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Welcome to all the friends and associates of the 

Nevada Association of Nurse Anesthetists

State Association Meeting October 2001

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CRNA saves hundreds of lives using only a drawover vaporizer while working in a tent he carried for miles (in the hot sun) in his backpack!

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Paul with Drawover Vaporizer

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A Close-up

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This is Paul Biesser of Nellis Airforce Base. He is a CRNA deployed for operation enduring freedom. And for you Army friends  notice he is not the one hamming it up in the gear, that was the  psychologist.

AANA National Convention, San Francisco, 2001
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John Long & Paul Beisser


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Deborah Chambers, AANA President, 

Gary Sprance & Larry Hornsby, 

outgoing AANA President

The Nevada CRNAs got together for a special dinner at the National Convention

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John Long, Paul Beisser, Margaret Wilson, Gary Sprance, Toni Turner & Steve Panter

99th Medical Group, Nellis Air Force Base
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"Dr. Scott Manthei of Nevada Eye and Ear with Gary Sprance, CRNA after a busy pediatric ENT surgery schedule.  Dr. Manthei is a continued supporter of nurse anesthesia in southern Nevada." Gary and Scott..jpg (48795 bytes)
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