Jason Cunningham
1986- Still waiting
"Those Astorbilts!" -Jason Cunningham
"Fear can only abide in the absence of knowledge, so fear of Ricuccis is only a figment of our modern imaginaion." -Senator Abornathy
"Get in the car Tony, get in the car..." -Al Woochipeacooskycousky
"Where, I ask, would the felicitous style of the
Confessions have come from if he had never studied the classics from the standpoint of rheroical analysis?" -Senator Abornathy
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  Jason was born on the 26th of July 1986 into a wealthy, loving, Christian family who raised him in a God-fearing way in Potomac, MD.  He was the eldest of three children and a wonderful brother, lawn mower, and pupil.
       He spent kindergarten and first grade in school but when his parents thought it best to home school him, home schooled he was, and has been ever since.       In 1998, he and Stephen Boisvert and Garrett Riccuci started the Silver Dome Productions firm and made their first movie called "Frank and Jake Mystery series" starring the three of them, which was never completed.  It was completely improv (No script) and it had really no plot but was incredibly funny.
     In 1999, Jason met David Somerville who was the single most important addition to the firm ever.  They are now working on another film, which will have scripts and will be released next year.
      In 2000, Jason was officially awarded the position of Vice President in the firm and received a diploma for       "Outstanding service to the SDP"     On the 26th of July he Celebrated his 17th birthday and was awarded the position of President of the SDP corporation, a position he holds to this day.

     He now spends much his time holding fundraisers for various charities, at his estate in Newport RI. He also travels over seas with David to the Middle East attend peace talks, conferences, and to perform shows for solders and Civilians.
      He also serves as the President of Silver Dome Productions.
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