This is a collection
of Literature that has
been sent to me over the years.
Some are Poems, some are other
forms of Expression.
Most of Poems and Letters have been Copyrighted please if you use them
Give the Author credit where credit is do.
Some of them I don't know who wrote them so if you know please
let me know.
 Friends  Life
 POW Poem
 Son Meets Dad
 Reflection of a Mother
 All for Dad
 Children of The Wall  True Friends
A Call Just a Silly Old Rag
The Democratic Way Why
Ballad of the Women Veteran Whereabouts Unknown
Too Much to Ask Tunnel Rat
An Ode to the Crew of Jolly 365
A Child of War
My Nightmare
 The Otherside
 The War
Tommys Fantom

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