Is a Catterbot Really Chats with Others?


Through the great improvement of technologies, people started to think more and want more about their life. They wanted to control things all around them by technologies, included to create a life. That was why ¡§human cloning¡¨ and ¡§artificial intelligent¡¨ being explored. Chatterbot, in some way, was an example of human wanted to ¡§invent¡¨ a life.

  A Chatterbot is a program that attempts to communicate with people based on what have been inputted in their database. They will send preprogrammed responses to questions. Because chatterbot is not a robot, they have no body and no mouth or ears, the whole conversations usually being performed by typing words through the internet. The bot is supposed to interact with people and be capable of handling questions and comments and responding in a realistic fashion. It can usually perfectly complete the dialog which is concrete and has some specific replies. But you may find it sometimes confused by your ill-logical or oral-talking sentences, and outputted you some strange and misrelated replies.

  ELIZA is a chatterbot created about forty years from now. It simulates a situation between a psychiatrist and a patient. The psychiatrist repeated what the patients said and usually talked a little but tried to lead the patients talked more. It may ask you ¡§How do you...,¡¨ ¡§What do you feel like...,¡¨ ¡§What do you think about...¡¨ It gives you uncertain sentences and responds, but can reflect on more meanings and facts in the conversation. You will not feel strange while you having conversation with it. ELIZA is very effective and successful because it reveals the fact that people tend to read much more meaning into what is said than is actually there; the users are fooled into interpreting nonsense as whimsical conversation.

  Can chatterbot really having nature conversation with people? Program makers keep inventing new program and keep upload the database of the program, but it always turns out that there are still lots of problems behind it. The bots can never be nature because all of their words were creating and inputting by others, but not by their own thoughts.

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