W.A.T.R.O.E. (Women Are The Root Of Evil)
These guys are the Left-Wing version of the Players House.  Instead of just disrespecting women they choose to hate them.  Hate on my brothers! (That leaves more chick
(en-head)s for us)

Ok players.  Are you ready to try pimping?  Then try dressing one up.

Robin & Cam's Wild Ride
This site is 10 funny!  You will cry from laughter.  However there is one catch.  You have to be extremely childish and imature like us here at The Play Station to understand and/or find these jokes as hilarious as we do.


These are some crazy-ass boarders who know how to get the chicks.  Perhaps a skate board enhances your chick getting ability?  This site is different so we decided to link it, check it out.


Have you ever seen the movie Hackers with Robert Redford?  Well these guys do that shit for real son. Check it out.

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