On this page are all information about two ways of searching on the net that are really useful not only for searching,
although that is their primary purpose.




The first way is by using ePilot.

What ePilot offers their users is a program that lets them
search the net. Program is available for download and is
very powerful (imagine its power when knowing that the
best performance of Your computer for that program is
Pentium 166MHz or better), with lots of options. I tried
this programs and I can say that it is really powerful with
excellent search results and it is really useful to have Your
own search engine placed on Your computer, and when
I mention placed, the program can be placed as a tinny
(really tinny) ribbon on Your screen or as a small button
on Your toolbar near the start button and about that size.
Really cool.

And one more thing about this program. This program also
belongs to so called "pay per click" programs. That means
that every click (and that means every search) You make,
is worth. You will earn $0.03 per search, but of course the
amount of money You can earn is limited, but my opinion
is that it is worth to have Your own search engine that
makes You about $30 - $40 per month. I have no proof
(check) that money will be send like I have for other
international programs (see here), but I can assure You
that ePilot is mightier and mightier as the time goes. They
are very professional and they become very popular and
I must say that there is a lot of sites that mention ePilot as
the best service ever.

To download Your own search engine, to get the best
search results, and to make some easy money (do not
leave those money: $40 this month=new computer this
year), click below:

ePilot – one click to everything you need on the Internet and more!

The second way is by using 4anything.

What 4anything offers their users is a professional selected
search results, with no broken links and no duplicate links
from Your search results like, for example, with altavista
search engine.
Their results are divided in three categories:
      1. Visit these guide sites 4 ... :
- sites from this category is from 4anything's database (if
those results match with the keywords You entered You
will not find better results)
      2. Also try these web sites:
- this category will show You the sites very close to Your
requests (You will often search here especially when Your
requests are ... let say strange, for example, if Your request
      +porno +movies          ,
Your first category results will offer You a big database of
guided sites for movies but there will be probably hard to
find the word: porno. Than You will use the second
category results
   3. Rest of the web:
- these are sites from the rest of the web. You will probably
never use those results because there is a lot of results in the
first two categories.

4anything will not pay You for searching like ePilot, but
4anything offers You a free e-mail but not the ordinary
e-mail. In text: You choose
not only yourname but choose yourdomain too! Just select
from about 300 options that are offered.

To use this search engine, bookmark this page and use
search boxes above or below.

Also, on the bottom of this page is a description of how to
use those search boxes to get nothing but the best.





How to use search boxes above:

When searches the web it recognizes boolean operators like AND, OR, AND NOT as well as plus (+) and
minus (-) operators.
   AND           :        word1 AND word2 = both the words word1 and word2
   OR              :        word1 OR word2 = either of the words word1 or word2
   AND NOT :        word1 AND NOT word2 = request for the documents that contain the word word1 but do not contain
                                                                    the word word2
   (  )               :        example: (word1 AND word2) AND (word1 OR word2)
   +                 :        +word = request for the documents that contain the word or phrase that immediately follows the operator
   -                  :        -word = request for the documents that discard the word or phrase that immediately follows the operator
   "  "              :        "phrase" = enter the phrase You want in documents

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