These are the people that have been selected as Play Mates by The Players House & The Playettes House.
This is the infamous Latina. Very lovely, has two cute kids. (Remember Players, we love kids! Girls love you when you love thier kids.) Her site is pretty fresh, some of her friends need a chopping and a solid tear. Click the picture to check out her site Players.
This is the one called Honey. The name fits, she's very sweet (personality too). She's still in high school and single (when this was written) so get off your current jubs and go after this one boys. She caught her last man cheating so be careful boys. Click her picture to check out her site Players.
This is Mega. He's from Rexdale, a borough in T.O. He is a super-hottie and he is a strong believer in casual sex. He drives and worships a sweet ass '94 Acura Integra thats slammed and suped to the teeth. There will soon be pictures of it posted on "The Playmobiles Page". He's in new show called Drop The Beat whichs airs in January on CBC.
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