Help Wanted.  Please help us find a new Player Pursuit.  Without our leader Mega we have no guidance.  We need all the Players to come together and help us find a new target.  Please send all suggestions to;
[email protected]
To the right we have Natalie "Queen Amidala" Portman.  The most gorgeous white girl in the world.  Some people think it's Jennifer Love-Hewitt, although I Love-Hewitt's breast she can't hold a candle to Natalie.  You may remeber Natalie from "The Professional".  She was just a little tike in that movie.
Left is Halle Barry.   Could any woman look more naturally beautiful?  I know she looks just like this when she wakes up in the morning!  She goes in the "Halle" of Fame as the most naturally beautiful women in the world (after her rhinoplasty of course!).  I'll bet you guys never knew that she has a white father? Huh? You never that shit did you?
At one point in time the Player's Pursuit was the lovely Elizabeth Hurley. This fine creature was born in Hampshire, England. She packs a mean gun.  That English accent almost makes you want to settle down with her! Ok maybe not but still she damn great.
Former Player Pursuit was Jordana Brewster.  Don't get us wrong! she's still sexy! She's just not the pursuit anymore.  You know how it is players!
But she's still damn great.  Did you know she was born in Brazil?  Home to millions of primo gorgeous babes and their amazing women's soccer team.
Not The Player's Pursuit
Punky Brewster
This girl is NOT the player's pursuit. Not only did she end up as unattractive as The Play Computer said she would but she also had a
breast reduction.
PLAYERS! Avoid this woman! Do not approach her. Upon visual contact get into your Playmobile and speed away.
CORRECTION! The aforementioned statement is incorrect.  We have seen recent pictures and we have reversed our previous judgements.  She can be chased without being ridiculed by other players.  Although such actions would attract serious questioning.
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