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All the links in this page have one thing in common: Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi. I will not describe who he is or what he did. He has the power to love people and generate love in heart of so many people over centuries. You can discover a lot about mevlana by following the links. But the great treasure remains to be his books and his rituals. Mevlanatoday continue to attract many people to Konya.

Rumi's Spiritual Banquet
Special thanks to Hafeez for poem submission.

Come to me each and all
Raw, burned or baked
Clothed or naked 
Poor or wretched
Humble or bigoted
Loved or hated
Come ye all, tell me all
Tell me your untold tale
Of betrayal and separation
Of longing and lamentation
Of pain and affliction
Of joy and adoration
Of unity and affirmation
Every secret you unveil

Harken to the sound of the reed
Resonating bliss and delight
For a nexus firm and bright
To the divine sacred light
After separation and fright 
From the ghastly sight
Of an unholy dogma or creed

This reed is Rumi
A gnostic well- aware
Of life's hope and despair
Of man's love and care
And capacity to forebear
The life of a solitaire
No matter how gloomy
This reed is Shams-eddin
The Sun that cast glaring light
Upon Rumi, day and night
Like the spirit of a meteorite
Piercing and glowing bright
Transforming into an acolyte
Of his disciple Jalal-eddin 
Disciple - master kindred souls 
Taking chances
In love's trances
In destiny's lances
In reckless dances
In joyful glances
Brethren changing roles
In the secret heart of heaven remain 
The ecstasy they evoke
The envy they provoke
The tradition they broke
The tender words they spoke
Waiting for the world to soak
In thunderous rain
The cosmic lightening will strike
The words will fall like rain 
And spread across the plain
Heavenly Love shall restrain
Lust and greed insane
The sacred purging the profane
In East and West alike

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