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The President's Report

Happy New Year to all our members and families in Nevada!

I believe that this year has been quite remarkable and exciting to say the least. It was a pleasure meeting everyone at our first state meeting in October 2001 at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino. We had a great turnout, learned a few things, and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and lunch with our Nevada colleagues. Next years’ meeting will prove to be even better as we continue to grow and learn how to run an effective state meeting.

As we are all aware, the roller coaster ride of the CMS (formerly HCFA) supervision ruling is completed. The supervision requirement was not removed as we had so eagerly anticipated, but the rule has allowed state governors to opt-out of the supervision requirement if necessary. Currently, we are working closely with the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists to explore our options in this situation. In a historic precedent setting move, Iowa has become the first state to opt-out of the federal physician requirement for nurse anesthetists. As you are all aware, the CMS rule was published in the federal register [66 FR 56762-56769] on November 13, 2001. In order for a governor to opt-out of supervision, the governor must meet the following requirements:
    1. Consult with the state board of nursing.
    2. Consult with the state board of medicine.
    3. Determine that opt-out is consistent with state law.
    4. Decide that it is in the best interest of our state’s citizens.

We shall wait and see what our position will be in the future for our Nevada citizens and the practice of nurse anesthesia.

To continue our state associations’ growth and cohesiveness, it is imperative that we have a vision and a strategic plan in place for the upcoming year. The following goals will be at the top of our strategic plan:
  • Continue to work closely and in collaboration with our national association.
  • Improve communication through an email chain, newsletter, Nevada Association web site, and networking at our state meeting.
  • Continue our monthly journal club educational meetings.
  • Increase sponsored educational events.
  • Continue a strong relationship with our lobbyist the McMullen Strategic Planning Group.
  • Continue to maintain our current relationship with our legal counsel Curran and Perry.
  • Implement the position of president-elect.
  • Promote Nurse Anesthesia Week.
  • Enlist members’ assistance in the areas of public relations, AANA Foundation, and state meeting planning.
As usual, we welcome any assistance that members can provide to help strengthen and improve the practice of nurse anesthesia within our state. Lets try to educate the public and our patients that, "Nurse Anesthesia is the Best Kept Secret". Why don’t we let the secret out and let them know who the people are behind the mask!

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