Wednesday September 18, 2002
      We are in the process of getting more pictures of us and Renan is gonna take them for us this weekend so they'll be up by next week probably. Other than that , we can't wait til we play with The Beautiful Mistake next month on October 15. Tell everyone about and come along, there will be more inforamation soon. Thanks.

Tuesday September 17, 2002

      Here is the brand new Nevergoinghome website, we're still expierementing a little bit with the site, so feel free to roam around. This is for you Joey, you wanted to see what it looks like with information on it so here ya go. Anyway, we have a show on October 15, 2002 and we know its a Tuesday but thats the best we could do since we actually got invited and didn't plan this show ourselves. Actually, The Beautiful Mistake asked Preserve the Sound to play with them, but since they don't have a drummer quite yet they quickly thought of us. They told us about it and we're all very much excited about this concert since it will probably be our biggest show we have played yet. More information on the show later once they tell us more. Thanks.
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