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June 16, 2005

This news letter was created by a concerned group of people that only wish you peace,happiness and security.  Primary links are in Navy Blue.

Peace and Love
Heyokah Medicine
"Insanity: a perfectly rational adjustment to the insane world." ~R.D.Lang

he End Of The World As We Know It

On a personal level, one possible result of a world gone mad is 'TEOTWAWKI': for some this event happened when their homes were destroyed by conspiratorial  (GWB's sanity ) world leaders who unleashed the 'dogs of war' (Iraq).    And for others TEOTWAWKI happened when their pensions were stolen (government sanctioned) by corporate America (UA Pensions) or their jobs ended and they were suddenly homeless (Corporate fleecing of America)(death of small towns)(HR2106 ).  Are we now living in the theater of the absurd?  The media whores (wnbc.com) would have you believe that corporate America has your best interest at heart.  And the current US administration's  poster boy~pill head tries to convince you that all is normal.  Is there any sanity left in this world: you be the judge?

Pedophiles in the Catholic church~Parents killing their children~Terrorism in schools~Serial Killers~Drugs and Crime~Domestic violence~Death toll from 20th century wars~Perpetual Global War~Cannabalism in the modern world~Shockumentry obsession of the public~{"pervert of the day" CNN news 6/1/05}    ~TV viewers bloodlust~Road Rage:Eurpean style~Road Rage:American style~Ethnic cleansing

This list is endless and the atrocities, brutality and depravity {Bellefontaine, Ohio} of humans has reached epidemic proportions. For some  TEOTWAKI  is designed by  the "Law Of The Jungle ": {Philosophical perspective}, and for others it is prompted by the color of their skin {crimes of hate}{Jasper Texas }.   

Many of us believe that in our lifetime a Polar Shift will occur which will act as a frontier equalizer (Sam Colt) for all the ills of the world.  The simple truth is that every atrocity listed in this newsletter will continue as potential 'action' in every survivor of polar shift.  When coupled with charismatic sociopaths and hoards of willing victims, the theater of the absurd will thrive and human depravity will reign.  Earth Changes {and other world wide catastrophes} will not have any effect on our level of Morality and Ethics .  There are those who think that earth change is a prime reason for relinquishing basic ethics, for the sake of survival, In A World Gone Mad.  And it is that egocentric attitude which brought about the above list of atrocities since the dawn of mankind.  There are non-egocentric life paths in the realm of existence {Elementals} {Service To Others} which grace the spirit.   Survival at any cost flatters neither the Soul nor it's Creator.

Practical survival (predator-nightmare) after earth changes {the assumption is that there is no organized society to provide aid} is certainily a challenge to spirit and physical comfort, however it is not an insurmountable problem.  The theater of the absurd is not closed down by earth changes and therefore one should keep in mind the words of Voltaire: "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."  (See the June 2nd newsletter on 'gullibility'.)    If you manage to survive the horrendous onslaught of earth changes you need to be prepared to dig out of the hollocaust and engage basic survival methods (food, shelter, heat and first aid).  This comes from having prepared an escape plan and a bug out bag.   Eventually you will run out of emergency provisions and will need to search for food and water.    There is a plethora of survival information on the net and most of it is free.  But do be careful, there are some who will take advantage of peoples fears.  You managed to survive an insane society therefore you are already an expert survivalist.  If there is a basic necessary item for survival it comes in the form of 'common sense' and not equipment.  Eventually all equipment will fail, but you can survive without it. If your common sense fails you will die with or without equipment.   If your sense of ethics fails, survival is rather pointless and self respect becomes nothing more than a shadowy memory. 

Third dimensional existence is one big wonderful journey of the joy of discovery.   And in the infinite grace of the creator we are given the gift of death which moves us towards completion and allows us to rekindle all hopes and dreams. Jill's poetry of 'Concentric Illusions' reminds us of the splendor of our 3rd dimensional existence.

Concentric Illusions

We arrive as a bubble in an elegant prism
The spark of creation glows in each human heart

Myriad shapes of sound and vibration appear, ever shifting
As through light and through shadow we spin with the breath of the Universe

A kaleidoscope of color - A mirage of the mind
A cacophony of voices express pain, or delight

A tapestry of infinite design reflects in the heavens
Constantly woven and altered by each dance of choice

Apart and as one we swirl through Time
. . .The keeper of our concentric illusions


In your search for sanity in a 'world gone mad' you might want to read 'A Road Less Traveled'  by  M. Scott Peck.  For a short reprieve from 'world insanity' visit the web site of Chris Tannlund.  It is extremely well written with a potpourri of reflections regarding his own spiritual quest {don't miss "Blinded By The Light": it is intriguing}.   And if all else fails in your quest for understanding 'epidemic world madness'  join Joseph Heller as he explores circular reasoning in his humorous novel 'Catch 22': or watch the movie.  There are no simple answers to any of these dilemmas,  however Don's post of: "Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy" is a reminder that "Happiness is a state of mind" (see note from Nevyn below).

Wishing you a cool head and a warm heart,  

Love From The Enchanted Forest

Jill and Nevyn

Comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Parting Shots

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
~ R.J. Hanlon

Quickies: They RuleRhinoceros: A stampede of the absurd, The Mind Of God, bug out in style

Guess Who Said It?  
"Loving people live in a loving world.  Hostile people live in a hostile world.  Same world." Answer

Ox Bow Incident  Movie  Book
The Purple Cloud   Theme Review  ~ Book Review {Note: This book influenced Stephen King in the writing of The Stand}

Note From Nevyn:  While writing this news letter my life circumstances took a very unexpected turn into a rather dark pit of conflicts.   Unfortunately it was all too easy to fall into the rythmic pace of  the beating drums of 'anger'.   But then I came across Don's article and like of 'breath of fresh air' my thoughts became immediately less jumbled and I began to reflect on the positive rather than the negative.  The 'life circumstances' have not changed, but they no longer effect my emotional state of mind.   Thanks Don! 

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