Austin Powers is one of the most famous of all the Famous Players.  He created the Mojo, yeah baby yeah!  He was the predecessor to Bill Clinton, he ruled the sixties and paved the way for players world wide.

Outside of the Play Station, there, in all it's glory, is a statue erected in honour of our divine leader Austin Powers.
One of the best players of all time.  He started it from day one (he just never started the Mojo).  He had sex with over 30,000 women!  He would be in the Hallway of Play if not for his blatant disregard for Players Commandment 10.

This dude got married 8 times!  To Metis, Themis, Minemosyne, Europa (named a damned continent after her) Io & Semele before settling down with Hera. 

Too bad his son Herc is such a fruit lover boy.
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