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This website was designed to keep members and neighbors informed of events, concerns, and relay any information neccessary to help maintain a safe effective neighborhood and association.
Hello, my name is Manuel Moreno, I am the president of the Nevitt Neighborhood Association. I was a former member of the old neighborhood association in the early nineties, this was the last time we had an effective presence in our neighborhood. Since that time the association and its members disbanded. The past election for city council in 2005 helped to rekindle the belief that we can take our streets and neighborhood back from criminals, noise, graffiti, blight, and speeders. I spoke with nearly the entire neighborhood and one question I was constantly confronted with was "where is our neighborhood association". We are back but the only way we can stay an effective team with results is if we work together and if residents help one another. We have a beautiful neighborhood but it can be better with help from caring and faithful neighbors who are willing to work together for a greater benefit for our children and residents.

I am trying to reunite the neighborhood and its residents into a succesful association that has influence over what matters to us and our property. If we work together a difference can be made.

I formed this neighborhood association in January 2006, since we are starting to get off the ground I hope you can bear with our dust as we continue to update our sources and information. When we have solid effort to begin our win back of our community I will update this page with resources and information beneficial for our fight.

Thank you. Jan. 8, 2006
Loud and Excessive Noises
I feel there is a need to inform people of the growing problem regarding noise pollution in our neighborhood.

I am sure we have all been hearing the recent rise in house parties that include using DJs and tower speakers as well as the numerous vehicles that make travel impossible to navigate our neighborhood. Then, of course, we are all familiar with the vehicles that have "systems" or huge sub-woofers as part of its stereo system. Another form that has caught my attention are the cars known as "rice rockets", these are Hondas or similar small vehicles that have a muffler attached to the exhaust that amplifies the exhaust air pushed through the muffler (the total opposite of what a muffler is supposed to do).

These noise issues seem to reflect people's misconception or delusion that certain behavior is appropriate or acceptable because it is on their property. I will explain and leave a link that will help to enlighten those who wish to fight this problem or bring to light those who believe this conduct is acceptable when it clearly is not.

First, any noise that goes beyond a home owner's property, the owner is responsible for. This means that if a home owner is i.e. playing music that can be heard past their property they will be held accountable for if the police are called in response to a noise complaint.

Second, if a person is in their home and outside noise (excluding city construction, city activities, or city vehicles) can be heard within their home, then a noise complaint can be made by calling the police.

Third, there is no time limit of when music, animals, vehicles, or any other unnecessary noise pollution can be deemed as being acceptable. I have heard myths from people saying that they can do as they wish after 7 a.m. or before 7-10 p.m. that is completely WRONG.

Finally, what constitutes as noise being too loud? If you are in your home and you can hear noise from outside sources i.e. execessively barking dogs, loud music, people yelling, loud mufflers, etc, in your home then  IT IS TOO LOUD.

Under no circumstance should you have to tolerate this behavior from uncaring or disrespectful people that live near or next to you. In my personal opinion, I believe this is a person's way of saying that they do not care if they interfere with other people's privacy and right to peace and quiet.

Your best weapon against this type of harassment is the police. I understand that it may take time for the police to respond to a non-emergency but if enough calls are made in regards to this type of conduct then the police will try to hasten their appearance. Also, if this is repetitive behavior, every time the police are called to investigate the complaint, a report is made. If enough of these reports are recorded then legal action can be taken to hold the persons responsible for their behavior. This can be taken to civil court or fines can be issued for police presence.

I hope this clears up any questions you may have regarding your right to peace and quiet in your home. If you wish to see the city's laws and ordinances regarding this subject please visit the following links.

Loud and excessive parties:

Other loud unacceptable loud noises:

The Phoenix Police non-emergency number: 602-262-6151

Updated July 28, 2007
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