Links to those places I go to get away.

Megatokyo is a great site. It is a comic based on the life's of two gamers who find there way to Japan. They have some really great adventures. Fred is a little down on his art work but its really spectacular. He is kinda revamping the site since its turned into his full time profession so some of the links are down, but you can still check out the comic.

Fred who does Megatokyo also runs this site. Its where he puts all his sketches and some other web comics he is working on. It takes a long time to get through all of it, but its worth it.

My favorite coffee shop in the world (or at least in marquette) has a website!!!

Something Positive? Yes. Something is.

Now Something Awful. Wonderful and awful

Yay? School...

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Jussy's website

A website for all those theatre techies, you know who you are.

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