Danny Mays
1987 - current
    No one is quite sure when Danny was born, because he always lies about his age.  We've stopped asking him now, however, of all the times we've asked, the year 1987 seems the most frequently lied about.
     Born into a dramatically gifted family, Danny too caught the acting bug, and participated in many of the shows his mom produced including "Godspell" and "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat".  It was during Joseph, that Danny was offically invited to join the SDP, and he participated in his first show in March of 2005, The Story of Michael Plexx.  His infameous portrayal of the notorious Michael Plexx earned him... well.. nothing much at all, but it was a good first try!
     Danny assists the Administrator of Administration with story development, musical production, but most importantly, encouraging the general moral of the company.  His efforts to bring structure and an increase in production quality have succeeded in helping the SDP reach some important production goals.  His contributions in the field of music have been greatly appreciated, and it is hoped that he will continue to use his gifts to serve our listeners into the future.

We thank God for the relationship the SDP has with Danny, and hope that it will continue into the future.
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