This is the IPA Hitlist.  The people listed here are members of the W.P.H.G. and must be terminated on contact.  These are difficult missions and should only be accepted by qualified RPA's. If you wish to become an RPA you must train diligently at the Assassin trainging facility.

I think you know the deal.  This guy is our idol's (Bill Clinton) number one enemy.  The C.I.A. is no longer capable of carrying out the President's orders.  It is up to the RPAs to take care of this. 
Our sources tell us he resides around the White House.  He should be easy to sneak up on as he is most likely too caught up with player hating to notice anything around him.  Good Luck!

This man is by and large the biggest threat the IPA has ever faced.  He has stated time and time again that he wants to destroy us.  "Our goal and our purpose is to help people catch their unfaithful mates"
We must destroy him before he destroys us.  The enemy resides at 6009 Cheswick Cove Fort Wayne IN, 46804.  Good Luck!
Peachy Chicky

This freak bitch has sworn allegiance to the W.P.H.G. Her position must be revealed and her operations destroyed.  It is our belief that she has taken a cute little girl hostage and is attempting to brainwash her. Try to bring the kid back in as few pieces as possible.
Address unknown.  Good Luck!
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All aspiring RPAs must report to our training facility.
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