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Date and Place of Birth 3rd September 1938 Richmond Surrey U.K.

Nationality Dual-British/Australian

Most Recent Post Specialist Speech and Language Therapist (Permanent Part-time)

Speech and Language Therapy Services
South Liverpool Primary Care NHS Trust
Liverpool, U.K.

Post commenced April 1996, retired September 2003

From September 1998 to September 2003 I was semi-retired, working two sessions a week in the language resourced class at Ashfield Special School and two sessions a week in the Language Resourced Class at Meadow Bank Special School .

Since returning to Liverpool part of my energies have been taken up by my involvement with my grandson (born 12/91) who has a severe receptive language disorder and is a pupil in one of the mainstream language resourced classes in Liverpool.

Home Address

20 Wellington Crescent
Manchester M16 9RG

Phone 0161-881-4890

email [email protected]

Tertiary Qualifications

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M.Sp.Th. (Master of Speech Therapy)

University of Queensland, Australia. 1992
Thesis Topic: The role of unestablished referent in the conversation of young communicatively impaired children.

The thesis may be accessed here as an HTML document

Dip.C.S.T. in Speech and Language Pathology and Therapeutics

City of Birmingham Polytechnic
Birmingham, U.K. 1974

12 graduate credits towards PhD. in English Literature

Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA, U.S.A. 1967

M.A,. in English Literature

Leeds University Leeds, U.K. 1965

B.A.(Hons) 2i in Drama, History and English Literature

Bristol University Bristol, U.K. 1959

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Previous Employment in Speech and Language Therapy/Speech Pathology

Locum Specialist: Childhood Language Disorders,

Milton Keynes Community NHS Trust,
Speech and Language Therapy Services,
Bucks, U.K. 1995.

Paediatric Speech Pathologist,

Speech Pathology Department,
Illawarra Area Health Service,
Port Kembla, N.S.W. 2505, Australia.

(This post involved clinical work and supervision, and the development of a service to children with a first language other than English and of consultative work in schools and the community for children with communication disorders.)


Locum Speech Therapist

Education Guidance and Special Education
Queensland Education Department,
Brisbane, Australia.

(Clinical and in-service work carried out in tandem with work on Research Master’s Degree.)


Speech Therapist-Intellectual Handicap

Intellectual Handicap Services Branch
Division of Psychiatric Services Queensland Department of Health
Wacol, Queensland 4076 Australia 1986

Speech Therapist, Chief III

Local Education Authority Language Units and Hospital Based Regional Assessment Centre
Speech Therapy Service Liverpool Area Health Authority Base;
Child Development Centre Alder Hey Children's Hospital
Liverpool L12, U.K.


Speech Therapist, Senior II
Community Therapist with Children and Adults:
Speech Therapy Service
Sefton Area Health Authority
(Community Health Division)
Bootle, Merseyside, U.K.


Trainee Speech Therapist

Employed by the Bootle Education Authority, Merseyside, U.K. while training as a speech therapist on the basis of an undertaking to work in their service for at least two years on qualifying.



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"Unestablished referent in children's conversations: an assessment procedure" Child Language Teaching & Therapy Vol.6 no.2 1990

"A Team Approach to Assessing and Working with Children with Specific Language Difficulties"(with Margaret Gunn) Child Language Teaching & Therapy Vol.3 no.2 1987

"Setting Up a Language Unit" Proceedings of the ICAA Symposium on Assessment and Remediation of Specific Developmental Language Disorders, London, 1980

Conference Papers

"A Procedure for Assessing Specificity of Reference in Conversation of Children with Pragmatic Difficulties" AASH Annual Conference, Sydney, 1990.

"Referential Communication Tasks in Therapy: Uses and Limitations" AASH Annual Conference, Perth, 1989.

“Overcoming Language Disorders” ICAA Conference on Developmental Language Disorders, Institute of Education, London. April 1985.

Presentations and Occasional Papers

Numerous presentations have included the following.

“Dialogue with Pre-schoolers: a cognitively based system of assessment” (Blank and Franklin, 1980)
During the nineteen-eighties I presented and co-presented a numbers of workshops on this assessment procedure to undergraduates in Birmingham, U.K. and to undergraduates and fellow professionals in Brisbane, Australia.

“The Establishment of Referent in Young Children with Pragmatic Difficulties”
Seminar to faculty members and local speech therapists, School of Speech Therapy, Department of Health Sciences, Birmingham Polytechnic, U.K. June 1988.

Intervention Approaches (co-presenter)
Q-Dest Linkup Video Conference on Phonological Intervention, Queensland Department of Education, September 1988. Australia.

“Approaches to Therapy” (co-presenter with Christine Coleman, Language Unit Teacher)
“Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder?” a discussion day for remedial language professions, Dawn House School, Derbyshire, U.K. October 1984.

“Phonological Therapy: from Ear to Mouth” Bulletin of the College of Speech Therapists London, U.K. October 1984.

“The Role of Symbolic Play in the Assessment of Young Children with Language Difficulties” (co-presenter) Multidisciplinary Study Day on Early Symbolic Play, Mersey Regional Health Authority, U.K. March 1982.

Membership of Professional Association.

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.

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