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You probably have an e-mail account already. So You ask why do You need another account. Well the
whole story is in :


Define yourself on the Net. This e-mail service allows you to unite your interests with your e-mail address.

Suppose You are a TV engineer, and You want to say a word about yourself on the net, or want to make
a site where You want to offer Your services to others. Of course, You will need to add Your contact
information on Your site. Wouldn't it be great if You could name Your mail as

[email protected] or [email protected]

Suppose now You are a web designer. Why not promote yourself better with e-mail

[email protected]

Well it is possible. Just click on the link below and when the page is loaded click on the link "Free E-mail",
You will find there. There You will find an explanation how to sign up for Your new free e-mail account..

If You are not a TV engineer or a web designer, do not worry. There is about three hundred (300!) options to
choose. Even if You do not want to promote yourself and only want to say that You like MP3 music, no problem,
unit Your interests with Your e-mail and find a domain for yourself . So choose the domain name You like. Click
on the link below


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