Pandora's Box
Chapter 13

It took him a few minutes to decide that the best solution, out of all the scenarios he could come up with, was to forget his carefully thought out lessons. He was always his own savior, and he had killed his savior a long time ago. He needed to do something - something so drastic, and so obscenely hideous that it would forever ensnarl his soul and keep him bound to his way of life. He needed to bind himself in such a way that it freed him from himself, so that he may rise up and become the epitome of which he loathed. The same old comfortable feeling of disdain rose within him like bile that creeps up your throat and you keep trying to swallow down the bitter taste, but it just keeps coming back. What he really needed was to fuck up his life so bad that there was no turning back. He was going to take everything that gave him joy and crush it mercilessly. Suffering and misery would whet his appetite for blood, and then he too would dine like he had once had with hundreds of thousands of other "genocidees". Yes, this was the course he was going to take, and nothing could stop him. He was the strongest now, and when he went to Hell, as he surely would, he would be sure to brag to Freiza about the death count on his hands that surpassed the tyrant's. And he would laugh.

And as just as easily as the idea that came to him that morning, he found another one calling to him. It had been there, lurking in the background, in the deep, dark, recesses of his mind, just waiting for the right time to expose itself, and now it found its chance. Vegeta blankly thought it over once before looking at it again, this time, his interest truly sparked. A smirk broke out across his lips and he thought, 'Eternal damn nation, here I come.' He jettisoned himself into the direction of Capsule Corp.

It only took him a few minutes to get there, and when he finally arrived he dropped his Super Saijin form and landed on the back side of the complex. There before him stood the old, unused capsule. He forgot if it was he who requested it being built or not, but it didn't really matter either, because he was taking it one way or the other. He paused for just a moment to make sure no one was around, and then he casually hopped inside, fired it up, and took off. After a minute or so it seemed someone did notice his launch as a view screen with Bulma's face on it popped up. "Where do you think you're going with my ship!?" she demanded, giving him the best glare she could muster. He approached the screen slowly, his smirk widening into a grin as he narrowed his eyes. As he took on a new expression, Bulma visibly became nervous. "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk," he said, slowly waving his index finger at her, "It is not where I am going, but where you are going." Zarbon's head poked into view, he looking more stern than Bulma, "Hey, you stupid monkey! Get back here right now!" Vegeta didn't even attempt to hold it back, he just let himself laugh to his heart's content. "Finders keepers, losers weepers!" the Saijin taunted, laughing again before saying calmly, but with a sarcastic smile on his face, "I hear Hell is a nice place this time of year. Hope you enjoy your stay." He cut off the transmission and blocked any incoming calls. It would only take a few minutes now, and he'd be free.

'Redemption is for the weak,' he thought, setting the course and turning on auto-pilot. He dug through some of the cargo units and found an old training suit of his. It was black instead of navy and it wasn't like any of his normal bodysuits. He threw off his Earth clothes and pulled on the two pieces of stretchy material, first the shorts which he made a tail hole for, then the elbow lengthed shirt. He found an older type of armor plate, but he slipped it on regardless, noting a crack on the left side just below the ribs. Looking at the cotton heaped up on the floor he shot a ki blast at it, instantly igniting the material. He inhaled deeply, catching the leftover scent of perspiration on his outfit, and smoke from the fire he made. He found his tail swaying behind him excitedly. It had been too long since he had done something like this, and he wasn't going to stop for anything, even if it endangered his life, because, well, his savior was already dead, and had been dead for a long, long time - long before the one who took his family away died. He sat on the floor of the cold ship, staring out into space, waiting. It was kind of like meditation, except you don't focus your mind, but instead, you unfocus it. Somehow, that had always worked better with him when he was preparing for a fight. Minutes passed in seconds, and before he knew it, the computer gave a soft ding and an electronic voice spoke: "We have arrived at your destination." His placid look was exchanged for that smirk yet again.

He stood and approached the control panel, swiftly typing in the code for an encompassing air-locked shield. This wasn't the first time he had used it, he had done this many times before with Nappa. He waited patiently for the oxygen to expand within its new boundaries before he headed for the door. It opened and he was given a view he had only seen once before. "This is what I should have done the first time, when I learned that you killed your own brother," the prince whispered, stepping out onto the loading ramp to gaze at the monstrous sight of the blue-green planet in front of him. It was a beautiful thing to see, especially knowing that not one soul, domestic or foreign to the world, was aware of what he was about to do. He closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation of adrenaline pumping through his veins, because he knew that it was likely that it would be the last time he'd ever feel it. He opened his eyes and smiled again; then, at an easy pace, he allowed himself to transform into a Super Saijin. He had been powerful enough to do this task before Goku had defeated him that day so many years ago, so doing this while being Super Saijin was basically overkill. It was a matter of principle. He lifted his palms and pressed his wrists together, putting himself into position.

'Goodbye, Kakkarot,' Vegeta thought, taking a breath before screaming at the top of his lungs, "BIG BANG ATTACK!!"

Down below on the planet, Goku's eyes snapped open as he heard a distinct voice echo in his skull, 'Goodbye, Kakkarot.' Eyes wide in fear and dread, the black-haired man instantly clung onto Vegeta's ki signature. Snippets of visions entered his mind, and without hesitation, Goku placed two fingers to his forehead. Reappearing he heard Vegeta scream, "BIG BANG ATTACK!!" His body moved of its own free will, and before Goku realized what he was doing, he had tackled Vegeta off of the space craft and now both of them went sprawling into the vacuum of space. This did, luckily, stop the prince from performing his technique. Seeing the brunette in Super Saijin mode, he too made the leap up, and now they wrestled furiously above Earth, a dominance struggle that meant the life or death for millions of people. They tumbled around, each feeling the odd burning within their lungs that indicated they needed fresh air soon. They were caught by Earth's gravity and now were descending toward a greenish-brownish land mass. They fought, eyes locked, wind whipping their hair in every direction, and ki sky-rocketing. Energy crackled around them as the darkness of space was becoming the blue of the atmosphere. No words were exchanged as further and further they fell, passing large tufts of clouds, both trying to force the other under their control, and both failing. Finally, they crashed, with Vegeta's hands pushing Goku deep into the ground, until half a mile later, they halted. Uplifted dirt and rocks pelted the ground as an aftermath of their crash.

Snarling loudly, Vegeta fisted his left hand into the collar of Goku's shirt, the younger man slightly dazed from the impact. "Son of a bitch!" Vegeta yelled, bringing his right fist down to make it collide with the jaw that was presented. He punctuated his words with a punch.


He withdrew his bloody hand from Goku's face and twined his fingers in the Saijin's hair, lifting his head and slamming it down again, and again, and again. It felt so good to destroy something so beautiful. This creature that knew nothing of being a tainted, dirty, piece of trash that nobody would want nor care about if it was destroyed completely. This being of infinite purity knew nothing of how a thing such as the Prince of Saijins worked and functioned, how it was for him to be just like garbage. He, this almighty leader of a nearly extinct race, was something to be used up, thrown away, and put out of sight forever in some deep dark pit, festering in stench and general uncleanliness, because no one likes to look at or possess trash. But what did Vegeta care? To him, everyone was going to be dead and gone, and they were all going to turn into fertilizer. What a way to go..just to be rejected and left to rot. At least when you're modern art you get to last for a little while before you fade off.

Growling, he stood, dragging Goku up with him, watching the man whimper at his painful grasp. "You fucking parasite!" Vegeta spat, pushing Goku down onto his knees. He tugged, forcing the younger to look up at the elder, "What do you have to say for yourself?" A moment passed and all that was heard was the harsh, rasping intake of air from Goku's trembling form. "WELL!?" the prince roared, pulling on the raven locks of hair. Goku only stared deep into his burning teal eyes, as if trying to fully comprehend what Vegeta had said. "FINE! So be it!!" Vegeta yelled, letting his left hand drop and his right hand swing forward, smashing his fist against Goku's head as hard as he could manage. The attack was powerful enough to send Goku sprawling, and also enough to force a loud crack to emit. Hunched over, Goku opened his mouth to catch his breath and a well of blood splattered against the ground. "So the mighty Kakkarot will finally lose," the prince teased, slowly walking around him like a vulture that circles its prey. He kicked the black-haired Saijin in the stomach and watched him crumple to the ground, groaning as more blood dribbled out of his mouth. "The great and wonderful Kakkarot will finally know what humiliation is," Vegeta continued to make his round, almost completing his 360, "and he will finally perish by my hands for the final time."

Goku gripped the coarse sun-dried blades of grass between his fingers and pushed himself up onto his hands and knees, spitting to remove his mouth of combined blood and dirt. "I-Is that what you want?" Goku spoke in a weak voice, flinching, pausing, and swallowing, then finally speaking again, "You just want someone to hurt like you?" Vegeta kicked him onto his back and stepped down hard on his elbow, "No, that is not what I want! I want you to realize who and what you are!!"

'Preh Vegeta sha Saijin Jakaht, uru Preh Proch. Eti, Kakkarot...Nreh Nroch.'

Goku gasped, his face completely contorted with pain as he felt something inside of him grind under the pressure Vegeta's foot was giving. "I want you to know," Vegeta said, rubbing his heel back and forth on purpose, "that life isn't as great as you make it out to be. Everything you showed me is a lie. Everything you are is a lie. I can't stand things like you, Kakkarot. Delusional little cretins like yourself should not be given the right to live." Goku abruptly cried out, his free hand clinging onto Vegeta's ankle as he was losing sensation in his pinned arm, "AH! Vegeta, please!!" The prince's expression hardened, his teeth clenching together in barely restrained rage, "You want mercy, boy!? I'll show you mercy!!" He stepped off of his elbow and lifted him up by his shirt only to force him face first downwards so that his knee met Goku's torso. He let go of the shirt in mid-yank so that his arm could swing around without Goku's body getting in the way; and he interlaced his fingers, bringing his combined fists down onto the middle of the younger's back. Before he could reach the ground, Vegeta spun around and kicked him into the air, but instead of pursuing, he watched the younger man tumble across the ground as he landed.

"Why aren't you fighting!?" Vegeta was visibly insulted by the lack of participation, "Get up and fight, Kakkarot!!" Goku shifted slightly, then he began to process of getting up which took longer than the last time. "Hurry up, you pathetic bastard! I don't have all day!" Vegeta shouted, quickly marching up to the other Saijin. He kicked Goku lightly in the chin, hard enough to hurt, but not enough to do too much substantial damage. It was equally considered as a warning shot. "Fight me, Kakkarot!!" the prince demanded, waiting for the third class to rise and obey him. Instead Goku merely looked up at him blankly, his eyes becoming the type of empty void that reflected a lack of fear, but did contain a type of defeated despair. Preparing to beat a lesson into Goku, Vegeta stopped his movement suddenly when Goku dropped out of Super Saijin form.

"I can't fight you," the younger Saijin informed, not daring to move. Vegeta put his hand down, speaking lowly, "What did you say?" Goku closed his eyes, inhaled sharply, then looked back up at his prince, "I can't fight you! I won't fight you!" Vegeta felt a growl rise up his throat and become a disgusted snarl, "WHAT!?" Goku's determination returned, as if his spirit was jolted back into him, "I said I won't fight you! I won't do it, you cannot make me!" Vegeta clenched both of his fists tight, until the knuckles turned white and his fingernails began to dig into his palms, and then, he clenched them tighter, "Why not..?"

"Do you think I can hit you!? Do you think I can try to hurt you when I feel the way I do about you!?" Goku yelled at him for the first time that evening, "I gave up everything for you, but you didn't even care! I could have lost it all so long as I had you, but without you, all of it isn't worth it! Why!? Why did you have to do this to me?? You beat me, defeated me, bested me! You stripped all of my pride and stole all of my happiness! I showed you nothing but compassion and you do nothing but show me pain! So why do I still feel the way I do!? How can you do this to me!?" He hiccupped and swallowed, breathing irregularly and shaking his head in disbelief, "You made me so happy..." Vegeta wanted to humiliate him, and it seemed his plan was working. "So..So I'm not going to fight you," Goku repeated, shuddering as tears began to unwillingly escape him, and silently, bitterly, he hoped Vegeta was happy, "and if you're going to kill me....then kill me."

They sat in silence for a fleeting moment, and then, Goku began to sob. Desperately trying his best to hold back his tears, Goku choked out, "I...l-love you...." Finally feeling as though he had done all that he could, Goku slumped and awaited a death blow which never came. Instead a soft voice chided, "Kakkarot, stop crying." His entire frame shook, the agony slicing deeper with the sound of Vegeta's soothing voice, a voice he tried to tell himself must be a lie. He was too stressed, and he knew he was probably just making it up in his head to make himself feel better. Vegeta sighed, then spoke louder, his voice firm, but still soft, "Kakkarot. Stop crying, now." Unable to end the stream of tears he shook his head weakly before looking down at the ground in shame. Two hands firmly gripped the sides of his head and forced him to look up. With a face lacking expression, Vegeta wiped away the younger Saijin's tears.

Then, finally, the brunette's features relaxed and they stood staring at each other for an undetermined amount of time. Goku stared at him as if in a trance, and finally he noted as the gold receded back to his roots, restoring Vegeta's natural hair color. Leaning forward so that their noses nearly touched, Vegeta whispered to him, "I lied to you. About everything. I don't hate you, Kakkarot. I...." He didn't understand why it was so hard to say what he felt, but he knew that Goku deserved to know, in this moment, he had to say it, "Kakkarot, I...I love you.." He watched the other man stop breathing, a look of shock and pure disbelief written on his face. Seeing the uncertainty, but the longing in Goku's eyes, he knelt and repeated himself as if to assure the taller man, "I love you.." Goku searched Vegeta's feelings, trying to find any reason for him to not accept the declaration, to find any reason for him to believe Vegeta didn't mean it. All he found was powerful, positive, emotions. Emotions that Goku had felt from the smaller Saijin the previous evening. This was real. This was truly real, and Vegeta was in love with him. Goku suddenly threw himself onto the prince, his arms wrapping around his neck for support as he cried.

"Oh god..why? Why did you do this to me??" Goku's voice was half-muffled as he clung onto Vegeta, burying his face into the other man's shoulder. Almost hesitantly, Vegeta brought his hands up to gently rub Goku's back, "Kakkarot, it is difficult to explain. I..I have never been..loved, I..I don't even know if this is I feel, but that is what I would like to call it. And...Kakkarot, you can't understand how dark and twisted I am. I..will always take joy from killing others, and that will never change. You..are so..incredibly pure that I become almost..jealous because of that. I thought that if I destroyed you, I could destroy myself. I just..wanted to show everyone how life isn't fair, and that life isn't as bad as they think it is. I wanted everyone to feel a part of them ripped out..I wanted Earth to perish, just like my..our own planet had. But, Kakkarot, when you...when I made you cry..I knew I was breaking you, and I felt this odd sensation within me that I never had before. I felt helpless. You made me feel so..wanted. You made me feel important in a strange, bizarre type of way. I had seen many others cry, but, Kakkarot, to make you cry, it was almost..a sin. And when you told me that you love me, I..I couldn't deny anymore. So the truth is, really..that you've broken me.."

Goku pulled back so that he could look the prince in the eye, "Vegeta..I...." The brunette held him tighter and continued his explanation, "Last night I let you..I wanted you to be with me. I....Kakkarot, no one had ever..touched me like that. It was something so inexplicably pure, I....I thought it wasn't for me. Kakkarot, I told you of what happened with those elites. I was so young, I didn't even knew what sex was..but deep down inside I knew it wasn't right. Somehow I knew that they wanted to hurt me in an irreparable manner. And even though I to get out of the situation..all I kept thinking was that..that was the only way someone would want me.. I felt, and weak. And dirty, and used. I felt so angry, at them, for degrading me. And I felt so angry at myself, for my flaws. I could never forget how scared I was. That was the first time someone had physically touched me outside of battle, except for perhaps when I was a babe and being taken care of. And I had never been given a real family, Kakkarot. My father showed me some affection, true, but..he was dead before my sixth birthday. feel what you gave me, it seemed..wrong in a way. I felt like I didn't deserve it. I felt like I lost everything when I was with virginity had been the only thing I had left, and I just gave it away... But, in all honesty, I knew that I felt this way for you..and it scared me, because I thought that it'd make me weak like I was before. To submit to another, Kakkarot, it always meant pain. So I told myself I could do without you. That this emotion was nothing, and I could move on, and I would move on. I could not love I had to make you hate me. Then, I had to kill you."

"God, Vegeta..." Goku breathed before clutching the man and smothering him in light kisses. Vegeta was too surprised to respond to the sudden display of affection, and after a moment, Goku finally stopped. They sat in silence, embracing one another for minutes on end. Finally, Goku's lips upturned into a smile and he pulled Vegeta's head down to meet him for another kiss. It was awkward at first, but Vegeta eventually relaxed and opened up to Goku. The other Saijin took advantage of the situation and began to explore Vegeta's mouth with his tongue. It was precisely then that Vegeta pulled back. "What's wrong?" Goku asked, worry lancing him at the disengagement. Holding a very serious expression, Vegeta tapped the side of Goku's jaw, watching as the younger man instantly recoiled in pain. "You tasted like blood," the prince explained, then apologized, "I'm sorry I hit you." Goku gave a half-bitter laugh, "It's okay. I've had worse." Vegeta made Goku look into his eyes, "It is not okay. ...But it will be. I want to see you healed. That would make me..happy, Kakkarot."

Standing up, Goku clasped his hand onto Vegeta's forearm, "Alright. Let's visit Korin then." As Vegeta got up, Goku gave him a once-over. "What?" Vegeta asked, suddenly becoming very defensive. In an instant they appeared at the bottom of the lookout. "Come on, we have to climb," Goku said as he leaped onto the column that protruded from the ground and rose into the sky. Vegeta jumped up and began to climb alongside him, "No. I'm not letting it go that easy. Why did you look at me like that?" Goku chuckled before finally admitting, "The armor doesn't suit you." Vegeta paused and flushed slightly, "Well, I don't like that hideous gi you wear, but do you hear me complaining?" Goku shook his head before commenting, "You seem to find other things to insult." Vegeta stopped climbing, and Goku waited up for him, "What?" Growling lightly, the prince leaned back, his legs grasping the column for support as his hands removed the disapproved article. It constricted in size and tumbled down to the earth below, finally emitting a heavy thud. Without another word, Vegeta began climbing again, Goku following after him. Goku took this time to finish clearing the air of anything that needed to be spoken of, "Vegeta, I want to ask you something, and I want you to answer me honestly." The prince instantly felt nervous, because if there was a possibility that he would lie to Goku, it was very probable that he would not like the question. Finally he replied to the other man, "Fine. Ask it." Goku smiled before letting it fade off a little, a blush lightly creeping onto his cheeks, "Last night, it was better than fine, right?" Vegeta's eyes widened as he suddenly slipped, his tail wrapping around the poll tightly as he fell backwards, his head smacking hard against the stone.

Goku peered over at him but dared not to even to chuckle as the shorter made no indication of moving. After a few minutes he finally heard Vegeta sigh, but it seemed that the other man had no intention of speaking at the moment. Goku was patient, and he waited without pressuring the brunette for an answer. He was finally rewarded when Vegeta began to speak softly, "I'll be honest. It.." He paused, sighing again before finding his strength to recount what had occurred, "..It hurt at first, was..incredible. It felt..." Vegeta shook his head and swung himself up, his hands looking for the next hold. Goku decided to prod by admitting his own feelings, hoping that if he opened up, it would cause Vegeta to do likewise, "To me, it was perfect. I know that must sound really stupid and cheesy, but, that's the way it is. It wasn't just sex, it was..It was a way for me to show you how much I love you. I don't know..I guess I say that because, well, it was never like that with Chi-chi. With her it was almost odd, like we were doing it out of necessity because we were married. She never made me feel..important, I guess. You know....she would never scream my name, but you did. That's how I knew. That's how I knew you were the one."

After a few seconds Vegeta did decide to comment, "You are presuming too much. What you're saying here is that a good sexual experience immediately constitutes a long-term relationship." Goku reached around and clasped a hand on Vegeta's shoulder, "It was good because there was more to it than just the sex. I won't sleep with just anyone, Vegeta. Now you're presuming too much. Do you really doubt my love for you?" Vegeta lifted his hand and hesitantly placed it over Goku's, "I do have my doubts, Kakkarot, it is my nature." Carefully the prince removed the hand from his person, calmly stating, "Now let's get moving, I'm pretty sure you want that broken jaw fixed." Goku smirked and began climbing again, "It doesn't bother me, I don't even feel it." Vegeta chuckled a smooth, dark rumble, "Spoken like a true Saijin."

Conversation dwindled as they approached Korin's home. Finally they leapt over the railing and landed on horizontal ground. "Nice climb," Korin congratulated the two who sat before him. "Hey Goku! Is that really you!?" a gruff voice shouted out. "Yajirobe??" Goku responded in shock - he hadn't expected the human to still be living way up there. "Hey man, I haven't seen you in a long time!" Yajirobe exclaimed as he came into view, approaching his old friend, "How are things?" Goku suddenly grinned ferally as a mischievous idea came to mind. The younger man leaned over and wrapped an arm around Vegeta, announcing, "I'm in love." After admitting his feelings, he snuggled against a very perturbed looking Saijin prince. Yajirobe instantly became visibly flustered. "'re just kidding, right?" the overweight (wanna-be)warrior asked.

Goku beamed and nuzzled Vegeta affectionately, a gentle purr rising out of him as he ignored Vegeta's obvious discomfort from the public display. Finally Goku chose to answer Yajirobe with a smile, "No, I mean it. I'm leaving Chi-chi for Vegeta." Yajirobe suddenly stopped his nervous laughter and stared. He never knew Goku to be a liar, so he knew what Goku was saying was true. Vegeta suddenly snapped at him, "What! You got a problem with that!?" Yajirobe threw up his hands in surrender, "No, no, no! If you guys want to be fags, that's fine with me!" Vegeta's face instantly flooded with color as he shouted, "Hey you fat fuck - I'm not no sissy-ass lisp-speaking homo, you got that!?! I don't take interest to anyone, so god knows why the Hell I like Kakkarot!!" Yajirobe visibly shrank, sweating up a storm from nervousness. He remembered the first impression he had of Vegeta, and unfortunately the idea stuck; so in his mind, Vegeta would always be a megalomaniac rampaging maniac. Korin lifted a paw and coughed lightly into it as if to draw everyone's attention into a new direction, "So, I assume you came for some senzu beans?" Vegeta stood and folded his arms, "We only need one." The diminutive cat waddled off to retrieve the desired object and returned moments later. He handed the small bean to Goku who popped it in his mouth, bit down once, and instantly cringed, crying out, "Oooowww!!"

Vegeta snickered at him, and Goku instantly gave him a sour look. "It wouldn't be so funny if it happened to you," Goku mumbled, biting the bean and wincing every time. "It's okay, Kakkarot, I laugh because I care," Vegeta answered, folding his arms and leaning back against the railing. "Somehow, I doubt that," Goku said in response, in between bites, "You don't laugh at someone you care about when they're in pain. But that's ok, because I know you'll just kiss it and make it feel better!" Vegeta stiffened and inhaled deeply, "Yeah, that's what you think." Goku finally swallowed, closing his eyes as the healing properties of the senzu began to effect him. He felt his jaw bone mend itself, and the general aches and pains dissipate. He flexed his arm testingly, his elbow joint acting properly. "We can go now?" Vegeta thought out loud, standing up and looking at Goku expectantly. Goku got up as well, sighing, "I guess so..." Suddenly he leapt onto the prince, his hands gripping his shoulders and launching him backwards. Vegeta released a startled noise, and then he blinked in confusion as his body crashed into something soft and bouncy.

Vegeta glanced around him and took in the familiar settings, and instantly he blushed as he noticed he was straddled, "Kakkarot, what-" Goku interrupted him, bringing a finger to his lips, "Please, Vegeta.." The prince slowly pulled the hand away from his face, "Kakkarot, don't you think that this is, perhaps moving too fast?" Goku shook his head slightly in disagreement, "No..I..." He sighed silently and smiled warmly, a blush creeping up on him, "Just trust me, Vegeta." The brunette looked into his eyes, holding a look of concentration as if he was trying to decipher what was going on inside of Goku's mind. He finally gave a nod, reaching up to brush black bangs away from his eyes, "Okay." Goku leaned against the open palm, purring softly at the touch, almost mewling as the hand retreated. Vegeta rested comfortably, lounging under the larger man as if he was just waiting for something to happen.

Goku smirked a bit before dipping his head and capturing Vegeta's lips with his own. As expected, Vegeta didn't immediately respond, but after he was teased for a few moments, he joined the kiss. Goku pressed himself fully against the smaller body as his tongue gently dueled with his prince's, not letting anything distract him. He pulled back to start trailing kisses down the prince's jaw towards his ear, but abruptly, he pulled back. "I want a kiss," he announced, then pointed, "Right here." Vegeta smirked and sat up, "You're such a brat." Regardless, Vegeta planted a light kiss on the jaw he'd broken earlier, but stopped, and released a shaky breath against the black-haired man's skin. Goku looked at him in curiosity, but decided not to move before he figured out the prince's new intentions.

Testingly, Vegeta nipped at the exposed neck, listening intently to the content sounds it ripped from Goku. Trembling hands began to lightly rub against his sides, and Goku simply tipped his head to the side. He began purring as the hands quested underneath the cotton of his shirt and began tracing his muscles, slowly rising up to his collarbones before pulling back, tugging a bit to express his request. Goku looked down at Vegeta as his lips broke contact, and he helped him in the removal of his shirt. The article landed on the floor with a near-silent sound, leaving a shirtless Goku breathing deeply. Vegeta laid back and reached up, dragging his fingertips over the exposed chest and abdomen, his gaze focused. Goku merely watched, steadying himself as Vegeta explored every dip and curve. He smoothed his palms, massaging lightly up to Goku's shoulders before drawing back down until they slowed and eventually stopped at his waistband.

Swallowing, Vegeta let his shaking hands pull at the button, which gave way to allow access to the zipper. Goku neither said nor did anything, silently enjoying the small amount of dominance Vegeta was displaying. Maybe it wasn't exactly dominance, Goku thought, but it was a start. Vegeta slowly unzipped the pants, then began tugging at the waist. Hesitantly, not wanting to discourage the prince, Goku grasped the material and started to remove it. Vegeta's hand stopped him and he raised an eyebrow, but Vegeta gave him another smirk, snapping the elastic band of the boxers. The younger man blushed lightly, his hands grabbing the boxer shorts and pushing them, as well as the jeans, down. Goku drew back once he couldn't push the clothing down any further without switching positions.

He watched the prince intensely, wondering what course of action Vegeta was going to take next. Vegeta's face flushed hotly, but he ignored it, instead moving to grasp Goku's swollen erection. Goku took a deep breath, almost hissing at the contact, but he relaxed himself, letting Vegeta do as he wished. The brunette stroked the member, his fingers rubbing in all directions, noting different reactions, the texture, the temperature, and, inadvertently, the scent. He smiled calmly as he inhaled the spicy, musky scent of the other Saijin. It was pleasant and stimulating, and feeling more confident, he brought his other hand up to experiment. Goku's eyes slitted and he purred at the caresses. Feeling daring, Vegeta let his one hand venture lower, gauging responses as he very carefully cupped and rolled the two sacs presented. In less than a minute, Goku was giggling, and then pleading, "Ah, Vegeta! Please stop, that tickles!"

"What; this?" the prince asked, repeating his actions. Goku tossed his head back, restraining his laughter, "Yes!" Vegeta smirked and let both of his hands work their magic. Goku gasped and flopped backwards rather comically. Annoyed that his legs were restricted from the knees on down, he kicked off his pants and underwear as he began to compose himself. "That wasn't nice," Goku said with a grin as he flipped himself around. Vegeta smirked at him before teasing, "I just want to know all your weaknesses." Goku raised an eyebrow again before kissing him briefly, "And what other weaknesses do I have?" Vegeta leaned in, securing the distance between them once more. He instigated a kiss, breaking it barely to murmur a reply, "It seems to me you have this thing for.." He trailed off, letting his tongue twist and twine with Goku's. The taller man broke contact when something undoubtingly furry coiled around his arousal and squeezed. " tail," Vegeta finally concluded his sentence with a small, prideful chuckle. A low moan rose out of the back of his throat as Vegeta strategically tightened certain area's of his tail in a pattern. As the pace increased Goku was soon convinced that he could, and would, very easily reach a climax within a few minutes, so he didn't hesitate to gingerly remove the tail from his throbbing manhood.

When he felt the tail within his grasp, Goku decided instantly to not let it go. Instead, he felt the urge to feel its length, and began to pet the appendage, listening with satisfaction as the smaller Saijin first gasped, then whimpered. "Ah....aaaahhh..! Please..not...not my tail," Vegeta said, face contorted, hips twitching, wanting to rise up, wishing to seek relief. "Why not?" Goku purred to him reassuringly, his fingers running through the fur, the nails dragging across the skin. Vegeta tossed, very nearly bucking the third class off of him, " could..hurt me...Aaaah!" Goku grinned mischievously as he dipped his head, nuzzling his face against the brown fuzz as he observed, "You don't seem to be in anything akin to pain." Vegeta grit his teeth and fisted his hands into the sheets, "That's not the point.." Goku met his gaze as he continued his ministrations, "What is the point...phu Jakaht?" The last words spoken in a husky whisper. "" Vegeta's speech was reduced to fragments as Goku's mouth surrounded the tip and began to lightly suck. The prince wanted to curl up, possibly pull away from the intensity, but a strong muscular body had him pinned down; so instead he closed his eyes and released a low, keening moan. Very cautiously, Goku held onto the tail with his teeth to allow his hands the ability to roam.

His hands glided over the black stretchy material that did nothing to hide Vegeta's obvious arousal. He swirled his fingers all about before catching the spandex in his hands. With little to no effort he tore the shirt wide open, his hands following the path they'd taken the previous night. Gasping and writhing, Vegeta was able to choke out more of an explanation, "Tails...sensitive...mates only...touch...that's..why...last night...angry.." Goku kneaded the tense muscles while rumbling a "mm hmm" around the furry appendage. With a low moan, Vegeta whispered, "Kakkarot..." The sound of his Saijin name on Vegeta's lips was bliss, and with an approving noise he slid his hands down to Vegeta's waist and pulled on the shorts before finally ripping them as he did the shirt. Quickly and effectively, Goku vanquished the ruined clothes from the bed and decided to release Vegeta's tail. The prince gave a small sigh and closed his eyes, his tail laying lazily over Goku's arm, the end twitching from the after-shock from such sweet torment. But the brunette did not have a long time to rest as a hand wrapped around his erection and began to pump slowly. His eyes snapped open when he abruptly felt something else, something he did not expect. He looked up at Goku who now had his eyes closed, though his eyebrows were knit in concentration. He opened his mouth to question the younger man when he felt weight descend upon him, forcing himself inside of the younger man. He tossed his head back as he was taken in deeper and deeper till he completely filled him.

Finally, after a moment, Vegeta found his voice, "Kakkarot..What..? Why..?" Goku opened his eyes and smiled down at him as his trembling hands clasped onto Vegeta's. It was obvious he was in pain, despite what he did to act as if he was not. After a few minutes, however, the prince did notice that his facial features relaxed, and he decided to ask him again. As he opened his mouth it seemed that that was the precise time Goku thought it best to move, and he grasped Vegeta's hand and pulled them up his thighs and to his hips. He made Vegeta hold him, and then, he dropped his hands. Vegeta breathed deeply, understanding that his was an act of submission. For some reason it felt like a heavy burdon had been lifted, and experimentally, he pulled back and carefully thrust. Goku released a small whine, letting his eyelids close half-way. Vegeta paused to gain his bearings, soaking in all the effects of the new pleasure he experienced.

As the prince began a slow, yet steady, pace Goku found himself wondering if this was exactly what Vegeta had felt last night, and if so, he could begin to understand why he had been exhausted. Personally, Goku had not had sex in quite awhile, considering Chi-chi's strictness in regards to it, so even though he probably could've gone another round or three, he had been tired as well. Another thrust brought him out of his reverie with a groan, as he noticed it was particularly harder than the previous. A tail coiled around his waist and supported his back as Goku arced sharply. He heaved then, falling forward, his forearms catching him as he whimpered. The pace slowed as soft lips kissed the side of his face, and Goku lifted his head to look into his prince's eyes. He closed his briefly, trying to steady himself as Vegeta leaned up to kiss him. He opened up immediately, melting against the slighter body beneath him, and threading his fingers in the dark brown strands presented. Vegeta's warm tongue slid between his teeth and explored his mouth with leisurely deliberation, causing a purr to arise. The tail around his waist uncurled itself and began caressing up and down Goku's back, paying special attention to the spine. Slowly the pace increased back to the speed it had been at before, and Goku was very impressed by Vegeta's display of restraint.

In the same regard, however, Vegeta was finding it more and more difficult to hold back. This wasn't anything like he'd ever experienced, as last night he had no semblance of control. Goku had given him the ability to do what he wished, but at the same time, he did not want to hurt the black-haired Saijin, not when he had, and was, sacrificing so much for him. No, Goku deserved so much more, but he just couldn't offer it to him. His thoughts were broken as Goku whipped his head back and moaned loudly. Vegeta purred at the beautiful image and nipped at the exposed neck, rocking his hips a bit faster than before. Even though he was the dominant partner, he was still effected tremendously, and he felt his vocal cords acting on their own. This thumbs smoothed over Goku's hips as he slowed the pace again. Goku raised an eyebrow slightly, "..Ve..Vegeta?" The elder smirked softly before he whispered back, "I want to take it slow.." His hands ventured around to Goku's back, until he encompassed him, then, while holding him, he lifted himself up into a sitting position. Goku arced again, his arms wrapping around Vegeta's neck, his fingers twining into his vertical hair.

His previous hold on Goku's hips was reinstated as he felt the younger man's legs hook around his waist. He was stunned by the way this felt, the ecstasy of being sheathed in the body of the one he cared so much for. The instinctual motion of this coupling which meant much more than simple physical pleasure. Goku had never once thought that being on the receiving end of such an intimate act could cause such intense rapture; but as he was gloriously filled again and again he could barely hold back the moans that wished to burst forth from his throat. He knew the struggle was useless, and he would soon lose, but it mattered little to him as his prince kissed him gently. He would never have guessed the brunette to be such a kind and tender creature, but it did appear that his first hypothesis about him was correct. Even Vegeta had a "good" side. He knew this of course, for months now, but he still did not expect the careful deliberation and consideration that Vegeta was giving him.

Goku opened his eyes, not at all realizing he had closed them, as he felt Vegeta's hot breath against his ear. He nuzzled the other Saijin to the best of his ability, listening intently to the small moans that tickled his skin. The tail that was running across his back earlier was now swaying in the air behind Vegeta. Goku reached out and grabbed the end, ruffling the fur with his fingertips. Vegeta hissed sharply, thrusting up hard from the sudden onslaught, the gasp fading to a moan that crescendoed to a near scream. The rough buck caused Goku to nearly go sightless, but it did succeed in making him speechless. He was close now, as was Vegeta, he could tell with every fiber of his being.

He let the tail go in exchange for a secure hold on the prince as the pace increased suddenly. Vegeta was soon screaming, the recognizable sensation of a breaking point coming closer and closer still. Goku tossed his head, chanting his lover's name as he felt the impending climax. His body trembled seconds before, his mouth moving but no words coming out, and then, finally, intense, over-powering pleasure from the unique orgasm. His voice called out to his prince as he clung to him, his hot and sticky semen coating both of their torsos. As he came, his muscled tightened around Vegeta's length, urging him to join him. "Ah...Aki 'Roh...!" Vegeta moaned before he cried out, his orgasm blinding him, "KAKKAROT!!!" He clung to Goku as he pulsed, baring his mind, forcing all of his emotions out in a vague hope that the younger Saijin would understand. Exhaustion crept up on them both, and they fell back into the mattress together, panting hard, still sweating.

After a minute, Goku groaned softly and managed to get his legs free. With that done, he lifted himself off of the prince only to settle himself into a more comfortable position. He purred quietly as he lay his head on Vegeta's chest, basking in the afterglow. Vegeta lifted a hand and ran it through the dark, slightly damp, spikes, petting him softly. Goku tipped his head up, lightly kissing him. Vegeta smiled in response, '..This won't be easy...' Goku nodded in acknowledgement, 'It never is.' Vegeta leaned down for another kiss, of which Goku rose to meet. 'Preh Vegeta sha Saijin Jakaht, uru Preh Proch. Eti, Kakkarot, Nreh Nroch,' Vegeta told him, breaking the kiss as his hand brushed black bangs from his eyes, 'I have often thought about this. I don't know why, but it was a source of..inspiration..' He paused, drinking in the appearance of his new mate, before he translated for him, 'I am Vegeta, the Prince of Saijins, but I am me. And Kakkarot, you are you.'

'You will always be my prince.'

'And you will always be my third class idiot.'

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