Hello.  My name is Eppy.  I was once a lost little boy.  But with my mommys faith, love, determination and a lot of good luck I found my way back home to her safe and loving arms.

I wanted to help others find their way home... and for their families to find some comfort and some help.

This page was created to help those with lost ferrets find their way.  It is a stepping stone for inspiration, love and most of all hope.

At one time or another everyone frantically searches for a ferret or two.   Some of us  turn up to just be sleeping in a new hidey-hole and others turn up to have gotten out of the "safe-zone". 

We ferrets are great escape artists.  We love to explore and will find ANYWAY out that we can get.  Sometimes the people watching us can catch the escape routes before we do, other times they are not as lucky.
Everyone has a story that needs to be told.  Some have a good outcome and some we will never know.

Here are stories that people have submitted. 

If you would like to submit one please email me at
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With the help of a lot of people, I have put together some links to other sites that have help for lost ferrets also.

If you would like to submit another site please email me at
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