You're fighting Zechs in the wing zero until Relena tells you and her brother Zechs to stop fighting. Do you;

A) Carry on fighting as normal.
B) Do what she says and stop fighting
C) Blast her with you buster rifle.

Question 2

You're fighting leo mobile suits in the gundam sandrock. They dont stand a chance against you until one of them points a big buster rifle at you. It is the same one which was used against Shenlog Gundam quite early in the series. Do you;

A) Fly up and fire your homing missiles
B) Try to escape
C) Go to attack it close up

Question 3

You've just escaped from your cell. You then see the gundam Epyon which is being repaired and it looks like it can just about take off. There are three armed gaurds there. You're not armed so its going to be impossible to fight them. Do you;

A) Run to Epyon as fast as you can in hopes you dont get shot.
B) Go up to it quite carefully and stealthy.
C) Ignore it and carry on going as you were before and find another way to escape

Question 4

You're on a bus trying to keep low of any Oz contact. Everything is going well until a leo appears and shoots the bus's wind screen off the bus' front windows. Killing the driver at the same time. You quickly duck behind one of the seats. The mobile suit pilot calls out, "surrender Gundam pilot!" Do you;

A) Try and make a run for it through the emergency exit
B) Get in the drivers seat and drive into the leo and as soon as it gets closer to the leo you jump out. Any people still alive die on the bus.
C) Hide in the bus and hope they don't find you

Question 5

You've been attacked by soldiers with sleeping gas. Do you

A) Go to sleep
B) Cry out "Noooooo!" and then go to sleep
C) Swear and then go to sleep

Question 6

You are piloting the Gundam Deathscythe, because a crazed soldier stole the Wing Zero. He fires its twin buster rifel at you what do you do?

A) Fire your buster shield and hope it stops the blast.
B) try to evade the blast
C) Try to fly behind zero and destroy it before it destroys you

Question 7

You sneak into an Oz base and see a restricted area that you have to get into. Near you is an Oz soldier, so you;

A) Run quickly to the door and plan to bust through it before anyone can shoot you
B) Slip over the door to get in
C) Put your hand over the Oz soldiers mouth, pull him back, knock him out, take his uniform, his keys, weaponry and walk over to the door and open it.

Question 8

You walk into a room and find Heero pointing a gun at Releena. Both look at you a bit stunned and then Releena look at you warmly. Heero lowers his gun as if he won't kill her in front of another person, so you;

A) Say "Hi" to both of them and ask if they are practicing for a play or something
B) Look at Releena, to Heero, back to Releena and then just walk out of the room
C) Take out a gun, shoot Releena and run out of the room
D) walk over calmly to Heero, grab his hand, force him to pull the trigger and kill her

Question 9

You are in the Wing Zero fighting against mobile dolls. You are badly damaged and the zero system has malfunctioned, do you;

A) Use the self detonation button
B) try to keep fighting
C) Change over to a mobile doll then manually turn off the doll sequence
D) Change over to a mobile doll and hope they change their target then run
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