knocked Vegeta out by simply doing so. 'Please forgive me, Vegeta,' Goku sent to the prince, even though he was almost positive the smaller man couldn't hear him. A silence fell upon the lookout, everyone trapped in their own thoughts. 'What a coward I am,' Trunks thought to himself, sighing deeply, 'I again did nothing to prevent this. Why can't I?' A small groan informed all the people present that Vegeta was awakening. "Vegeta? Are you ok?" Goku asked, his eyebrows knit together in worry. Vegeta sat up, his scowl on his face. He overlooked his tail to make sure nothing was broken before he stood. "Vegeta?" Goku asked, standing as well. Vegeta huffed, giving a slight growl as he spoke, "Jerk." He ran to the edge of the lookout and blasted off out of sight. "Well," Goku said optimistically though his tone was full of sadness, "At least he's talking again."

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