Virus Protection

Statistics says: every fifth computer that have connection to the internet is infected!

Advanced Virus Protection

Click on the link above to protect Your computer from viruses, Trojan horses, macros and other malicious
programs.Viruses are programs that are made by someone and it's purpose is in most cases to destroy data
stored on Your computer. Remember the "I LOVE YOU" virus and what it did to many big corporations
and banks and it was made not far after popular "Melisa" virus. ILOVEYOU virus spreads through e-mail and
chat. Beware!

There is enormous number of viruses, that can attack Your computer such as :file viruses, boot viruses, macro
viruses, IRC worms, network viruses, TSR viruses, and other malicious applications. So click on the link below
to find information about them and/or protect yourself from them.

Advanced Virus Protection

Trojan horse applications are not like viruses because they do not replicate like viruses. They are complete
applications. Those applications in most cases works as server-client applications. That means that when You
get infected, Your computer (server) become controlled by some stranger (client). If You think that nobody can't
hurt You much by those applications,... eh, just don't be surprised when You see Your CD-ROM drive suddenly
opened. It is not by the accident, it is the remote control by the client of one or more of the various of Trojan
horses such as Netbus! Imagine than what it can do with Your files. Do not imagine because I shall tell You: are
the words: steal and erase enough?

Macro viruses are programs written in a macro language that is built into applications like Microsoft Word,
Excel, Power Point, Access and Lotus Ami Pro.

And at the end - the funny part. Sometimes viruses are only jokes that, for example, tell You that they will erase
windows directory and they start to do that but it's only on Your screen, nothing is real. After "erasing" data,
joke-virus asks You for restarting Your computer, so if You don't know that everything is joke , those
joke-viruses can really scare You to death.

Advanced Virus Protection

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