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Call Cubical!
"Hi, This is Janis, And I'VE TAKEN OVER THE STUDIO!" -Janis
"I have trouble thinking sometimes..." -Janessa
"He was cute when he [Galabad{Garrett}] was dead...ASLEEP..I mean asleep!"-Janessa
    Janis has been the Call-Screening secretary for the SDP Radio programs since it's creation in 2000.  She also serves as the official secretary to David Somerville, not to mention handling the demands of the busy Washingtonian Chapter of the SDP.  She only recently launched her career as a radio actress, playing some of the most memorable roles in SDP history.  "When I first started, I felt that I would never fit in, that they didn't want me here, and that I'd never make it into a show." Janis said, "But I didn't lose heart, I first started talking over the intercom during the show, so all the listeners could hear me, and my pleasant voice! Well, they liked me so much I was able to "persuade" management to let me do some parts, and now, I'm so important to them, that they can't get rid of me!  They say I have a great face for radio!"
My Great-Great-Grandmother
"Me Singing"
Self-Portrait by Janis
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Here I am, in costume, ready to be Janessa, the daughter of Merlo, in the radio drama "For Love or For Horses"
FYI: I'm the one on the horse!
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