by B-chan

part 1


Goku stood in front of the door leading to his bedroom, his hand trembled as he silently pushed on the door opening it a crack.

The sound of deep gasps and pants for breath filled his ears as he looked upon a scene that made his heart ache in his chest. He was too numbed by the sighted of a familiar raven-haired woman moving against an unfamiliar man with blond hair to push the door in more, speak, or even retreat from the betrayal taking place before him. He just numbly stood and watched as the woman he'd been with for over 20 years, the mother of his two sons, passionately embraced and kissed another. He'd never seen her so flushed and excited as she moved with the blond. Never had she looked so alive with him as she did with this unnamed man.

The two arched and muffled screams of pleasure against each other as they play the final roll in their act, bodies taunt, muscles tense, as they let loose in a wave of pure sensation and fulfillment.

As they lay gasping against each other Goku softly stepped back and closed the door to lean against it.

"Chichi..." he whispered raising a hand up to fist it in his black hair, legs shaking and sending a tremor all the way up his body. He'd suspected, had smelt it on her, but had ever questioned, had remained loyal in his trust of her and what she was: his wife. He knew he'd been gone a long time, seven years, but he didn't have much of a choice he'd been dead. The thought that she might have found someone in his absence never crossed his mind, that she would replace him. But now… now he'd seen with his own eyes that it was true, that his wife, his Chichi, loved another.

Disoriented the tall saiyan walked out of the house and jumped into the sky, he needed to get out of there, needed to find some place comforting, some place where he could forget the scene he'd just spied. He needed to wash the vision from him, rinse it away with battle, with exhaustion, with blood. For the first time in his life he wanted to go on a senseless killing spree and cover himself in the blood of innocents.

His power jumped up as he increased his speed, mind reeling at the terrible thought. Please Kami, make it stop whispered part of Goku's mind as he raised a hand to his head. Stop, I don't want to think this way, I don't want to think about anything!

He looked up at the night to see the silver moon hanging full in the sky, it seemed so close and big he almost believed he could reach out and touch it. Hold it in his hands as that man had held her…

"No!" shouted the saiyan blazing up to super saiyan, hair whipping up to stand on end, bleaching golden blond.

"No! No! No!" screamed the saiyan unthinkingly creating a ki blast in his hands. "I don't want to think about it!" he screamed making the ball of intense ki explode right in his hands.

Goku smiled as the wind whipped past his face. Darkness, it was finally taking him and with it all thought.

* * * * * * * * * * *

He woke up battered and sore on the damp ground, birds were singing cheerfully, white clouds drifted lazily by in a bright blue sky. It was an all so perfect day, with a miserable sigh Goku turned over not looking at the sunny atmosphere all around him; it did nothing to make him feel any better.

He stayed that way for minutes, hours? He couldn't be sure he just knew he didn't want to go home, but he'd have to sooner or later. With another miserable sigh he got up and began walking, he didn't know where he was and it would be near impossible to find his house on the ground, but he wasn't in a hurry, no there was no hurry; no one was waiting for him at home.

He was only dimly aware that he'd entered a town as he walked, not paying attention to anyone or thing around him.

"Hey, son are you okay?" asked a voice.

Goku blinked his down cast eyes and lifted his head to see an old man standing to the side of the road. He smiled faintly and shook his head, he'd thought it was someone that knew him since they'd called out 'son' but it was just a friendly stranger, figured.

"What's the matter son, you look like you've been beaten up or something," said the man running his eyes up Goku's torn clothing, cut and bruised skin.

"No," said Goku softly. "I'm okay."

"Nonsense," said the man going over and grabbing his arm wordlessly he started dragging the shocked Goku along. "You young folks always think you're invincible," said the old man shaking his head.

"But really I'm fine," said Goku from his crouched over position, he had to bend over while he walked due to the fact that the old man was really short.

"Pss," said the old man. "I maybe be getting senile, but I'm not blind. I can see that you're hurt," said the old man not looking back at him.

A sad look crossed Goku's usually cheerful face. Yes, he was hurt, but it wasn't his body.

The old man stopped as three young cat people crossed their path: two males and a female.

"She's mine you bastard!" shouted the white nekojin pushing a black one way from the female cat who was a pale yellow in color.

"No she's not!" shouted the black nekojin pulling back his pawed hand and socking the white cat person over the face. Soon a very nasty catfight was taking place in the middle of the road, fists and fur were flying everywhere. The yellow nekojin ran back and forth yelling at them to stop fighting, they ignored her pleas and continued to claw at one another.

"Kids," said the man shaking his head at the two nekojins and pulling Goku around them.

"But—" said Goku looking back at the catfight still going all out. "Don't you want to stop them so they won't get hurt?" asked Goku looking back at the old man.

"No, if they kill one another it's fine with me," said the old man.

"What? Then why are you so concerned about me?" asked Goku planting his feet and pulling his arm out of the old man's grip.

The old man sighed and turned to look at Goku. "Because you seem like a nice lad and those two are just being stupid fools," he said.

Goku blinked confused eyes at the old man.

"It's like this," said the man taking Goku's arm again and leading him down the road. "The only reason those two are fighting is because of that little yellow cat girl. They use to be best friends till that girl showed up," said the old man shaking his head. "She's too selfish to just pick one of them and stop their bickering. Huh! Women, who needs them?"

"Well why doesn't one of them just find another girlfriend?" asked Goku glancing back at the small dust cloud in the distance that was the two fighting nekojins.

"Because there are none," said the old man.

"What?" said Goku in confusion, he looked around to see lots of young girls walking around doing girl things. "There're lots of girls around here."

"Yes, lots of human girls, but only one cat girl," said the old man.

"They only want to be with another cat person?" said Goku scratching his head.

"Yes," said the old man stopping at a door and reaching into his pocket to dig for a key. "Of course, it's only natural to look for one of your own kind when going about these things, someone that looks and acts like yourself," said the old man finding his key and poking it in the keyhole. "Humans marry humans, nekojins marry nekojins, but humans and nekojins don't marry one another what's so confusing about that?" said the old man opening the door and pulling Goku inside his small hut. He pushed the unsuspecting saiyan into a wooden chair and went digging in his cupboards for band-aids and what not.

"Own kind," said Goku. He smiled bitterly, he was the only saiyan besides Vegeta there were no saiyan girls around for him to be with. He rubbed his chin, was that why he and Chichi didn't fit, because they weren't the same species? He'd never really felt all that attached to Chichi, sure he cared about her, but he cared about everyone. He'd stayed with Chichi mostly because she was a good cook, kept a clean house and warm bed, and she would let him touch her for some physical pleasure when he really wanted it like on bright moon lit nights. The biggest reason was that she said it was his duty as her husband. But he never really understood her, could never match her thought patterns, many thought it was because he was stupid, or that he just didn't understand women, but that wasn't true. He just didn't think like Chichi did, he could think like Vegeta easily, the saiyan prince would never admit it but the two thought very much alike and could anticipate each other with great skill.

Goku leaned back in the chair and sighed, wondering if Vegeta had ever felt incompatible with Bulma like he was now feeling with Chichi: he doubted it. Despite being two different species, Bulma and Vegeta were very much alike in personality. Both were proud, arrogant, they loved the thrill of the challenge, they loved trying to out do each other, and they loved being the best. A sad look crossed Goku's face… Bulma he missed her.

The saiyan lifted his head and blinked his large eyes, crossing them to look at the band aid the old man had stuck on his nose while he was too deep in thought to see him approach till he was right in front of him.

"You young people should take better care of yourselves," said the old man as he began to clean and bandaged Goku's minor injuries. "If you take care of your body now when you get to be my age it'll work better for you," smiled the old man.

Goku gave him a small smile back. "Thank you, for the fix up and the advice."

"Sure," said the man finishing and patting his shoulder. "Now you run off and try not to get in any more trouble."

Goku smiled his usual cheerful grin for the man and stood up, moving towards the door.

"Oh and one more thing," said the old man while Goku was standing in the doorway. "Talking to someone can help ease a heavy heart, don't try and pretend that you're invincible because while the body can be strong the heart can be weak."

Goku turned around and looked at the man as he moved out of the kitchen and into another section of his small hut. Had he sensed the inner turmoil in him? Was it that obvious his heart was breaking?

"Thank you," said Goku once again before leaving the small building and closing the door behind him. He looked down the street to see the two nekojins, looking dirty and bloody, were being questioned by police. The little girl nekojin was nowhere in sight. Had she left to avoid getting in trouble with the police?

Goku shook his head slowly and began walking once again.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Chichi was washing dishes from breakfast when Goku returned home.

"Goku," called Chichi. "Where have you been? You missed breakfast, Goten ate most of it before leaving for school, but there's still some left for you on the table," she said without turning to look at him as she continued to wash the dishes.

"No thank you… I'm not hungry," said Goku in a tired drained voice.

A dish crashed to the floor and Goku watched as Chichi slowly turned around to look at him.

"W-what?" she asked. "You're not… hungry?" she said in total shock.

"No," said Goku no smile graced his lips.

"Are you sick?" asked Chichi removing her rubber gloves and moving towards him. She raised up a hand to feel his forehead, but Goku jerked out of her reach.

"I know," he said softly unable to keep the betrayed look out of his eyes.

Chichi dropped her hand and gaze. "How long have you known?"

"Since last night," said Goku in an emotionless voice.

"You didn't—!" she blushed. "See us did you?"

There was a long pause with Goku holding still, looking like an impassive stone statue. Slowly he nodded his head.

Chichi blushed even more and turned to the side. "I… don't know what to say," she said softly holding her own hand.

"Do you… love him?" asked Goku, voice still in the dull lifeless tone.

Chichi wordlessly nodded. "I've been with him for years now, Goku," she said looking over at him. "Before you came back," she whispered. "I—I just couldn't forget about him and go back to being your wife… it's so lonely," she breathed.

Goku closed his eyes. Lonely, she was lonely with him and surprisingly he wasn't surprised that she was. They filled the roll of husband and wife, but the perks that made it enjoyable weren't there. Chichi was always yelling at him, trying to get him to do normal couple things and all he wanted to do was go out and spar with the boys. They had very little in common, they just didn't match he realized. Maybe she deserved someone better that could do all those things she so wanted.

"I'll leave, it won't be right for me to stay, this is more your home than mine, you've lived here longer."

"Goku!" said Chichi stepping towards him and raising one hand, the hand paused in mid air and hovered in front of him, as if she wasn't sure she should touch him.

"It's okay, I understand," said Goku. "I won't make this difficult on you," he got up. "I'll probably stop by a lot to see how you're doing and be with the boys."

"You can't be so accepting of this," said Chichi. "Where will you live, whose going to cook for you, who will take care of you?"

Goku smiled faintly, the way she talked as if he were one of her sons trying to leave the nest not a full-grown man. "I can take care of myself, don't worry about me," he said patting her head. "I just need some time to be alone and think," said the saiyan turning and walking towards the door.

"Goku?" called Chichi one last time, but the saiyan didn't turn and look at her. For the first time in his life he felt truly defeated as he closed the door behind him.

* * * * * * * * * * *

With a gasp for breath Goku popped up from the water and tossed a giant fish on land. "Wow, what a whopper," he said swimming towards the shore. "Hmmm you'll taste yummy with some wild herbs," he said licking his lips as he got out of the water.

"I didn't know you even cared to season your food, Kakarot," said a familiar voice to the saiyan's side.

Goku turned to the side where a compact muscular man stood leaning against a thick tree, his hair swept up like fire on his head, his eyes black as obsidian.

"Vegeta?" said Goku surprised to see the saiyan prince. He hadn't told anyone where he was, how had he found him? He watched as Vegeta ran his eyes down him and looked down as well realizing he was butt naked, strangely he didn't care if the prince got an eyeful. Vegeta didn't seem uncomfortable about his nudity so why should he be?

"You want some?" asked Goku moving over to the fish.

"No," said the saiyan prince.

Goku was disappointed that the saiyan prince wouldn't share his catch with him. Which was strange since they could both eat that fish and more, why should he be disappointed when there was more for him if Vegeta didn't want any?

Goku wordlessly began slicing up his fish with a ki charged hand, getting it ready for a good roasting over a slow fire. He glanced up to see Vegeta watching him with an emotionless look on his face; of course Vegeta usually wore that face.

"Vegeta why are you here?" asked Goku.

"You want me to leave?" asked the prince raising an eyebrow.

"No! I'd like you to stay. I'm just curious as to why you showed up."

"Looking for you," said Vegeta. "You've been missing a few days so I decided to hunt you down."

Goku shivered as Vegeta said the word hunt, he would have liked to go on a hunt with the saiyan prince, kill something with his own two hands and try and convince the proud saiyan prince to eat it with him. "Looking for me?" said Goku.

"Yes, you've been skipping our sparing matches," said Vegeta as if that should have been obvious.

"Oh," said Goku unable to keep the disappointment out of his voice. So Vegeta just wanted to spar? He should have guessed that, why else would Vegeta show up. Goku finished up his fish and set it up over the fire. Satisfied that he could leave it to cook on its own he stood up and wiped off his hands.

"Okay, let's spar Vegeta," said Goku giving him his classic Son smile.

"Are you going to spar like that?" asked Vegeta.

"Huh?" said Goku glancing down at himself and remembering his current clothes-less state. Strangely he wanted to say yes, but he didn't think Vegeta would like that much. He liked the idea of fighting the saiyan prince naked, showing off his powerful build, wondering if it impressed Vegeta at all.

"I guess I should put some clothes on," said Goku moving over to the pile of orange and blue gear. His clothes had seen better days. He'd been out in the wilderness for close to two weeks now his clothes were dirty, torn, and smelly. Maybe he really should just stay naked and fight the prince. He glanced at Vegeta's clothed form, the saiyan was dressed in tight black stretch pants, black boots going up almost to his knees. He wore a black tank top with thin straps doing a terrible job covering his powerful chest, and a blue denim jacket with the capsule corps logo on it, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He watched as the saiyan prince pulled off his jacket, getting ready for their match, a dark creature who's slender body was now dressed all in form fitting black. Goku tore his eyes off Vegeta as the saiyan prince stretched a little to get his blood pumping. He fumbled with his clothes suddenly wishing he had pants on as he found the picture very appealing to the senses.

"Ready," said Goku tying his cloth belt and turning to face Vegeta.

"Hn," snorted Vegeta indicating with his head towards a clearing not far away. Goku walked behind the saiyan prince as they moved towards the clearing, he couldn't help but run his eyes over Vegeta's nicely shaped back. Vegeta was much more compact and slender than he; he also had more curves to his build made very evident by the tight material. His movements were fluid, graceful. He's a prince thought Goku, of course he carries himself so smoothly. Vegeta always did have a royal air about him something he'd noticed when the prince just moved and didn't ruin it with words of pride and arrogance. He like Vegeta's presence very much when the prince was silent, just a finely chiseled statue to look at, not insulting him nor scoffing at the way humans reacted to certain things. Although, Goku had to admit his friends did over react to a lot of things, especially when watching a real fight. They always leapt to conclusions thinking such and such had won when the two fighters were just getting started, they'd know that if they'd checked for a power reading first before celebrating. They never seemed to learn, they did it every time, he wondered why they always looked so shocked when the enemy rose again after thinking he was dead for the tenth time.

Goku was so deep in thought that he didn't realize Vegeta had stopped moving till he bumped into the saiyan, briefly making contact to the shorter man's whole back. It made the hairs on his arms stand on end.

"Are you paying attention?!" barked Vegeta turning to glare over his shoulder at him.

"Um… sorry Vegeta," said Goku stepping back to give him his room.

"This spot should do," said Vegeta glancing around.

Goku nodded and began powering up to just below super saiyan level Vegeta did likewise.

He stood several paces way from the shorter saiyan just looking; Vegeta had turned into that stone statue he liked so much, silent and pure perfection. He couldn't help but think Vegeta had been in that statue state a lot more over the last two years, ever since Bulma had—

That thought was cut off as the saiyan prince blurred out from in front of him to reappear at his side fist raised. Goku caught his fist and returned it with a kick to Vegeta's ankle; the saiyan prince easily leapt up out of the way and slammed both his feet into Goku's stomach.

Goku growled the first point was Vegeta's, but he wouldn't let the prince win. For some reason he really wanted to win this match, needed to win it. To show Vegeta, show him he was strong and more then worthy of the prince's undivided attention.

They moved about the grassy clearing too fast for the eye, clashing in great displays of strength and power. Fists landed on flesh, sweat and blood mixed as the two danced, danced a pattern-less dance of death, each matching the other's movements perfectly; they were in sync.

Goku loved this, loved the animal like pleasure it gave him to fight with the only other creature alive that could possibly feel the same as he. Feel the call of combat, the kiss of pain was desirable, but the real excitement was to win: defeat, surpass, dominate. As long as he continued to be better, continued to win, Vegeta would come to him to try again. They could have their private dance over and over again till the end of time; Goku didn't want it any other way. Vegeta was the only thing that remained constant in life, the only thing that he could depended on to be there and to understand, so long as he continued to win against the saiyan prince.

Vegeta managed to sweep Goku off his feet; he grabbed the taller saiyan's arm on his way down and fell back wrapping his legs around Goku's strong arm, bracing his feet on the taller saiyan's chest. His arms held the wrist and forearm locking the joints painfully for Goku in a hold that was seemingly unbreakable without Goku having to break his own arm to get free.

Goku strained feeling his own actions increase the pressure in his arm and hissed between his teeth, shutting his eyes tightly in pain. He opened them when he heard a triumphant laugh from the saiyan pinning his arm.

"Looks like I've finally got you Kakarot," smirked Vegeta. "Do you give up or do I need to break your arm?" he asked applying more pressure till Goku thought his bones would snap under the strain.

Is he winning? Thought Goku unable to believe that indeed he was. Before today he would have just smiled and said 'uncle' but now… now he couldn't loose! He had to win! Had to be stronger!

With a shout Goku blazed to super saiyan, muscles tightening to lift his arm the pain was all gone now.

Vegeta hissed between his teeth and his hair snapped gold as well. Goku cried out as the pain returned feeling like his arm would break into a million pieces as Vegeta was determined not to let him go till he was victorious.

Goku snarled looking very much like a wild animal as he growled low in his throat at Vegeta and jumped up to super saiyan level two.

"Damn it," cursed Vegeta as Goku once again started over powering him. With his own growl his power climbed to level two and he was back in control again.

With a primal roar, Goku's power flashed to level three, rich long locks of golden hair ran down his back. He finally over powered the smaller saiyan and rolled so that Vegeta was pinned under his larger body, his long hair spilling all around them as the smaller saiyan cursed and struggled under him growling madly under his breath.

Goku closed his eyes as he felt the smaller saiyan writhe under him, making their bodies rub madly together in burning friction of ki, cloth, and flesh. Goku's mouth parted slightly at the arousing feel leaning his head back as he breathed deeply through his nose smelling the smaller saiyan's personal scent. He became aware of the defiant, angry growl coming from Vegeta and titled his head back down to look at the smaller saiyan who glared with angry eyes up at him.

Goku's eyebrows turned down as he frowned. Then without warning he grabbed both of Vegeta's arms and forced them over his head leaning down to growl in a very threatening matter right in Vegeta's face.

Vegeta's eyes widened looking up at Goku in shock, surprised that he was snarling in his face instead of smiling and giving him a helping hand up as he always did. "Kakarot?"

Goku stopped his growl at once and blinked his aqua colored eyes, what was he doing?! He was angry that Vegeta had dared to continue to fight him when he was obviously helplessly pinned. He let go of Vegeta's wrists and sat back on the saiyan's stomach watching as Vegeta eyed him in an untrustworthy fashion while rubbing the red marks on his wrists.

Goku bit his lip. "Sorry," he said getting off the saiyan prince and offering him a hand up. Vegeta slapped it away and stood up on his own giving the taller saiyan his back as he continued to rub one wrist.

An uncomfortable silence filled the air between them.

"Damn, Kakarot. You stink," said Vegeta.

"What?" said Goku. Kami, did Vegeta truly hate him now?!

"How long has it been since you've washed your clothes," said Vegeta.

Goku couldn't hide the look of relief that washed over him. Vegeta was still the same, their private dance would continue another day. He frowned fingering his orange gi top, slipping one finger through a hole in the front to wag it before his face. "A long time I guess," he laughed.

"Why don't you go home to that mate of yours and have her wash that filthy thing?" said Vegeta crossing his arms. "The smell of you alone nearly knocked me out."

A sad look crossed Goku's face as he dropped his hands from his top. "She's not my mate."

"What?" snapped Vegeta. "Of course, that raven-haired hellcat's your mate. You've been with her ever since I've known you."

Goku winced. "Don't talk that way about her. No she's not my mate, not any more."

Vegeta paused and stared hard at Goku for a long moment. "Are you saying you don't want her any more?"

"No, its not that I don't want her its that she doesn't want me. She's found someone else that treats her better." Goku lifted his head from looking at his feet and was surprised to see no mockery on Vegeta's face.

"I see," said Vegeta. "That's why you're out here." He cursed. "You're too soft, Kakarot. A true saiyan would have ripped anyone to pieces for even thinking of touching his mate. Your human ways make you weak."

"I think it might be better this way for both of us," said Goku.


"Me and Chichi, we've never been..." he paused looking for the right words. "Emotionally attached. Maybe it's time we stopped pretending, we just aren't all that compatible."

"Of course your not all that compatible," snorted Vegeta. "You're saiyan."

Goku looked at Vegeta with open shock. That reminded him of the train of thoughts his mind had taken when listening to that old man those weeks back.

Seeing the look on Goku's face Vegeta sighed and decided to explain in a way that Goku would understand. "Saiyans are mentally very different from humans, we claim our mates by foraging a mental link together. When a saiyan picks a mate it's not out of any emotional display or affection, no we pick a mate by how well we fit with them."


Vegeta sighed. "Someone that can fill their part in the relationship. If a saiyan male is looking for a mate to have offspring with, he'll look for a female with a high power level just below his so his offspring will be strong and he'll be able to force his mate into submission for the task. Believe it or not most saiyan females hated the mere thought of being pregnant; gets in the way of fighting. Saiyans had children only if the male could force his mate into submission while she was in heat, not an easy thing to do."

"What if you don't want a mate for having children? What if you just want a mate?" asked Goku.

Vegeta shrugged. "Then you find one that fits comfortably in your life style, it won't matter if they're male, female, saiyan or not. Although, few species can form the kind of mental link saiyans desire to have with their mates. If you find someone you can link with you'll instinctually make them yours with a hunt."

"Hunt?" said Goku. Once again hunting had come up in his thoughts today. Did he want to find a real mate with this hunting thing Vegeta was talking about?

"I can't believe this, don't you know anything about yourself? It's instinct you should have already gone through it with that woman of yours." He paused to think. "Maybe not, humans are incapable of returning a mental claim, doesn't mean you can't have a one sided link."

"Wait a minute, you're saying there's a hunt then a mental claim, but human's can't return it? Are you sure, didn't you have something like that with Bulma?" asked Goku.

Goku almost regretted asking that question as for a brief moment a twinge of loss reflected in Vegeta's eyes. The saiyan prince turned to the side arms crossed not looking at Goku, trying to look like the subject meant nothing to him, although, Goku knew otherwise. Vegeta really had loved her he'd admitted it in his own way years ago when she was still alive. Bulma had died due to complications months after Bra's birth. It had been devastating to them all.

"Bulma was the mate I claimed as mine. I hunted her and claimed her mentally and physically. I had a link with her even if her lack of mental powers made it a one sided one."

"One sided?" asked Goku feeling sorry for the shorter saiyan. What kind of mental angst would it be to loose someone that you were mentally connected to? It almost made Goku glad he didn't have a link with Chichi specially one that was one sided.

"My mind could touch hers, some things I could sense about her," said Vegeta waving his hand in Goku's direction as though it was nothing he was talking about. "It was one sided because she couldn't touch my mind back, which is good because it allowed me more privacy," said Vegeta still not looking at him.

More privacy but not the link you desired, ne Vegeta thought Goku silently. She was yours, but you weren't hers not completely.

A long silence filled the air again. Uncomfortable with it Goku spoke. "Why don't you join me for a meal Vegeta? I think the fish should be done by now."

"I'll join you, but I don't want any," said Vegeta.

Once again Goku was disappointed that Vegeta refused his offer of food, but he was glad Vegeta had at least said he'd stay. They moved back to the fish that was done roasting and Goku sat down to begin his meal; greatly enjoying the fish. Yup, you do taste yummy with wild herbs thought Goku licking his fingers and taking another bite of fish. He glanced at the saiyan prince who was just sitting with his back to a tree trunk watching him. Feeling it was rude to just pig out in front of the prince he decided to get Vegeta to speak some more.

"So tell me about the hunt? How do you do one?" asked Goku before taking another bite of fish.

"You already know how to do a hunt, Kakarot, I told you its instinct."

"Well, tell me so I know if I ever do it," said Goku around a mouth full of fish.

Vegeta rubbed his forehead as if he was developing a headache. "If I tell you about it will you stop pestering me with it?"

Goku nodded since his mouth was full.

"When making a move to claim a mate you invite them on a hunt and during which slowly turn the tables till they become the prey."

Goku looked up at him in interest.

"The aggressor, who is usually stronger, takes his chosen mate on a hunting trip to kill wild game, but the dominator makes sure that he is the one that kills the meal thus it is his. He offers it to his would be mate as a sign of his affections and in a sense that he is a good provider. If the partner accepts the meal and eats it the aggressor will then turn the tables and begin the hunt with his chosen partner. It's a kind of metaphor, by eating the aggressor's game you become it," said Vegeta with a smirk. "The would be mate is then given a chance to get away, out smart their hunter, or prepare for their coming. The aggressor would then issue a chase, which would lead to a fight that he must win. After that the winner takes his physical pleasure from the other and last completes the mental link. That's a hunt, Kakarot."

Vegeta looked up to see Goku had a wide-eyed look on his face that puzzled the prince.

Goku felt himself being to sweat as he looked at Vegeta. He tried to calm down, coughing nervously into his hand. "Um, Vegeta. When you say it doesn't matter if the mate is male or female what do you mean by that?"

"I thought you were going to stop pestering me if I told you about the hunt," growled Vegeta.

"Please Vegeta, I want to know," said Goku forgetting his fish meal to give the saiyan prince his full attention.

Vegeta sighed running a hand through his hair. "Very well. Due to the fact that there were so few females in our species many males took their pleasure from each other, it wasn't uncommon at all for a mated pair to both be male, even a rare few were both female. Saiyans weren't as judgmental about that kind of thing like humans are. A mate was a mate it didn't matter what or who they were. Picking a mate not in your class or power level was considered far more degrading then claiming a partner of the same sex as you who was in your rank. Class was important in the Saiyan Empire, very important," said Vegeta nodding his head. He looked up to see that Goku still had that shocked look on his face, bordering close to panic. He smirked at the taller saiyan. "Don't freak out, Kakarot. You have nothing to worry about if your silly human way of thinking prevents you from claiming a mate simply because he's male, this mud ball of a planet has no shortage of females."

"Right," laughed Goku stupidly but inside he was freaking out because he realized he was hunting a mate, he was hunting Vegeta! He'd been trying to get the saiyan prince to become his prey ever since he'd showed up! Even their fight, where he'd growled down at Vegeta for not submitting was part of the hunt! He hadn't been angry with Vegeta he'd been trying to force his dominance! Of course, he had no right to do so since Vegeta had not accepted his offering of food and thus become something yummy for him to devour. Goku was so caught up in his realization that he must have jumped five feet in the air when Vegeta put his hand on his shoulder.

"V-Vegeta," laughed Goku rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "Don't do that you scared me."

Vegeta gave him a skeptical look. "You're sleeping with me tonight."

Goku's mouth dropped to the ground. "What?!"

Vegeta gave him another odd look. "You're coming to my place to sleep. You're turning into a jumpy wild man that stinks. I insist that you wash yourself and those rags you call clothes. I'm not going to spar with you if you smell like a goat."

"Oh," said Goku a blush crept over his cheeks. Kami-sama, he was starting to act like his human friends, jumping to conclusions like that. For a minute there he thought Vegeta was offering him 'his' bed. He shivered violently at the thought, wondering what it would be like.

"Are you just going to sit there?" demanded Vegeta.

"Huh?" said Goku.

"Come on, let's go," growled Vegeta.

"Oh, yah, right," said Goku jumping up. Too uncomfortable and nervous at the moment to realize he didn't have to do as the saiyan prince said till he was already following Vegeta to Capsule Corps.

"I'm so stupid," whispered Goku quietly as they flew. Why am I going with him? It doesn't help my situation one little bit. He'd just lost his wife and now he found out he'd been having some saiyan thing for the only other saiyan around. Worse yet he was seriously starting to think he wanted to make Vegeta his, after all he wouldn't want Vegeta if they didn't fit well together right? He wondered if Vegeta suspected at all his desires, he also wonders what the saiyan prince would think of it.

Oh Kami, don't think about that, don't think about that, chanted part of Goku's mind. Was his life falling into some strange twilight zone or was he just dreaming?

Sooner than he'd have liked they landed outside the large round Capsule Corps building.

"Papa!" said an overjoyed two year old Bra running over to jump into the arms of the shorter saiyan who bent over to catch her.

Goku couldn't help but smiled at the scene. When Bulma had died Vegeta had been left to raise their daughter. Of course, he had Trunks, who was now 17, and Bulma's parents to help him, but the saiyan felt it was his duty to take care of the little rug rat. Goku believed it had something to do with how much Bra looked like Bulma.

Due to the fact that Vegeta wasn't much of the father type, raising Bra had been extremely awkward for him in the beginning. Goku had helped out a little, but it had been mainly Chichi who showed Vegeta the ropes of being a single parent. Who better to teach him than the poor abandoned wife of the only other saiyan around, she knew about demi-saiyans, taking care of babies, and about dealing with saiyans. Goku sighed sadly thinking again about Chichi he really hadn't been there for her.

"Papa," chirped the blue haired girl hugging him around the neck. She looked behind Vegeta to see Goku. "Goku-san," she smiled then sniffed the air. "You're stinky," she said wiggling her little nose.

Ack! Thought Goku, she's just like Vegeta. Do I really smell that bad he wondered lifting his arm and breathing in. Once he did he wished he hadn't.

"Dad?! You back?" asked Trunks from inside before opening the sliding glass door leading out back and poking his head through.

"Goku-san?" he said seeing Goku.

"Dad!" shouted Goten pushing Trunks out of the way to run over to his father. He all but jumped right into the tall Saiyan's arms like Bra had done Vegeta. Of course, it was a lot different have a 16-year-old boy jump into his father's arms then a two-year-old girl into hers, but Goku loved every second of it; he loved his sons.

"Where have you been dad! Me and Gohan were so worried about you," said Goten smiling brightly at his father.

Goku smiled and patted the boy on the shoulders. "Just needed some time to think, that's all Goten."

"I see," said Goten looking nervous. "Are you and mom really..." his face twisted up as if he found it hard to say the next word. "Separating?"

Goku gave him a small squeeze on the shoulder and nodded his head.

Goten looked extremely upset with his father's answer he lowered his head sadly. Trunks walked up behind him rubbing his back.

"If you want Goten you can stay here tonight," he said sensing his best friend didn't want to be alone at a time like this.

"You sure?" asked Goten glancing up at Trunks.

The purple haired demi-saiyan wasn't surprised to see his friend's eyes wet with unshed tears.

"Yes, I don't want to be alone tonight," he said giving his friend a supportive smile.

Goten managed one back. "Well, just to keep you company, since you're lonely," said Goten smiling back, but not his usual cheerful grin.

"This is good," smiled Goku. "Vegeta invited me to stay here tonight too."

"Really?" asked Goten looking at Vegeta.

"Yah, whatever," grumbled Vegeta not looking at the young Son.

"That's great," smiled Goten much more alive. "Let's get something to eat, ne?"

"No," said Vegeta causing everyone to look at the saiyan prince.

"What?" said Goten as if the prince had just told him he'd run over his puppy.

"First off, he," he said pointing at Goku. "Is going to take a bath, because he—"

"Is Stinky!" finished Bra for her papa.

Vegeta nodded his head agreeing with his daughter's choice of words.

"Um, dad," said Trunks. "Did you forget that the water pipe was broken accidentally when we were sparing yesterday?"

The saiyan prince grumbled in disgust. "It's not fixed yet?"

"No, the Plumber's just now getting to work on it," said Trunks.

Vegeta made another disgusted sound and looked at Goku. "Well I personally can't stand being so close to someone that smells so bad any longer. We're going to the public bathes," he said turning to start walking towards the CC building. "Now," he added not stopping in his walk.

"The public baths?" said Goten.

"My dad's surprisingly a very clean person, he can't stand being dirty for long, he takes the hottest showers possible without being boiled alive. Don't worry the public baths are actually very nice," said Trunks.

"I've never been to a public bathhouse before," said Goten.

"Either have I," said Goku.

"Well there's a first time for everything," said Trunks with a warm smile.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The group of four entered the large bathhouse; they'd left Bra at home to be watched by her grandparents.

"Wow," said Goten. "This place is so big and so many people are here."

"It's a lot nicer, when it's not so packed," frowned Trunks. "I'll go pay for us, you can get out of your clothes."

"Alright," said Goten grabbing his father and hurrying after Vegeta who was already heading over to the changing room. They picked out a set of four cubbyholes and began stripping.

Goku stripped fast, dumping his cloths in his cubby and wrapping the short white towel around his waist feeling kind of jumpy with so many people around. Not that he was shy about being nude far from it, something was rubbing him the wrong way. He looked around trying to figure out what it was, but ended up spotting Vegeta taking his time removing his clothes and was unable to get his eyes to continue his scan. He exhaled deeply as the saiyan dropped his pants, bent over to retrieve them, and put them in his box.

Goku titled his head to side not even thinking as he tried to get a better view of the prince's *cough* assets.

He nearly screamed as he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around to see Trunks smiling at him. "The bath is that way, Goku-san," said Trunks pointing to the side.

"Um, thanks," said Goku as Trunks began to pull his clothes off as well.

Boy, like father like son thought Goku. Pervert! Shouted his mind and blushing he snapped his head over to the side giving father and son privacy to finish getting ready. Goten also waited by his side, not wanting to go anywhere in his place by himself.

Goku once again scanned around the room and blinked his eyes as they landed on one man that wasn't hiding the fact that he was running his eyes up and down Vegeta. Briefly the stranger and Goku's eyes meet before the stranger grinned and mouthed 'nice piece of ass.'

Goku's vision went red.

"Dad?" called Goten as his father's ki threatened to skyrocket suddenly. "Something wrong?"

"Huh?" said Goku looking over at his son. "Um, nothing, Goten," he lied turning his gaze back to narrow his eyes at the strange man.

The stranger grinned wider and flashed Goku a victory sign before moving to head towards the bath.

Goku had the strongest desire to rip that man's head off his shoulders.

Everyone finished stripping and walked out of the changing room with towels around their waists. They looked for some empty stools and facets to soap up and rise off before getting into the bath to soak.

Trunks made a small sound under his breath and Goten turned around to see his purple haired friend blushing and glancing all around himself while one hand rubbed his butt.


"Someone… pinched me," said Trunks turning to look at Goten with wide eyes.

"What?!" shouted Goten.

"Shsss!" said Trunks blushing harder.

"Oh, yah," said Goten realizing that was probably something Trunks didn't want everyone to know. Of course, now Goten started staying behind his friend and guarded his 'rear' from any further attacks. The very thought of someone manhandling Trunks made him growl low in his throat.

Goten wasn't the only one doing some growling. Him again thought the tall saiyan watching as that strange man watched them. Go away thought Goku mentally shoeing the man. Stop looking at him, you have no right to look at him, he's mine! Goku stopped and realized what he'd just let run through his head. "I'm still hunting him," whispered the tall saiyan and worse yet he knew he was doing it now.

"Did you say something?" asked Trunks.

"Huh?" said Goku glancing back at him. "Um… no."

"Huh, I though you did, never mind. Anyway there are two stools over there Goten and I are going to use them. I see three over that way," he said pointing over to where three empty places were.

"We'll meet you in the bath," waved Goten sticking close to Trunks' side as they moved towards the two empty stools.

You sure you want to leave me alone with your father, Trunks? I might jump him thought Goku. He glanced around and was almost glad there were people all over the place; he wasn't truly naked and alone with Vegeta. His eyes landed on that strange man again as he started after Vegeta who was moving towards the vacant stools. The low growl started up in his throat again and almost turned into a snarl as Vegeta sat down on one end of the three, the stranger sat in the middle leaving one vacant stool on his other side way from Vegeta. Are you trying to compete with me?! Thought Goku hands clenching into fists at his sides. You're going to lose and maybe worse if you keep this up he thought shooting the man a glare as he sat down beside him and grabbed a bar of soap to being washing.

He liked competing, but not on this level, he realized he didn't really know the rules to this game. He'd just watch and make sure that man didn't get any ideas.

Goten was lathering himself up good when he felt Trunks tap his shoulder. "Huh?"

"Want me to do your back for you?" asked the purple haired demi-saiyan.

Goten grinned and nodded his head, waiting and anticipating Trunks' hands on him as the purple haired half-breed moved to kneel behind him lathering up his hands.

"Of course, you'll have to do mine when I'm done," said Trunks in a smug voice.

"I knew there was a catch," said Goten and closed his eyes as Trunks' strong hands began rubbing and trailing down his back. Ah heaven! Thought Goten leaning his head forward and sighing as Trunks moved down more. Kami, his touch is wonderful, powerful yet not rough just like a masseuse's hands are. I could fall asleep at this rate thought Goten groaning softy. Goten was shocked into full awareness as Trunks up turned a bucket of water on him to rinse.

"Trunks!" he protested moving his wet hair out of his face.

"What too cold?" asked Trunk feeling what little water was left in the bucket.

"No," muttered Goten, face turning beet-red as he realized Trunks' gentle back rub had made him hard without him realizing it. Oh Kami thought Goten, please don't let him see. The last thing I need with my life so screwed up is Trunks finding out I secretly worship him like a sex god.

Goten mental note to self—Trunks has 'magic' fingers. He blushed hotter. Just Trunks laying his hands on him was enough to make his blood boil in his veins. He was really starting to wish that water Trunks had dumped on him was cold, ice cold.

"Well then my turn," said Trunks moving to go to his stool, but Goten quietly grabbed him swung around behind him and shoved him towards the one he'd been sitting on. He breathed in relief as he managed the feat without letting Trunks see the tent in his towel.

"Goten," said Trunks starting to turn his head to look at his friend. Goten quickly grabbed Trunks' head stopping him from completing the turn.

"Trunks I think you need to wash your hair," he said quickly making up an excuse.

"I do?" asked Trunks fingering a few strains of lavender. "All right," he said sitting down on the stool, Goten moved behind him to keep Trunks and anyone else from seeing he was aroused. He stayed behind the purple haired teen and knelt down with him as Trunks moved to sit down. Goten swallowed hard trying to get himself under control. Kami, I'm going to have a really wet dream tonight of madly screw Trunks from behind in a public bathhouse, I just know it.

"Um, Goten? You can go back to washing yourself. I can do my own hair," he said leaning forward to grab a shampoo bottle.

No not yet, I'm not in control of myself yet! Screamed Goten's mind as his hands reached out and grabbed Trunks' hips pulling the shocked teen back more on the stool.

"Goten?" protested Trunks moving to turn his head once more to look over his shoulder at his friend. Goten once again stopped the move by fisting one hand in Trunks' silky hair the other one reaching around the teen's waist to fumble for the bottle of shampoo that Trunks held.

Please don't have dirty thoughts of what you could use this stuff for besides washing Trunks' hair thought Goten. Ahh! Damn!!!

"You asked me to return the favor," breathed Goten much huskier than he would have liked. "So I will, just relax."

Kami, this could so easily turn into a porno flick thought Goten wishing that he'd stop thinking dirty things about his best friend and start working on getting the object of his embarrassment down.

"I can do that myself, Goten," said Trunks once again trying to turn his head. Goten gave a not too gentle tug on Trunks' hair, making the teen wince slightly and forcing him to keep his head forward.

"Yah, I know, but I want to," said Goten releasing his hold on Trunks head to open the bottle and squeeze some of its contents into his hand.

"Okay, if you want to so badly," said Trunks sounding confused, he relaxed and just looked forward.

Goten breathed a sigh of relief and dug his fingers into Trunks already wet hair, rubbing gently at his scalp. Goten was finally starting to regain control of himself as he work, concentrating on the task at hand and not the hunk of hot love he was touching. He was almost completely recovered when Trunks let out a low moan leaning back into him.

No! Thought Goten as he looked over his shoulder at Trunks, a small smile gracing the teen's face while his eyes were closed, the teen's rear was lightly touching him in the 'wrong' place.

"Hmmm, Goten that feels good," said Trunks without opening his eyes.

Are you trying to seduce me into screwing you, because it's working! Thought Goten. Fuck! He mentally screamed as his body responded once again without consulting his brain.

Trunks wasn't the only one that wanted to give someone a back rub.

"Want me to do your back?" asked the stranger to Vegeta, nearly causing Goku to go tumbling off his stool in surprise at the stranger's forward and bold manner.

Vegeta glanced at him a moment and looked away continuing his washing without giving the man an answer.

Goku sighed in relief at Vegeta's reaction then frowned. Why am I so possessive?! I had nothing with him till today, I still have nothing he doesn't even know what I feel. Do I really want to push the limits of his tolerance of me? What if he doesn't want my affection? It's a phase, I'm not thinking straight, still shook up over seeing Chichi with another man I don't want Vegeta in that way.

"Come on," said the man getting off his stool and moving behind Vegeta. "I'm good with my hands," he said putting those said hands on Vegeta's shoulders.

The saiyan prince bare his teeth, clenching his hand into a fist, he began to turn to give that man his answer. Vegeta was completely shocked when Goku beat him to it and punched that man so hard he was sent flying back into the large pool like tub that many men were already soaking in. Vegeta's mouth dropped as he watched the unconscious man float up to the top of the water and was then fished out by several other men. He turned to look at Goku who was blowing steam through his nostrils like a bull, a very angry look on his face. "Kakarot?" said Vegeta unable to get the shock to leave his face just yet.

When Goku turned back to look at him Vegeta did regain control of his face muscles and scowled at the taller saiyan. "I didn't need your help, Kakarot," he said coldly. "I can't believe you did that, you of all people!" said Vegeta.

"Um," said Goku looking down at his fist, he unclenched it and moved it behind his head in an innocent gesture, he smiled and laughed nervously.

"Either you've lost your mind, Kakarot, or you're finally starting to get in touch with your saiyan side," said Vegeta with a smirk.

"Eh?" said Goku going pale. Does he know that I'm in lo—

"You never would have clobbered someone without a good reason before, I'm beginning to think there's hope for you yet," smirked the prince.

Oh, I had a good reason thought Goku. You like me violent, don't you Vegeta. You like it when I stop thinking and just act like some wild animal that believes only the strong survive and get what they want. You always try and make me loose control. Goku frowned at the thought of what might happen if he allowed himself to loose control. Then filed it away in his head for later thought, if you take off my human leash Vegeta you might not like the saiyan you set free.

"Hope for me yet, hn?" said Goku giving Vegeta a small smirk of his own. Yes, Vegeta there's hope for the saiyan in me, and I'm looking right at it.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The four soon found themselves soaking alone in the corner of the large tile bath. Goten sat on one side with Trunks beside him, next to Trunks with his back in the corner sat Vegeta and to Vegeta's other side was Goku. Both Sons feeling affectionate and protective of their unsuspecting objects of desire were sitting much closer to the two Briefs then need be, making the large bath seem severely closed off and limited in space; specially for leg room.

Goten had after a long time of just vigorously rubbing Trunks' hair finally gotten himself under control enough to let Trunks up to go to the bath. Of course, Trunks' hair had never been so clean in his whole life. Now here he was with his side practically plastered up against Trunks' as the purple haired demi-saiyan leaned his back against the rim of the large tub, eyes closed, that little smiled Goten liked so much gracing his lips as he just let the warm bath water soften his skin. He had the strongest desire to close his eyes and lean his head on Trunks' shoulder, loving the close contact to the purple haired teen, but he doubted that Trunks would. He sighed in a longing way just taking in the sight of his desire, till he happened to look across Trunks to see Vegeta studying him in a curious manner. The young Son felt himself break out in a cold sweat. Oh Kami, does he know?!

As if reading his mind Vegeta turned his head to the side, crossing his arms as he closed his eyes, a smirk gracing his lips. "You're going to have to get a lot stronger, boy, if you ever want to get him," said Vegeta.

Goku looked at Vegeta in confusion not understanding and Trunks opened his blue eyes to glance at his father.

"What do you mean father?" he asked.

Goten could feel himself panicking. No, no, no! Don't tell him Vegeta! He mentally begged the shorter saiyan.

"Hn," said Vegeta not moving from his closed eyes crossed arms position. "I'm just stating the fact that Goten would never be able to conquer you in his current state."

Trunks laughed. "Of course not I'm still a little stronger than he is," smirked Trunks crossing his arms like his father.

"I don't know about that," said Goten with his own smirk. "I think maybe I could take you." Oh Kami did I just say what I think I just said? He once again glanced at Vegeta wondering if the saiyan prince knew, was okay with his courting his son, and why?

"You're welcomed to try," said Trunks in amusement giving Goten a smug look.

Goten's eyes widened. Did Trunks have any idea what he was inviting him to do?! Goten didn't think so. He snapped his head to look at Vegeta as the saiyan prince laughed. Obviously Vegeta did know.

Uncrossing his arms Vegeta rose from the water. Without a word the saiyan prince moved to get out of the room and dry off. Goku got up and hurried after him.

"Vegeta," said Goku moving to stand behind the shorter saiyan as he toweled himself down. "What were you talking about back there?"

Vegeta grabbed another dry towel and tossed it at Goku giving him a smug look. "I think your son is hunting mine, Kakarot."

"Goten?!" said Goku in shock. "Why do you say that?"

"He's always following my son around like a lost puppy," said Vegeta moving the towel up to rub at his wild black hair. "And he looks at him like a starved wolf would a rabbit," smirked the saiyan prince.

"You're okay with that?" asked Goku in shock. He would have thought Vegeta would have wanted his son to get married and have children to continue the saiyan bloodline.

"I know what you're thinking, Kakarot," said Vegeta. "Trunks is not my chosen heir, he's too much like his mother, thinks like a human," snorted the saiyan. "So I don't mind if he's in a relationship that has no hope for producing offspring." The saiyan prince let the towel drop down to his shoulders. "I'm training Bra to be more saiyan like, she's my heir, Trunks can do whatever he likes."

Goku blinked his eyes at the saiyan prince in shock.

Vegeta just continued to smirk. "Of course, I doubt your son has what it takes to make my son his, so there's still a chance that Trunks will carry on my blood, now isn't there?" he asked.

"You don't think Goten's a good hunter?" asked Goku narrowing his eyes at Vegeta.

"He's too much like you," grinned Vegeta.

Goku couldn't keep his eyes from widening. He knows!!

"You haven't even gone on a hunt in your whole life, what hope does your son have," said Vegeta. The saiyan prince turned around and pulled the wet towel off that had been wrapped around his waist giving Goku a nice view before wrapping a dry one around it.

Goku grinned at Vegeta's backside. You still don't know, do you little saiyan? You and your son are both clueless. I think this gives Goten and I a good chance at a surprise victory.

Vegeta turned around to see Goku with a big grin on his face. "What are you smiling about?" demanded the prince. "You think he's got a chance?"

Goku grinned wider. "I know he's got a chance."

Vegeta snorted. "We'll see about that."

* * * * * * * * * * *

Goten just couldn't sleep that night. He was in Trunks' room, laid out on a futon on the floor. Trunks was on his own bed fast asleep, the light sound of his deep even breaths sounded unnaturally loud to Goten. Trunks seemed to be turning quite a lot in his sleep and his covers had long ago been kicked off. Not that Goten blamed Trunks it was a damn hot night, too hot for the warm covers and blankets on Trunks' bed, too hot for the covers on Goten, too hot for the clothes he wore. Goten was just hot period! He had every right to be with the sleeping bishounen not far away.

His eyes once again moved over to look at Trunks' sleeping face, the teen's lush lips were parted, moving slightly with his every breath.

Goten groaned rolling over on his stomach and running his tongue over his own dry lips. He buried his face in his pillow, hands moving up to fist into it as well, but that only made him grow hotter as he heard Trunks groan softly in his sleep. He turned his face to the side, peeking at the purple haired teen with one eye.

Trunks had spread himself out as much as possible on the bed, one of his arms was curled up over his head, the other out to his side, his legs were spread wide apart in an unconscious attempt to get more cool air running over his body.

Goten gasped into the pillow, squeezing his eyes shut. Damn you Trunks, why do you have to be so damn sexy in every thing you do? Thought Goten angrily as one of his hands travel down his own sweaty chest and down to rub his semi-erect length through his cotton pajama pants. He opened both his eyes and watched as Trunks turned on his side giving Goten a good view of his back.

Kami Trunks, why do you only sleep in a thin white tank and boxers? Thought Goten sliding his hand up his wash board stomach and down his pants. You're driving me mad he thought lightly stroking himself. He bit his lip in frustration it wasn't enough. He glanced back up at the sleeping teen and slowly got on all fours, then his knees, letting the blanket slide down his back and to the futon forgotten. Trunks he mouthed almost a plea for the teen to wake up and take care of his arousal. But Goten knew that if Trunks did wake up and saw him like this he'd probably just run away from Trunks as fast as he could. Sitting on his heels he looked at the teen while running his hand up and down himself, biting down much harder on his lip to keep from making any noise. It was torture to just look and not touch. His hips began to move slowly back and forth as he worked.

Goten froze as Trunks rolled over on his other side facing him. He didn't even breath fearing Trunks would hear it and wake up. After a long pause of nothing but silence Goten whimpered softly reaching up with his other hand to pull his pants down his hips, freeing his erection. He stroked himself much faster, growling softly in frustration as he seemed unable to find his release like this. It was too much to do it this way while all he wanted was to go over to the sleeping teen next to him and climb on top of him to finish the job with Trunks' beautiful body. He thought of Trunks strong hands and fingers how good it would feel to have him stroke him to ecstasy, Trunks' sensual mouth, what would it feel like to have that on him, the boy's firm rear—Goten groaned loudly reaching up one hand to bite his own finger. His eyes looked over the purple haired teen in a desperate manner as he slowly got to his feet and moved to stand over Trunks. He stood like that for what seemed like forever to him before he lifted a trembling hand and hooked his fingers under the rim of Trunks' boxers. He held his breath waiting to see if Trunks would wake at the light touch but thankfully he did not. As carefully as he could he pulled on the blue boxers, watching as they slowly slipped down Trunks' rear and to his thighs.

Goten's arousal fairly throbbed with excitement as he looked on. He almost had a heart attack when Trunks mumbled under his breath and rolled on to his stomach to the middle of his bed, moving his arms up to rest them under his chin, legs spread slightly, with boxers still down around his thighs.

"Trunks," he whispered softly laying one knee down on the teen's bed, watching with a racing heart as the mattress shifted under his weight, but Trunks didn't notice.

Goten swung his other leg over Trunks to land on the other side of the teen, till he was straddling Trunks, but still not touching him. His hands moved down to either side of Trunks' face as he loomed over the unaware teen. Goten ran his tongue over his once again dry lips as he lifted one hand and moved it down to grab his arousal again. Closing his eyes half way he began to stroke himself hard, breathing heavily as he looked at the teen under him.

Trunks, what I wouldn't give to touch you, he thought titling his head back as he only touched himself—bring himself up to the point were he just wanted to scream his pleasure out loud. He bit down on his lip till blood ran down his chin as his hips pushed back and forth, making the bed sway slightly with his movements.

Goten gasps, tears sliding down his checks, his eyes closed, mouth opening in a mute cry as he at last reached climax feeling warm liquid run over his hand.

He stayed in that position till the waves of pleasure finally lessened enough for his mind to clear and when they finally did, he sat back on his heels, careful not to touch Trunks at all and looked down at him.

Kami! I can't believe he didn't wake up! Thought Goten. His eyes widened as he spots some white liquid on the dip of Trunks back. He swallowed hard wondering what he should do about that. He decided first to fix himself so if Trunks did wake up he won't be caught with his pants down so to speak. He lifted his pants back up over his hips raising up his hand, looking at his own seed all over it. He raised the hand up to his mouth and tasted, bitter but in a way pleasant he thought cleaning it off his hand with his tongue. Once that was clean he looked down at Trunks once again then scooted back to Trunks' calves, hands moved back to the rim of Trunks' boxers to begin sliding them back up. He leaned over the sleeping teen more and ran his tongue over the dip in Trunks' spine cleaning up his mess before he finished pulled Trunks' trunks back up. He sat back up again and ran his tongue over his lips, tasting the salt from Trunks' skin in his mouth. Silently he got off the bed and went back to his own futon climbing in and pulling the covers up to his chin.

"I'm such a pervert," he whispered into the blanket closing his eyes.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Both Sons awoke to the smell of something delicious and walked in a trace like state towards the kitchen, their eyes closed just following their noses like a pair of bloodhounds.

They bumped into each other in the hallway leading to the kitchen and opened their eyes to glance at each other.

"Morning father," smiled Goten.

"Morning," smiled back Goku. "Did you sleep well last night?"

"Eh?" said Goten, he was unable to stop the blush that spread on his cheeks.

"Something wrong, Goten?" asked Goku titling his head to the side in a curious puppy dog manner. "Are you blushing?"

"No," said Goten turning to the side and putting his hands behind his head. "It was too hot last night to sleep well that's all," he said trying to sound casual.

"Hmm," said Goku leaning forward, face inches away from Goten's.

"W-what?" stammered Goten.

Goku breathed in deeply, lifting an eyebrow, then smiling widely at his son. "You smell like Trunks."

"D-dad!" said Goten backing away from his father.

"That you Goten-kun?" asked a familiar voice from the kitchen.

Both Sons turned to see Trunks sitting at the kitchen table, newspaper in one hand, coffee mug in the other. The teen was already showered and dressed to go to school.

"Ah Goku-san too," smiled Trunks. "I made breakfast, dad's already eaten and is out training so you two can divide up what's left. You want some coffee Goten? Oh wait, you like tea don't you? I'll make you some then," said Trunks scooting his chair back and getting up to do the said task.

In the hall Goku nudged his son in the side giving him a meaningful grin.

"It's not what you think," said Goten slapping a hand over his face and groaning.

"You mean you didn't jump him last night? Then why is he in such a good mood and why do you smell like sex?" asked Goku.

Goten's face must have turned as red as a tomato. "Dad," he hissed. "Don't say anything, please."

Goku blinked his eyes at his son in confusion.

"I'll explain later, just don't say anything to Trunks, please."

"Okay," said Goku. "But we will talk later," said the saiyan moving over to get some breakfast.

"Oh, I can tell today's going to be a bad one," moaned Goten moving to get his share before his father devoured it all.

After breakfast Goten hurried to get ready for his classes running around like a mad man.

"Goten we're going to be late if you don't hurry," called Trunks looking at his watch.

Goten hopped by while trying to pull on one sock, toothbrush in mouth. "Jusst go wiff-out b, I'll catss uup," Goten managed to say around the toothbrush.

"Okay, I'll see you in homeroom then," said Trunks moving towards the door.

Ten minutes later Goten was running towards the door with his book bag under arm, but skidded to a halt as he nearly ran into his father who was standing right outside the door.

"Care if I fly you to school?" asked Goku.

Goten swallowed hard but nodded. The two jumped into the air heading towards Goten's school.

"Um dad, about Trunks and me—" started Goten.

"You're mates now right?" smiled Goku.

Goten nearly fell out of the sky. "W-what?!" He blushed deeply and looked to the side. "No, we're just friends, nothings happened between us."

"Yet?" asked Goku.

Goten looked at him shyly. "Are you trying to encourage me to be gay?" asked Goten.

Goku shrugged. "I just want you to be happy. I don't want you to make the same mistakes as me and your mom did. You should be with someone special, someone you love," smiled Goku. "Beside Trunks makes a good omelet, he'll make a great mate."

"I can't believe I'm talking about this with you," said Goten. "You don't mind at all that we're both men?"

"No, should I?" asked Goku.

"Most people do," said Goten.

"Most humans do," corrected Goku. "But we're not human. Vegeta told me that a mate is a mate. It doesn't matter if they're the same species or sex, just so long as they fit you," Goku smiled brightly at his son.

"I'm half human," said Goten. "Vegeta told you that?! How did that topic ever come up between you two?" Goten halted in mid air and gasped at his father pointing his finger at the tall saiyan. "Are you and Vegeta—?!"

"No, no, no!" said Goku blushing and waving his hands in front of his face. "We haven't done anything yet, but I want to. I don't know if he does though so don't say any thing."

"Oh Kami!" shouted Goten in shock. "My dad's gay!"

"What, so are you," said Goku looking confused at Goten's words.

"Um… I um...," stammered Goten blushing.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of Goten," said Goku.

"I—well it—we," said Goten getting redder by the minute. "I'm late for school!" shouted Goten increasing his speed and leaving his father behind.

Goku blinked his eyes in the direction his son had zoomed off. "Have a good day!" he shouted wondering if Goten could even hear him any more. "Boy, missing school must be really bad for him to leave like that." Goku turned around in the air. "Well I'll leave you and Trunks to work it out your own way in the mean while—" said Goku powering up a bit to increase his speed. "I've got a saiyan of my own to chase."

* * * * * * * * * * *

Vegeta was throwing rapid punches at the air and high kicks when the gravity decreased down to 1g and the door opened.

"Kakarot," said Vegeta not stopping his practice. "What do you want?"

Goku watched the prince move for a few seconds. He's that statue I like once again thought the taller saiyan with a grin watching poetry in motion.

"I want to go do some wilderness training," said Goku.

"Then go," said Vegeta not even turning to look at him. "I'm not your keeper, Kakarot."

Goku just smiled at the saiyan's unfriendly tone. "I want you to come with me."

Vegeta did stop his practice to look at the taller saiyan to his side.

"A couple days, just you and me," said Goku.

Vegeta crossed his arms and turned to face Goku looking like he was considering it.

"Come on Vegeta. I promise to go easy on you if you're worried," said Goku, he couldn't help the little smirk that crossed his lips.

Vegeta growled. "I'm sure as hell not coming if you're not going to give me your best," snapped the saiyan prince.

"Oh I'll give you my very best then," said Goku running his eyes up and down the shorter saiyan.

Vegeta snorted and once again seemed to consider it. "Very well," he said after a long pause. He smirked, "It's been awhile since I've let myself be free. A little fresh air will do me good. Plus I always enjoy beating on you, Kakarot," grinned Vegeta.

Goku grinned back. "I'm glad to hear it."

* * * * * * * * * * *

Trunks was walking out the front gate of his school, brief case swung over shoulder, when he heard a familiar voice calling out his name.

"Trunks-kun!" shouted Goten waving while running towards his friend.

"Goten," smiled Trunks. "You going any where today?"

"No," smiled Goten moving to stand next to Trunks.

"Good, lets have some fun then," said Trunks grinning at him.

Goten couldn't help but shiver at that look. What kind of fun Trunks? he wonders, unable to keep a very naughty picture out of his head. "Sure I'm in."

"Good," said Trunks looping an arm around his friend's shoulders.

Goten was so happy he could cry, unfortunately the moment was ruined by a flock of girls running over to them.

"Trunks-san!" they all chorused as if they'd practiced it many times, which they might very well have.

"Hello everyone," said Trunks with a warm smile.

"Trunks," said one girl. The way she called Trunks' name annoyed Goten to no end. "We were going to go to the lake for a swim with some friends and we were wondering if you'd come with us," she chirped hearts practically flashing in her eyes.

"The lake?" said Trunks looking at Goten. "Well I was planning on spending some time with my friend Goten here," he said gesturing at Goten.

"Bring him too!" shouted all the girls at once.

"We don't mind if he comes, not at all," smiled one girl running her eyes up and down Goten.

Goten frowned, he really didn't want to share Trunks with these girls, but Trunks turned to look at him.

"Well what do you think Goten? You want to go?" he asked that warm look still on his face.

Must resist, mustn't give in to charming boyish good looks, must— "Sure." Damn it!!!

"Great!" shouted all the girls. "Meet us there at five o'clock," the girls all waved and walked off giggling. Goten was glaring at their backside with an annoyed look.

"See something you like?" asked Trunks in a teasing manner nudging his friend in the ribs.

"You know Trunks they're never going to have enough food there to feed even one of us," said Goten.

"Well then I'll treat you to a meal before we go. How does that sound?" asked Trunks.

Goten smiled widely. "Really you mean it?"

"Yup, you can get whatever you like," smiled Trunks.

"Alright!" cheered Goten. He rarely got to go out to eat, it was extremely expensive with the kind of proportions needed to fill up a demi-saiyan.

"So what do you feel like eating?" asked Trunks. "Italian? Mexican? Seafood? Chinese?" asked Trunks.

Goten wiped the corner of his mouth where drool had started to form at the mere thought. "How about Italian?" He could really go for some pasta right now. Goten winced thinking how expensive that would add up to.

"Sure no problem. I know a great place, come on," he motioned with his hand heading down the street.

"Lucky!" said Goten quickly following after.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Ahhh! I think I'm full!" said Goten patting his stomach.

"I think that's the first time I've ever heard you say that," smiled Trunks leaning on his hand looking at Goten from across the table.

"I mean it, I don't think I can eat another bite. Kami that was good stuff."

Trunks smiled brightly at his friend. The waiter walked over to the table and put the bill face down on the table. Trunks reached for it but Goten moved quick and got to it before him.

"Oh Kami-sama!" shouted Goten falling backwards in his chair. Trunks leaned over the table and took the bill from his clenched hand sticking up in the air. He looked at it and shrugged.

"Don't worry about it," said Trunks reaching into his back pocket for his wallet.

"Don't worry about it?!" said Goten pulling himself back up with help from the table. "Trunks that's the biggest bill I've ever seen! I'll help you pay for it," said Goten.

"With what?" asked Trunks with a grin, pulling out his credit card and handing it to the waiter. "Don't worry about it Goten it was my treat remember. Besides you're worth it."

"But I feel like such a mooch," said Goten looking very guilty.

"I'll get my payment out of you one way or other some day," said Trunks still smiling as the waiter walked off with the card.

"What you need a personal servant?" or a sex slave, I can do that Goten mentally added.

"Nah, just a friend," said Trunks taking his card once the waiter came back with it and putting it away.

Goten couldn't help but feel a little disappointed at Trunks' answer: just a friend.

"Well let's get ready for that party, ne?" said Trunks getting up.

"Yah," said Goten doing like wise but inside he really wasn't happy to go to the party. He didn't want to watch a bunch of girls running around in bikinis and flirting with Trunks.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Goku grinned as he teleported in front of the wild boar he'd been chasing and swiftly cut its head off with a swipe of his hand.

Yes he thought admiring his kill. He looked over his shoulder and frowned in disappointment to see that Vegeta had also made his own kill of wild boar and was already getting it ready to cook.

Damn, how am I going to do his? I can't offer him anything if he's got his own. Goku couldn't help the pout that crossed his face. This is hard! But he had only himself to blame for picking such hard to catch prey. I'll think of something he promised himself before going to work on his own kill.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Trunks-san!" shouted the girls causing Goten to grind his teeth together. They all ran up to greet them in skimpy outfits, jiggling and giggling silly.

"Hello," greeted back Trunks. He was dressed in a pair of metallic silver swim trunks, trimmed in black with the CC logo on them. A white tank, expensive black shades, and leather sandals.

Ahh truly a beach babe thought Goten admiring the view. Goten's shorts were blue with yellow gold fish stitched on them, over his powerful chest he wore a short sleeve red button up shirt. Like Trunks he wore sandals and shades, but they weren't nearly as nice as Trunks'.

"Come on Trunks-kun," sang one girl grabbing his hand and pulling him towards their set up.

The hair on the back of Goten's neck stood on end as he hurried after them.

The party was just a bunch of seniors and juniors getting together to flirt and get drunk. Lots of snacks had been laid out as well as three kegs of beer. Needless to say the rules of the party were that no one could go home till they got some or got plastered, whichever came first. Lots of games had been set up and were going, out on the lake someone had brought a capsule speedboat and was pulling girls around on inner tubes, skiers, and just speeding across the lake having a good time.

Trunks convinced Goten to try double skiing together with him and the two had really impressed everyone there with their skills in jumping the wake, passing in front of each other, and just looking damn good doing fancy tricks. Needless to say afterwards Trunks had several more admirers and Goten had picked up a few of his own.

In a much better mood Goten and Trunks had gone back to get something to drink only to end up in a beer-drinking contest. The contest lasted for hours with only Goten and Trunks still standing after the first. Someone had gone and gotten two more kegs of beer from some where just to keep it going and so that some other people could have beer besides the two bottomless pits.

"I give!" said Goten falling back on his back.

Across from him Trunks raised up his beer and drank it down. "Oh come on Goten you can handle more then that," said Trunks looking far too relaxed after having drunk over his own body mass in beer.

"I know," said Goten, "but I don't want to drink till I throw up," said Goten slowly sitting up. The people around them groaned in disappointment.

"Suit yourself," smiled Trunks brightly grabbing another beer and proceeding to drink it down. Around him men and girls alike whistled in admiration of the demi-saiyan's ability to hold his own, he didn't even look drunk although Goten knew he was and getting drunker by the minute as he continued to add more knocks in his drinking belt.

After half an hour with Goten slowly sobering up and Trunks continuing to down more beer a group of girls ran up to them.

"Trunks-kun, Goten-kun, play volleyball with us," said one in a happy voice.

"I don't know," said Goten eyeing Trunks.

"Sure! We'll play," laughed Trunks getting to his feet. He didn't stumble at all in fact he had a very fluid sense to him as if his bones had melted and gravity had lost its hold on him.

Grinning Goten got up and followed after him.

"Trunks is on my team!" shouted one girl latching on to Trunks' arm.

"What?! No way, then who do we get?!" demanded another girl.

"You can have Goten, he's as good as me," said Trunks pointing to Goten.

At once a swarm of girls surrounded Goten and dragged him over to their side. "But I want to be on Trunks' side," protested Goten.

"Nah," said Trunks waving a hand at him. "It's more even this way, you're just scared I'll beat you," smirked Trunks crossing his arms and looking very much like Vegeta.

"What?! We'll see about that," said Goten. For some reason his blood was starting to pound in an excited fashion in his chest the game had taken on a lot more meaning. He wanted to win, wanted to beat Trunks, wanted to dominate in this fight of skills. Licking his lips he got down in a ready position as his team spiked the ball.

Trunks jumped up high in the air and slammed the ball back over the net were the girls on the side it was going missed it. Goten growled low in his throat as Trunks grinned wildly.

The game was wild, with Goten and Trunks diving, spiking, slamming, and bouncing the ball every where, the girls hardly ever got it they no longer seemed to be part of the contest. It was just Goten and Trunks now trying to out do the other in a game of wits and skill

Unfortunately for Goten it seemed Trunks was a volleyball champion that only got better with the more liquor he consumed. Every time one of the girls moved to spike the ball Trunks was putting down another beer, not giving himself a chance to sober at all.

"Ahh!" said Goten as the white ball smacked him right in the face with super power and speed. It rolled down is face and dropped to the ground, bouncing as it did so. "Uuuuhhh," groaned Goten soon following the ball, a round red impression with breaks in it the pattern of a volleyball stamped on his face.

"We won! We won!" shouted the girls on Trunks' team jumping up and down in celebration.

Goten lay on the ground hiding his face in defeat, he was crushed. He'd lost, he'd lost to Trunks. Vegeta was right he'd never get Trunks like he was, there was no reason for the purple haired god to even consider him in that way. He bit his lip trying to swallow the sob that wanted to work its way loose from his mouth and the tears that were starting to well up in his eyes.

Two familiar feet appeared in his vision and Goten looked up with shining eyes to see the creature that haunted him night and day smiling down at him. The creature he'd do anything in the world to make his, but could never have.

"Good game Goten, but once again I come out on top," said Trunks reaching a hand down to Goten.

Unable to stand it Goten slapped his hand away and got up on his own quickly turning around to give Trunks his back, unable to face him as the emotions ate at him.

"Goten?" said Trunks. "What's wrong, you're not upset because you lost the game are you?" asked Trunks putting his hand on his shoulder.

Goten spun around. "Yes! I am!" he shouted in Trunks' face tears making their way down as he was unable to stop them. He looked at Trunks who had a truly shocked look on his face at Goten's reaction and was unable to stand it. Turning around he ran, ran as fast as he could away from the purple haired perfection that was Trunks. He didn't even care what anyone thought as he powered up and jumped into the air streaking away. He just knew he had to run, run and get as far away as possible.


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