Garrett Ricucci
1986 - ?
"Die" -Garrett Ricucci
"Bang all dead" -Tony Gorbandanzo
"KILL ARCHIE, KILL!" -Tony Gorbandanzo
"Of course I wanna remember you looking up at me from under the water, desperately struggling to reach up and get a breath, with me standing over you on the dock laughing…" -Tony Gorbandanzo
"I’ve found that caring is the epitome of foolishness" –Bryan Angit
“I hope you like dieing, 'cause you know I like killing!” –Garrett Ricucci
“You oversensitive memory-maker” –Garrett Ricucci
“You know how many times I’ve had to correct your spelling?” –Garrett Ricucci
“You want me to strike more fear into your hearts!? -Garrett Ricucci
      Charles Garrett David Ricucci was born on August 1st 1986 into a large, warm, Italian family in Gaithersburg Maryland.  The second youngest of four children he was instinctively a good mediator [wonder where that went..], building early the talents that would serve him later on in life.  Son of a Pastor, he was raised to be a God-fearing/God glorifying servant.  Traits that would make him a respected member of Society some day.  But for then, he was just your average kid, looking for trouble and headed for a promising career in the U.S. Post office.  At the age of 6 however, he met the single person who would change is life forever, Jason Cunningham!  No one is quite sure where they met but his young life was never the same again, until, after 10 years of grueling training Garrett was finally creative enough to join Jason and Steven Boisvert in a movie production called "The Frank and Jake Mystery Series" where he played the villain Francis Fredrickson, a murderous millionaire who will stop at nothing to kill both frank and Jake.  The striking similarities between Garrett, and Francis become most apparent when he murders Jake in the first half-hour.  His violent nature, and talent for making his preference known in rough ways, has landed him some highly sought-after roles as gangster, killers, and other such villainous parts that other actors would be unable to portray as effectively.  However it is important to remember that his outward attitude is not at all the way he is on the inside, we hope.
People with information concerning this suspicious character (Left) are asked to call the FBI, or the appropriate officials immediately.  He is believed to be armed with necklaces, and thus extremely dangerous.  He never wears the same clothes twice so be on the look out.
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