Download[Alavu V2.0 for Linux 9]



1.0 Introduction


Alavu is a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) package. Acquires data at the rate of 1 sample/second for 10 minute interval. Provides different views for the acquired signal in IntervalMap, InstantMap and VirtualMap. Enables to classify signals in to different views in ClassEdit. Collects data from remote server. Logs data of all channels every hour for the one week duration. Gives Statistical report and Fourier Spectrum of logged data.

  1. IntervalMap

Gives the user with 10 minutes trend display of two channels. Provides two-dimension display with X-axis timescale in seconds and Y-axis process values in respective units. Enables to differntiate two channels by displaying One-channel in one-colour and other channel in other-colour. Gives tagname, processunits, processlow and processhigh along Y-axis.

3.0 InstantMap

Gives the user with instant value of process updated for every one seconds. Provides rectangle display and matrix of current process value. Provides rectangle with filled region forms rectangle display. Provides set of closely packed rectangle with tagname, process value forms matrix display. Gives alarm displays through variation in colour in matrix display.


4.0 VirtualMap

Provides virtual map of process structure associated with it process values. Process structure is a static map supplied in the form of image file.


5.0 ClassEdit

Provides domain of signals(tagname) in the list and also choices of classes like IntervalMap, InstantMap and VirtualMap.

6.0 Log

Hourly data are logged for the duration of one week.

7.0 Analysis

Provides Statistic Report and Fourier Spectrum for the given channel and given log data.

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