David Somerville
1985- ?
"Hey, theres a whole 'nuther room in here..." -David Somerville
"And so it was..." -David Somerville
"No, you can't fire me, No! NO! NO! NO!..." -Janis
"And you don't wanna be in the same room as a hiccupping moose, I can tell ya."-Francis
"I am Armoricus Darkinnion!" -Armoricus Darkinnion
"I'm hangin' up!" -Chuck
    Once upon a time, in far Beverly, Mass., a star was born. Well actually, he wasn't really a star.  Stars are great big huge flaming balls of hot air and gas.  He was, is, and will be David Somerville.  He has, through his brief years, proven to be handsome, charming, funny, witty, clever, noble, honorable, courageous, grateful, and above all humble.  He has attended Covenant Life Church for seven years.  He is soon expected to become senior pastor, president, and first colonist to the moon.  He has five siblings and two dogs.  He enjoys acting, writing, philosophizing, meeting with parliament and congress, consulting with the president, establishing peace in the Middle East, and petting his beagle.  He is currently acting with the SDP in the role of Basil Brentillsworth Babcock, spy extra-ordinaire. 
     David is currently studying Graphic Design at University of Maryland Baltimore Campus.
To go visit David's Website where he has some of his artwork, and more than one witty comment.
"Basil, What happened? I Leave you on the dock for one Second....."
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