This page aims to be informative about Usenet, and news groups, specially groups related to Turkey.

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First I will give what should be given last: Dejanews allows reading posting and reviewing of old articles. Here are two links to the most crowded Turkish news group:soc.culture.turkish

Other related documents on this site:

Public Access News Servers
Turkish Netizen Document (in Turkish)
Usenet Info Page (in Turkish)
Usenet Questionnaire (in Turkish)

Some news groups are distributed globally by Usenet, others are local.

If you are new with postings and want to see what happens when you send a test message you may want to try: news:alt.test Posting to news:alt test also verifies that your posting is distributed to Usenet

There are some news Groups for new users:

You can search Usenet groups and read definitions and FAQ's by the following services:

Below you will find all Usenet newsgroups related to Turkey and Turkish related maters. The Links will activate your configured default news server.

Use Public Access News Servers if you don't have Usenet access by your ISP.

The most renowned and widely distributed Usenet group is: news:soc.culture.turkish

And here is the complete list, some groups may not be available in small NNTP's. Ask your news adminstrator to add these groups if you need them.

There are several non-Usenet local news groups on different servers.

PC World Turkey maintained some local news groups. PC World NNTP was open to external Users. Down

Newsgroups on are moderated by Volkan Ersoy

Istanbul University maintains some local news groups, aiming to be template to the tr. Usenet hierarchy. I do not provide the list because it changes too frequently. Open to external users:


Ege University maintains local news groups, Get the group list from server. Open to external users uses the template from above server.


news:// maintains local news groups.

news:// maintains local news groups.

news:// maintains local news groups.

news:// maintains local news groups. Some groups are mirrors of frequently used mailing lists in Turkey. (Temporary Down?)

Fornet & Magnet maintain some local news groups. Both was open to external Users:



Local Groups Maittained by

Below are local news groups maintained by different Service Provider companies, most servers and groups are closed to external users.

Local groups maintained by Turk.Net

Local groups maintained by Superonline:

Local Groups maintained at Middle East Technichal University

tr. hierarchy not yet feed to Usenet

Other ISP's

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There are web pages that may be usefull to new and old news users:

If your ISP does not provide a NNTP to you, or does not distribute your postings, you may try some of the Web based News reading/posting services:

Start at: Public Access Page

Dejanews Main Page

Dejanews Advanced Search

Post to news groups by Deja news

Read most recent articles posted to soc.culture.turkish by Deja news.

Search usenet for recent articles by altavista

News by

News by

News by Supernews

Just another web based news reader

Usenet Faq page in Turkish

Bilkent News Help Page

ITU Turkish News Groups Naming Work

A Usenet Premier

What you may want to know about news:

And don't forget to Test Your Browser for Turkish Fonts ISO-8859-9

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